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Archivist Bob Ironrock

Archivist Bob Ignatius, Bedivere, Louis, Vondal, Orsik Ironrock (a.k.a. Bob)

If there's one talent Bob is sure to have, it's luck. I'm still amazed at the disk collection he found and he continues to stumble upon priceless items when not looking for them specifically. - Archivist Taenya Nailo
  Overview Archivist Bob is one of the members of the Archivists Guild. He has yet to choose a specialty, for he is unsure of where his talents truly lie.   Bob is of a noble blood, having been born into the Ironrock noble family, the most powerful family in the former Principality of Braun. The country was annexed by Helia in 1235AGC, when Bob was a mere baby. The survivors of the family had made their way to Centrum to begin a new life. The family maintains hopes that their principality will be restored one day, but Bob grew to be concerned with other matters. He developed an affinity for ancient relics at an early age.   In 1266, Bob caught wind that an "Archivists Guild" was looking for formal establishment. He expressed interest in joining the guild to his family who explained that his time would be better spent learning to mind the family blacksmithing business. In 1267, when the Guild was formerly established, Bob grabbed one of his favorite childhood discoveries and presented it to Archivist Taenya Naïlo. The discovery turned out to be one of the largest collection of ancient gloss-disks discovered by anyone on the continent. This earned him his admittance to the Archivists Guild, but it did not buy him out of the training all Archivists are required to perform. He earned his Archivist title in 1268AGC, one of the organization's first. His family initially disapproved of Bob's decision, but is now supportive of his endeavors.   Bob continues to discover priceless artifacts for his guild, but his lack of talent in other areas has been a source of irritation and comedy for the other archivists.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Has a modest beard.

Apparel & Accessories

Travel robes, and a large backpack filled with cooking gear.

All artwork is by Starfarertheta unless otherwise stated.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1234 AGC 43 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Bob was born into a noble family of the Principality of Braun before the principality was annexed by Helia.
Grey (left eye), orange (right eye)
Natural Red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Brown

Note(s) from the Archivists:

    Bob, I don't suppose you could find my key with your luck? - Archivist Theta   I'll try, but my luck doesn't seem to work that way. - Archivist Bob   There's always a catch. I guess I'll see if I can find a wizard to try a "find object" spell or something. - Archivist Theta

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