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Rustend Stone

For generations, miners in the Gebondekrag Mountains followed veins of Rustend Stone to wealth. The "ugly grey stone" with no intrinsic value was a beast to dig through, but it had an unerring knack for leading straight to gems, metals and minerals of tremendous worth. But Rustend slag was too heavy and cumbersome to bring up from the depths. As soon as miners found a natural crevasse or empty shaft, down went the Rustend.   Little did they know they were tossing away a fortune.   Just over 50 years ago, a process was found that allowed Rustend Stone to be infused with magic. Using a well researched blend of alchemical reagents and archaic spells, [DISCOVERER] was able to prepare Rustend's crystal veins to trap and amplify the power of wind. Vaarium, and with it a new Age of Sail, was born.


Material Characteristics

Rustend Stone is a dense, dark grey rock with spidery, quartz-like veins.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Rustend Stone's density makes it resistant to most elements. Rapid, extreme temperature shifts have been known to cause instability, cracks, and/or shattering along the veins.

Geology & Geography

Rustend Stone is found in and below the Gebondekrag Mountains in Anscyor.

History & Usage


Discovered after [DISCOVERER] found a passage in an old Sylvan tome and went on a research bender.


The process to imbue Rustend Stone is a well kept secret. What is known, however, is that different combinations of alchemical reagents and archaic spells imbue the Rustend with different abilities. Subsequently, each "flavor" of Rustend Stone has been given its own name:  

  • Glydium: movement
  • Ignium: fire
  • Ligium: light
  • Stygium: flight
  • Vaarium: wind/sail
  • Ysium: ice
The stone itself stays the same dark grey of "unawakened" Rustend Stone, but the crystal veins glow with color depending on their use. The color amplifies and brightens while the stone is in use.


Law & Regulation

Rustend Stone is illegal to transport outside of Anscyor, and the processes used to imbue it with magical properties is a closely held state secret.

dark grey
Common State

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