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The Wild Oyster Tavern

The Wild Oyster is where legends go to unwind after a long trip around the world.
— Taenya Nailo, Archivist

  Every sailor who travels to Centrum have at some point made their way to the great log cabin adorned with the logo of the oyster with a pearl. For some, it is their one preferred destination for an evening of relaxation before sailing the seas once more. The tavern is located close to the Revas Marina Market, an advantageous position with regard to attracting customers and procuring goods.

It is surprising to find a place this comfortable in a bustling city like Centrum. Such homely houses are usually hidden within some secret valley in the foothills of mountains.
— Phidi Strideheart, Traveler.

Centrum's Great Log Cabin

  Exterior The building is a large log and stone cabin perched atop a hill with an eastern main entrance. It is among the oldest standing buildings constructed on Visus Island. Even with the addition of new wings to the central hall the tavern's styling remains as it always was. The large two story cabin is flanked by two large 3 story wings, one of which is now the building's kitchen and the other an expansion to the main dining hall. Surrounding the main structure is a nicely kept garden, and a stall for horses to drink, feed, and rest. There is even a lot big enough to fit several wagons. Truly, a place that goes out of its way to welcome the weary traveler.   Interior The central and oldest hall features a central bar across from the tavern's main entrance. From this bar, plethora of drinks from across the continent are served to patrons. The quality of the drink depends greatly on how much one is willing to spend. Behind the bar, a great brick oven can be found which is used to bake bread or exotic delicacies (dependant on what is traded in at the Revas Marina Market. The walls and roof of the tavern are adorned with vast arrays of memorabilia acquired by the tavern or donated to the tavern. These items are from adventures all over the Quassus Continent and from far away lands such as the Deshret Continent or the Planus Continent. The tavern is its own museum of the world in some ways. The Archivists Guild will occasionally peruse the collection for items of interest, and to have refreshments while they are at it.

The tavern's Keeper and staff are certainly friendly, but I get the sense there's more to their lives then they let on.
— Artur Neha, Traveler

Keeper & Staff

  The keeper of The Wild Oyster is one Asra Pneuma, the heir of Amaya Pneuma and a growing thorn in the side of the Mabara Guild. It is from this tavern that Asra runs the Sea of Fortune Company, an organization dedicated to the trading of information to those in need. This valuable resource thus attracts all manner of customer to the tavern and has made the place the subject of two unsuccessful hostile takeover attempts by the powerful Mabara Guild.   Asra hired the usual staff for a tavern: bartenders ensure drinks are poured and that all stories are heard, and a bard performs their craft to create an inviting atmosphere. The staff is on rotation so that the tavern remains open all day and all night. It is one of few establishments around Centrum to do so.

In some ways, the Oyster was my home before the Marigold.
— Amaya Pneuma, Captain

Tales from Around the World

  It is said that this is the place where Amaya Pneuma resolved to go on an around the world voyage. It is also said that this is the first place she went to after returning from her adventures around the world. Captain Zephyr is also said to have frequented the place before he took on a life of piracy. It is even said that a representative of the other side of the world, a Windtracer once visited the establishment and traded one intriguing item from their land for a like one from Centrum.

Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


The Oyster and the Pearl

  No one is sure what the intention was with the oyster holding a pearl, but it is believed to symbolize fortune... somehow.

The Tavern's Menu


  • Bread
  • Stuffed Bread (made to order)
  • Plate of Clams
  • Plate'o'Oysters
  • Helian Lobster
  • Frosted Crab
  • Occulus Cod
  • Azure Salmon
  • Wowala Salmon

  • Specials
  • Cordon Bleu
  • Azumanami Sushi
  • Sailor's Bread Bowl
  • Captain Pneuma's Bread Bowl
  • Azumanami Shrimp and Scallop
  • Plate'o'Magnifique Oysters
  • Brought it in Yourself

  • Drinks
  • Helian Lager
  • Avistarian Ale
  • Lunarian White
  • Temi's Original
  • Rand's Red

  • Specialty Drinks
  • The Pneuma
  • The Zephyr

  • Notes from the Archivists:

    A place I frequent for their delicacies. Their oysters are surprisingly good. - Archivist Bob That's high praise coming from you. - Archivist Edward

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    Mar 26, 2022 20:42 by C. B. Ash

    Why I remember visiting the Wild Oyster! I traded an Ishannori pocket water clock for a local Centrum timepiece.

    While you're there have the Sailor's Bread Bowl! It can't be missed!
    — Windtracer Kiyosi Valchar