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Mabara Public Bathhouse

It's not as grand as the great bathhouses in the Radiant City of Sol, but it is still useful.
— Phidi Strideheart, Traveler


  The Mabara Public Bathhouse is one of the grandest structures in the Free City of Centrum. The bathhouse is one of the primary gathering places for Centrum residents as well as a preferred tourist destination. Public events of all sorts are organize around and within the massive building. As one would expect, the structure houses several baths but they are not the only spaces available for gathering. Lounges, saunas, and a barroom can be found within the structure. Carefully cultivated gardens surround the structure.   The water used within the bathing areas of the building is kept at a very warm to very hot temperature via a system of braziers. It is also among the cleanest in the city as one would hope. Additional payments above the entry fee can entitle one to luxury services. Of course, to most people in Awldor a bathhouse is a luxury amenity indeed. It is not uncommon for one to host a party at a bathhouse when celebrating an important milestone or accomplishment.


Purchase by the Mabara Guild

  In 1160AGC, the Mabara Guild offered to purchase the bathhouse, at the time called the Florinda Bathhouse from the Centrum Director's Council. The city's coffers at that point in time was under heavy strain in the wake of its many infrastructure projects and the offer from Mabara was seen as a prudent action. Even the citizenry thought the move would be good for all involved.   However, Mabara has implemented entry fees in order to utilize the building's many amenities. While organized parties are still common, the reservation price is an increasing sore spot for Centrum's populace. Many in the city today are beginning to demand that the Director's Council acquire the bathhouse back from Mabara. No action has yet to be taken.


The Mabara Bathhouse was inspired by the famous great bathhouses of the Radiant City of Sol. The marble structure is round in shape topped with a massive stone dome. The exact design of the dome is commonly referred to as the Helian Dome. The dome was constructed by Helian engineers hired by the Centrum Director's Council at a significant price. The results were well worth it however as the structure's undeniably Helian design complete with gold ornaments has enriched Centrum's artistic appeal for its residents as well as tourists.   The type of structural feature bought for is unique and valued for the seemingly impossible skylight built into the top of the dome. The skylight has a shutter system that one can open and close by pulling a leaver.

As business savvy as Centrum's Merchants are, they ought to stretch their own imaginations every once in a while.
— Zendon, "Historian" (Lunaria)

Copied Mural

  Part of the contract included painting a intricate mural on the interior of the dome. Due to several setbacks as well as the demanding nature of the work, the mural has yet to be completed. The design of the mural is a copy of that found in the Great Sunbeam Bathhouse in Sol. The artist of that mural took his secrets to the grave and so the copy being painted in the Mabara Bathhouse will lack the depth of the original despite the strict standards of the Director's Council. Nevertheless, the city of Centrum is already proud of what it has.

Founding Date
1101 AGC
Alternative Names
Florinda Bathhouse
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  It's one of my favorite places to visit on the weekends! Never a shortage of fun things to do over there. It's expensive though. - Archivist Enna    I try to keep my visits to a minimum. The Mabara Guild gets enough coin as is! - Archivist Bob

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