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Magic Crystals

Many who purchase magic crystals believe it is a shortcut to sorcery. It can be, but one should be mindful of the properties of their specific crystal as well as how they intend to use it.
— Sanev Vensandoral, Master Mage


  Magic is the most powerful force one can utilize in Awldor. It is little wonder that materials that allow the common person to tap into arcane forces are in high demand. One of these materials is magic crystals. Magic crystals are the conduits through which the arcane forces that pervades our world can be manipulated. Magic crystals are identifiable by the slight pulsing glow they emanate in the dark. Some of these crystals shed glittering lights when disturbed. Magic crystals come in many colors, these colors often indicate the elements the crystal has power over.  

Uses for Magic Crystals

  One of the most prominent uses of magic crystals is in the generation of magic shields to protect settlements from Magic Storms and Magic Fields. The most common crystal used in the generation of magic shields are Schutz Crystals.   Other uses of magic crystals include the casting of spells. These spells are dependent on the type, size, and quality of the crystal. Spells are also dependent on the skill of the user.

Mining Magic Crystals

  The most common method of procuring magic crystals. Caves tend to be the go-to locations for locating and then extracting magic crystals. Several guilds engage in the practice including the prominent Mabara Guild. There are dangers inherent in crystal extraction, including attracting the attention of beasts and monsters. Devious Urchins are a particularly notable danger when traveling through caves.

I don't think the farmed variety will be as good as the natural variety.
— Vadoth Yewmind, Wizard

Farming Magic Crystals

  Several guilds, including the Mabara Guild, operate crystal farms for the purpose of creating magic crystals. These crystals tend to be small and usually usable by placing them in jewelry or other wearable item. The quality of these crystals depends greatly on the processes used by the guild. These processes are kept secret lending a mysterious air to the whole business of crystal growing. Farm grown crystals tend to take a long time to grow and require the constant care of mages.

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  Can my crystal necklace be used to summon arcane forces? - Archivist Enna    Probably not. - Archivist Bob    I'm going to try it. - Archivist Enna    -------------------   It worked a little too well. No more necklace. - Archivist Enna

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