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Awldor shattered for a reason.
— Archivist Nemo, 1275AGC


  Awldor is but a world among many others like it. It was once a prosperous world unified by the The Ancient Order. Now, Awldor lies shattered by the event known by many as the The Great Collapse.   Today, civilization is recovering across Awldor in various ways and with varied paces. There is a great debate among many as to whether the glory of the Ancient Order should be rekindled or forgotten.   For the present, the wild magics of the collapse still linger. These fragments manifest themselves in Magic Fields and Magic Storms. Mere survival will continue to remain a challenge for the near future.   Here in the Eustacia Archive of the Free City of Centrum, The Archivists Guild has only begun to document all there is know about Awldor. From its forgotten past to the many mysteries of today. It is the duty of this Archivists Guild to present to you, the curious reader, a complete repository of everything you will ever want to know, or did not want to know, about the world of Awldor.  

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  This is a far more acceptable introduction that what was here previously. Well done Enna. - Archivist Taenya   Hey, some of us helped. - Archivist Bob   You were only there for the snacks, Bob. - Archivist Enna   And they were quite delicious. - Archivist Bob  

Below are the various books that comprise the Codex of the Archivists Guild. You may peruse these books at your leisure: