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Awldor shattered for a reason.
— Archivist Nemo, 1275AGC


  Awldor lies broken, and darker times undoubtedly remain ahead of us all before the healing can truly begin. This once united world was shattered by The Great Collapse. Now only ruins of the Ancients remain, and the once mastered arcane forces are now scattered and untamed across the world. Many ancestors were unable to pass to the afterlife, and have therefore remained to haunt the living as ghosts or undead. As for the living, numerous tribes and monarchies now quarrel with one another amid the ruins of the great and vast empires of the past. Trade routes across the continents and oceans have only begun to be reestablished. Too few possess the desire to rediscover the knowledge of the ancients, and to rediscover the lost truth of the old world and the nature of their collapse.   Even among the membership of The Archivists Guild, yours truly, no one can discern the exact cause nor the exact nature of the Great Collapse with certainty. The ancient repositories of knowledge, along with their once incredible collections, lie either ruined or forgotten. Nevertheless, it is the duty of this Archivists Guild to present to you, the curious reader, a complete repository of everything you will ever want to know, or did not want to know, about the world of Awldor.

Note(s) from the Archivists:

This introduction seems a little over-dramatic, Theta. As Archivists, we are here to collect, organize, and present the facts of the world and nothing more. We are not here to embellish reality. Please consider rewriting the entirety of the introduction for next year. - Archivist Taenya

I disagree, I think the archive would benefit from having a vignette as opposed to a bland introduction. Have you ever read through countless, flavorless prose? I for one can barely stay awake so imagine how our readers must feel! We ought to spice things up a little. - Archivist Theta

We do not need to "spice up" any "thing," we are not poets or storytellers. - Archivist Taeyna

We can try to be. - Archivist Theta

Dear esteemed reader, I apologize for the unbecoming behavior of our Archivists. Notes are not usually written directly on the introductory page of the archive. The Archivists Guild will issue a new introductory page for the upcoming year once the budget for the new year is produced and approved. I will endeavor to see to it that all our Archivists display due professionalism in the future. - Arch Archivist Grau Quillblade

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