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The Windtracer Company

(This organization was conceived by C.B. Ash aka Kummer Wolfe)

We've only met the visitors from Planus briefly, and I thought their intent to find answers is as sincere as our own. Their methods did concern me however..


  Though the The Archivists Guild only met them briefly, the Windtracer Company left quite an impression. The company had claimed that they were seeking answers, a mission shared by the Archivists. The goals seemed aligned, but the methods used by each guild are decidedly less so. The similarities and differences of the Windtracer Company and the Archivists Guild are best illustrated by recounting the initial encounter.  


Unexpected Visitors

  The company arrived in Free City of Centrum in 1269AGC aboard a merchant vessel. They had paid the captain of the merchant vessel for his time and services. They were largely discreet in their exploration of the city. That is, until they attempted to visit the Tenebris Caves under the city. One of their members was caught by the Centrum Guard and were imprisoned, but only briefly. They were released shortly thereafter.   It is unclear why they were released, but they visited the Eustacia Archive shortly after their release. The Archivists learned of the Windtracer's earlier adventures through the city and its dungeons later on. During the brief visit it was revealed to the Archivists that the Windtracer Company's goals are largely aligned with the Archivists. The differences appear to be in the details of the execution of this shared mission. Namely, the Archivists try to respect the laws and procedures of the land where the Windtracer seems to view this as a minor inconvenience.  


A Lingering Presence?

  It is believed that the Windtracers have left a permanent presence in Centrum. The presence of this organization within the city has begun to be suspected in 1272AGC, with the term "Lance" as a term describing this new offshoot. It is not clear if this local organization was officially sanctioned in some way by the eastern travelers in 1269. The activities of this Lance of the guild appear to be infrequent so far. The unexpected detonation of one of the Northern Ruin Islet in 1274 is thought to be a result of one of their expeditions. Rumor has it they have found a dangerous item of great value (It's always an item of great value, else the rumor would not be as compelling). No other strange activity that can be connected to this group has been seen since.  

What I once thought was an eccentric group of small time Dungeoneers might be one of the largest secret societies around. I seem to run into them more and more. They seem particularly interested in prohibited or protected ruins.
— Phidi Strideheart, Traveler

World Wide Presence

  Since meeting the Windtracer Company in Centrum, the Archivists have noted telltale signs of this organization's activities across Awldor. Most of these involving new "Lances" that crop up, usually where there is a wealthy individual, noble, or royalty. The Windtracers clearly are not idle and the extent of their search for answers and artifacts has led them to travel far and wide indeed.  

- The Windtracer Archives -

For more Windtracer lore, check out The Windtracers by Kummer Wolfe! The Windtracers is a sibling world that provides a different perspective of Awldor particularly of the deeper and more dangerous places of this world.  

Adventures in Awldor

Guild, Professional

The Merchant Ship

  The Archivists later discovered that merchant ship the Windtracer Company arrived on was not from the Quassus Continent nor the Deshret Continent, but from Planus Continent.   This ship may have also been named the Foxglove. That name is recorded only once in records kept by Centrum port authorities.  

Artifact Donation

  A strange artifact made of many gears was donated by the The Windtracer Company to the Archivists. It was to thank the Archivists for allowing the company to tour the Eustacia Archive.   The artifact is still being studied by the guild.  
If they took anything from the archive in 'trade,' we still haven't figured out what it was. The gear thing is pretty neat though. 
— Archivist Savitri

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  I remember that encounter. And I still think they were a bad influence on Bob. - Archivist Taenya Naïlo   I still don't know what I did. - Archivist Bob   It's more what you've been doing since then. - Archivist Enna   I still don't know what I've been doing. - Archivist Bob

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They sound like a really interesting group, and I enjoy how the Archivists remember their visit. Poor Bob.