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Sea of Fortune Company

[breadcrumbs]   A merchant in the business not of trading any kind of good, but in trading knowledge. This guild is currently headed by Asra Pneuma, heir to Amaya Pneuma, and the Keeper of the Wild Oyster Tavern. She has built a reputation for always having what you need to know. The name is meant to invoke the wealth the company promises, though not necessarily of the kind involving coins. Sea of Fortune was established by Captain Amaya Pneuma, shortly after her return from her voyage around the world. This company has a significant part in establishing Centrum's growing reputation as a place of information and knowledge. The Mabara Guild has increasingly viewed the company with a hostile eye. Twice the Mabara Guild has attempted a hostile takeover of the Sea of Fortune Company but so far without success. Asra intends to maintain this score with Mabara.

Really, all you need to do is to just ask the right questions. They can figure out the rest before you can.
— Gregory Azurehill, Merchant

Knowledge for Trade

  One can acquire what they need if they know what they are looking for or they know the right questions. The Sea of Fortune Company is built on this idea. The company, under the unerring leadership of Asra Pneuma, has established a network of information gatherers whose identities are kept in close confidence. These gatherers seek out the particulars of anything of value, including items, meeting times, brewing events, and even the portents of far away lands.

Some of the items in our collection would never have been found if not for the leads provided to us by the Sea of Fortune.
— Taenya Nailo, Archivist

Relation with the Archivists

  The Archivists Guild maintains a mutually beneficial relationship with the Sea of Fortune Company. When the Archivists wants to know where an artifact can be found in Centrum, they often consult the company for that information. It is in this way that the Archivists have managed to secure several ancient artifacts before they found their way into the hands of the merchant elite.

Fortune through Information

Founding Date
Guild, Professional
Organization Vehicles

Note(s) from the Archivists:

    Does anyone know how the Sea of Fortune knows the things they do? - Archivist Theta   Do you really want to know? - Archivist Enna    Yes. - Archivist Theta   Then ask them. - Archivist Enna

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