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The Ancient Order

The Old Empire that ruled and shaped Alwdor before the collapse.

Some desire a return of the old empire and its unifying force. Some fear the return of the empire and its abuses of power. I believe they both hold correct views of the world that once was, if only a piece of it. - Archivist Nemo


  The Ancient Order, or colloquially the "Ancients," is the name used today for the world order as it was before the advent of the The Great Collapse. The Ancients built a vast world-wide empire that dominated the old world and united peoples of all walks of life in ways that still influences current society. At least that's the prevailing notion, for there are others who believe that the Ancient Order was a repressive regime that used its vast powers to silence dissent and to scour the world of resources to feed its increasingly insatiable desire.   Much of what is known about the Ancient Order is unfortunately conjecture as many of their wonders now lies dormant and in ruin, and the means by which they preserved their the majority knowledge is unreadable by our scholars. Luckily, some stone tablets as well as surviving paper specimens remain to give us a passing glimpse into the world as it once was. But this glimpse only begins to satiate the desire to learn about the ancestors.

Limitless Technology

What has been recovered from Ancient Ruins indicates that the old order possessed strange that were highly specialized for various tasks. The more notable of the ancient equipment is as follows: carriages that appear to not require horses to mobilize, carriages that possess protrusions that bear some resemblance to a bird's wing, and metal without sails. All of these were constructed of metals and other strange materials, such as Sable Fiber, that is beyond the skill of any forge to reproduce. These metals and alloys were clearly instrumental to the functioning of the ancient equipment.   At the height of the Ancient's reign, their tech was augmented through the sophisticated application of imbued magics. The full capabilities of these machines is unknown due to the devastation wrought by the collapse, but it is certain that the Ancients could breach the very firmament of our world and enter the celestial realm among other realities.   The workings of many of these tools remains a mystery to the machinists and artificers of today. As a result, many recovered pieces of ancient tech are not usable if not rendered completely dormant over the ravaged years during and beyond the Great Collapse.

Mastery of Reality's Fabric

The Ancient's mastery of the magic arts was tantamount to mastering the fabric of reality. This allowed them to master the world with ease, a world empire of unparalleled power and influence. An empire that undoubtedly began to explore other words that lie far away across the stellar seas, to explore parallel realities, even to venture into higher the higher dimensions of that great mirage we call reality. The Ancients even imbued various objects with magical properties. These items, still imbued with magics despite time's passage, can occasionally be recovered from the ruins. These small trinkets can be utilized by those with the skill and courage to do so. Make no mistake, ancient items with magical properties can be extremely dangerous if mishandled.   There has long been a theory that the Ancient's mastery of magic is what led to the collapse. That their excessive indulgence in various sins had damaged the fabric of reality to the point of unleashing incomprehensible torrents of magic onto our realm and perhaps others as well. A torrent no doubt aided by the wrath of the gods who were affronted by the egregious attempt at ascendance into godhood. It is a good theory, but one must keep in mind that it is hardly the only one that explains the sudden calamities that shook the earth. One must keep their mind open if they truly wish to prevent a recurrence of the collapse.

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  If the Ancients could cross the boundaries of existence, then is it possible that some living vestige of the Ancient Order is out there just waiting to be found by their distant children? - Archivist Enna   I searched for the answer to that very question long ago. - Archivist Taenya   What did you find? - Archivist Enna   Only understanding. The understanding that the question cannot be answered yet. In spite of all our recovered knowledge the vestige of the old order lies well beyond our reach. - Archivist Taenya   Maybe we don't have to go to them. Maybe they will come to us when the time is right. - Archivist Enna   That is what concerns me. - Archivist Taenya   Why? - Archivist Enna   It has been several centuries since cataclysms of the Great Collapse have receded, and they have not returned in all that time. I do not believe the Ancients wish to return to Awldor and I fear to know the reason why. - Archivist Taenya

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