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Union of the Cardinal Directions

To the north, south, west, and east... some say that this is a sign of a greater ambition than many can guess.
— Alicia Ravenwood, Historian


  The Union of the Cardinal Directions, or simply the Cardinal Directions, is alliance of guilds with the common goal of increasing trade across the Quassus Continent, thereby increasing profits, and in opposing the ever growing Mabara Guild. The union is so named because its member guilds are named after the cardinal directions. The Cardinal Directions are currently led by Skyler Varywind, a somewhat enigmatic individual   The Union of Cardinal Directions isn't headquartered in Centrum. They have almost no presence in the Free City at all (no shops and few representatives), but the Union is still a formidable business venture despite this.  

Alliance Membership

  While the term "Company" is used in the official titles, they are functionally guilds. The term company is leftover from when each guild began as small roving companies that traveled from settlement to settlement to conduct trade.   It is not entirely accurate that one guild exclusively operates in the north while the another exclusively operates in the south. The guilds certainly started in their respective directions, but a building bearing the mark of one of these guilds can be found anywhere. This is especially true after the unification.  

Helia's expansion is not the only cause of war on this continent. Factions of a different kinds all have their own claims to fight over, and steel is hardly the only implement of war.
— Zendal, Tailor

Mabara Guild's Greatest Rival

  It is no secret that the Union of the Cardinal Directions wishes to challenge the Mabara Guild as the most powerful and profitable guild on the continent. As powerful as the union has become, many are quick to point out that the Mabara Guild simply has more connections with which to utilize, including connections within the judiciary circles of Centrum. The Union of the Cardinal Directions has yet to obtain such an advantage for themselves, though they have been making inroads within the The Seven Northern Tribes of Quassus.



  The current headquarters of this alliance of guilds currently resides in the Radiant City of Sol. The exact building is located within the same ward as South Company's HQ. The other guilds in the alliance have each expressed their own concerns this proximity between the HQs may have on who ultimately influences the alliance.   Skyler wishes to set up a new HQ for the alliance in Centrum, although the rivalry with the Mabara Guild has made that a somewhat infeasible prospect for time being.    


The cardinal guilds weren't always united in their goals. For a time, they were rivals with one another. In fact, they were founded by four brothers who each had a bet on which side of the continent would prove most prosperous and therefore most profitable. They each established their own guilds named after the cardinal directions, and so the competition began. At one point the rivalry between the guilds grew so intense that each guild fielded mercenary groups to engage in conflict with one another. When the destruction inherent in these engagements began to impact their reputation with locals, and therefore their bottom line, they ceased such open hostilities.   When it became increasingly apparent that the Mabara Guild was capitalizing on their ongoing rivalry, the leaders of the Cardinal Guilds held a series of secret meetings. In these secret meetings, it was decided that the Mabara Guild represented a threat to all four guilds and that by working together they could increase their influence on the continent.  
From competing pieces to unification. One could only wish for the same fate to happen to our shattered world as a whole if only so that we can start working towards something greater than our own petty interests.
— Zendal, Tailor

Bringing prosperity to people in every direction!

Political, Alliance
Alternative Names
Cardinal Union, Cardinal Directions

Company Leaders   Alser of the Golden Plains - Director of the South Company   Melinda "Metal Eye" Snowfall - Director of the North Company   Grybek Broadhammer - Director of the East Company   Valmeila Althadin - Director of the West Company  


Every business has a gimmick.
— Clara Eastersand, Bard of the College of Lore.

"Cardinal Specialties":

  Each guild in the Cardinal Union has a claim to a particular specialty. Originally, the specialties gave each guild a unique selling point that distinguished one from the other when they were rivals. Now, they are combining their specialties as a way to increase their competitiveness against the Mabara Guild.   West Company: Extraordinary Herbs   East Company: Curious Crystals   North Company: Remarkable Metals   South Company: Exotic Spices    

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  I would make a pun here, but the slogan stole my thunder. - Archivist Theta  

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Articles under Union of the Cardinal Directions

The Bet Between the Four Companies

962 AGC 1159 AGC

  • 962 AGC

    Formation of the Cardinal Companies

    The brothers Nirjvar, Toly, Aaquid, and Dishant form their respective cardinal companies: the North, East, South, and West companies.

    Additional timelines
  • 970 AGC

    North Company Expansion

    North Company was the first among the four directional companies to expand beyond its chosen corner of the continent. It did so because business prospects were less than ideal in the Northern Arctic Wastes and so to survive it had start business elsewhere.

    Additional timelines

United DIrections

1160 AGC and beyond

The four cardinal companies have agreed to begin acting as one large guild.


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