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The Archivists Guild

Curators of the Awldor Codex

Their goals seem noble, but sometimes the pursuit of knowledge leads one to know things that powerful people would rather they did not. Those Archivists must surely know things they shouldn't and they don't realize it yet.
— Alicia Ravenwood, Historian
This Archivists Guild (internally "The Guild"), established 1267AGC, is an organization dedicated to the chronicling all that can be known concerning the world of Awldor. The Guild's Grand Library aims to be a central repository for all known knowledge. Additionally, the Guild seeks new technology that can assist in the acquisition, recording, organizing, and distribution of knowledge. Arcane techniques are also sought, but the guild will restrict the use of such techniques due to the varied tolerance for magic across the lands.

The Archivists Guild does not merely collect any and all hearsay; rather, Archivists of the guild prize information that has been or can be verified. Each Archivist has been given the training to discern truth from fable in a research process. If you should make a claim that you want to be recorded by the guild make sure you have proof on hand. At the very least, know where and how proof can be obtained if you cannot obtain it for any reason.

The Codex of the Archivists Guild

  The guild is compiling books that will organize all the information gathered by the guild about the world of Awldor. These books together will make up the Archivists Guild Codex:
  • Ancient Ruins of Awldor
  • Bestiary of Awldor
  • Currency & Commerce of Awldor
  • Documents of Awldor
  • Food and Drink of Awldor
  • Geography of Awldor
  • Languages of Awldor
  • Materials of Awldor
  • Miscellaneous Information of Awldor
  • Myths & Legends of Awldor
  • Narratives of Awldor
  • Natural Laws of Awldor
  • Organizations of Awldor
  • Persons of Awldor
  • Settlements of Awldor
  • Sovereign States of Awldor
  • Species of Awldor
  • Technology of Awldor
  • Traditions & Rituals of Awldor
These nineteen books are set to be one of the largest printed works in the world of Awldor.  


The Archivists Guild was founded out of inspiration from Captain Amaya Quickwind's across-the-world expedition. The amount of knowledge she and her crew acquired and catalogued was enough to lay a foundation for the archive that would become our grand library in Centrum . The Guild seeks to build upon Amaya's achievement as well as those of other travelers who will share what they have learned with the guild.

Not everyone is aware of the guild's existence, or what its aims are. It is still a new organization that has only had four major expeditions to distant lands (none were as grand in scope or ambition as grand in ambition as Amaya's). Those who are aware of the guild's existence and goals have wasted little time in forming their own opinions about it.

Proponents of the Guild

Some believe that The Archivists Guild will be a great boon for all peoples of Awldor should they achieve their goal of creating a great repository of knowledge. Others, tribes mostly, believe the guild can confirm their ancestral claims on lands or sacred ruins. One group in particular believes that the Archivists have the greatest chance of uncovering the truth behind The Great Collapse, and of discovering ancient wonders that have been long forgotten. Most people aware of the Archivists believe that the organization's impact is going to be mild at best and that the idea that a bunch of librarians could somehow change the world is far-fetched.

Critics of the Guild

  Others believe the organization to be dangerous. That is, these others believe the Archivists Guild proceeds under an ulterior motive. That the organization is gathering all its knowledge for some nefarious purpose. Some of this fear is based on religious grounds, that the Archivists risk uncovering forbidden knowledge. That there are things no mere mortal should ever know, that the ways of the world are a mystery for reasons beyond our understanding. In short, they fear that the organization's lust for knowledge risks eliciting the wrath of the gods (not all religious groups believe this though, some have beliefs that prize the acquisition of knowledge).  
I did not know that someone could have so many questions, to be so curious about the world, until today.
— Artur Neha, Traveler

Becoming a Guild Member

  Recruitment is a high priority for The Archivists Guild as it is still relatively new compared to most organizations on the Quassus Continent . A lot of people will be needed if the organization's aims are to be realized. That is, acquiring, securing, and displaying knowledge and artifacts from the whole world, and the world is a big place.

To become a member, you simply need to ask. However, your interest in the guild and its mission should be sincere, and that will be determined by a committee of Archivist using a set of criteria that is not shared with prospective members (to prevent one from gaming the system). One sincerity is confirmed, then the training begins. The skills taught to prospective Archivists are: advanced reading comprehension, item organization, good penmanship, and some basic survival skills. Your first responsibility as a member of the guild will be to mind the library and becoming familiar with the contents therein. Once it is determined that you are sufficiently trained, you will then be selected to take part in an expedition where you will have the opportunity to earn the Archivist title.

To earn the title of Archivist, you must find and then submit a previously forgotten piece of knowledge or previously lost artifact. The finding(s) will be presented before the founding members of the guild, Arch-Archivist Solus and Archivist Taenya to name the most prominent members, who will determine the value of your finding. If it should be verified as a previously unknown piece to the library then you will have proven yourself an Archivist. The process of becoming an Archivist, from training to item submission, can take years. It depends on the quality of the candidate.


Government Exemptions for Ruin Exploration

  Because of the various laws enacted to prevent Ruin Poaching, the guild secures an exemption from a governmental authority before beginning any ventures into the ruins. These ventures are a rare occurrence for the guild due to the inherent dangers involved in exploring an Ancient Ruin. The Archivists Guild has yet to undertake any expedition to a major Ancient City.


Heading the guild is Arch-Archivist Grau Quillblade. Archivist Taenya is the next authority in the guild. In fact, Grau more or less acts as the organization's figurehead while Taenya is the real binding force behind the organization. Archivists Enna, Bob, Rena, Theta, and Savitri are the first cadre to be formerly inducted into the organization and are largely considered to be next in authority to Taenya.

Public Agenda

To acquire forgotten knowledge, acquire lost technology, and to secure ancient arcane relics. We aim to discover all there is to know about our world, our Awldor. We follow in the footsteps of the great Amaya Quickwind and her inspiring expedition across the world that has yet to be repeated. Most of all, we are doing this for the benefit of all learners of this common realm.

All artwork is by starfarertheta unless otherwise stated.

To gather knowledge for posterity.

Founding Date
Guild, Professional
Alternative Names
"Amaya's Archivists", "The Restless Libriarians", "The Traveling Questionaires"
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

Guild Cloak

  Each Archivist gets their own special cloak to wear when conducting guild business. This helps to distinguish them from other knowledge seekers as well as to present a professional appearance (a nice robe is a necessity when dealing with royals or aristocracy).   The cloaks are dark grey on the outside, a lighter grey on the inside, with silver trimmings. The material is a combination of materials: wool on the outside and velvet on the inside.   As for what to wear underneath, that is up to each individual Archivist.   In addition to the cloak, an Archivist is given an Archivists Guild Compass Rose to wear along with the cloak. The most common way to wear the compass rose is on a necklace. The second most common is on a leather belt.

Current Membership


Former Members

  • Archivist Heian (deceased)
  • Archivist Nemo (missing)


Asset Lists

  • Platinum coins
  • Gold coins
  • Silver coins
  • Copper coins
  • Ink quills (high quality preferred)
  • Parchment (high quality preferred)
  • Knives (to smooth parchment)
  • Book bindings
  • Book covers
  • Blank scrolls
  • Simple weapon (member preference)


Note(s) from the Archivists:

  Dear valuable reader, would you please consider joining our guild? Recruitment has been slow and we may not reach our quota this year. - Archivist Enna   Enna, the reader does not need to know the details of internal Guild matters. - Archivist Taeyna   Transparency can go a long way though. - Archivist Enna   You cannot control what happens to your information or how it will be interpreted once it is released. - Archivist Taeyna   I'm starting to understand why my talkative cousin began to show up everywhere. I always told him that he talked too much about himself and his fortunes. - Archivist Bob

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Dec 2, 2019 22:07

What an interesting guild! How does one go about joining them? Do they recruit and train disciples or just let the best join them? :D

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
Dec 3, 2019 03:16 by Starfarer Theta

Thanks Qurilion! :D Since the guild is still relatively new (10 years as of the current date of 1277), they are eager to bring in and train new recruits in the art of archiving. One earns the title of "Archivist" if they are able to obtain and submit a valuable piece of knowledge or some kind of rare artifact. I'll elaborate on this in the article's next update.