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Mabara Guild

They say that this guild possesses more wealth and exerts more influence than any other organization. Perhaps more than entire countries for that matter. Why have they not earned the wrath of Queens and Kings? Because they are very judicious and quiet in how they exercise their power.
— Alicia Ravenwood, Historian.


  The Mabara Guild is said to control the vast majority of trade across the Occulus Sea. Their control is both direct and indirect. They own several ships with which they transport goods as well as to secure their trade routes. They own several smaller guilds allowing Mabara to control the trading of many resources like wool, food, and metals. They also support several smaller guilds which, while not giving them official control, allows them to exert significant influence over their decisions. To top off everything, former Mabara members make up the majority of the Centrum Director's Council. The guild is the most powerful organization in the Free City of Centrum.

And when the Mabara Guild can't control something or someone, they have other means of coercion available to them. Perhaps the most effective is their ties with the law.


Mabara and the Law

  They say that the guild is above the law considering the unusual leeway the courts of Centrum, Lunaria, and Helia have given it. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that Mabara in some ways is the law. On several occasions, would-be rivals have found their businesses impeded by a new law enacted with inopportune timing. Meanwhile, that same law either served to secure Mabara's own interests or it was otherwise inconsequential. This is evidence enough for many that Mabara has the capability to push through laws and has done so many times.  

The Union of the Cardinal Directions.

  Union of the Cardinal Directions, or the Cardinal Union, has grown to become the greatest rival of the Mabara Guild. Once a group of squabbling guilds named after the four cardinal directions, their sudden unity came as something of a surprise to the Mabara family. The Cardinal Union has since been intent on becoming the dominant business venture on the continent.

From lands afar to your home, Mabara will make it happen!

Guild, Merchant
Controlled Territories

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  If anyone wants to know, The Archivists Guild received the majority of our artifacts through the services of the Mabara Guild. - Archivist Taenya Naïlo

Useful as they have been, Mabara has been increasing the price of their services. We may need to consider alternative means of transporting artifacts to Visus Island from the continent. - Arch Archivist Grau Quillblade

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