Crystallian Hearts


Material Characteristics

A Crystallian Heart appears as an oblong glowing blue crystal. It has rough edges and feels incredibly light. It is surprisingly fragile despite its appearance.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Crystallian hearts are incredible magical energy generators. Because they are the life source of a Crystallian, they contain significant amounts of power. A Crystallian Heart is capable of power a magical barrier over a single person for their entire lives, even for the long-lived people like the Elves. These are highly sought after materials.

Origin & Source

As expected a Crystallian Heart comes from inside a Crystallian. New Crystallians are formed from fragments of Crystallian hearts. This reduces the lifespan of the original Crystallian, but the fragment will grow on its own. When Crystallians are fully formed, a new active Crystallian Heart is finished.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

To the Crystallian people these are sacred artifacts of their ancestors. Some Crystallians will pass their Heart onto another person as their final wish. It is considered a great honor to have the faded heart of a Crystallian.    Because at the end of a Crystallian's natural life cycle their Heart depletes all of its energy, the only way to get a charged Crystallian heart is through murder. While other Crystallians see this act as no different from them becoming depleted, their style of mourning is different. Some Crystallians have been known to pull out their own hearts to save others as they are very utilitarian in their views.

Manufacturing & Products

Fragments of Crystallian Hearts have been imbued into weapons and armor. When this happens any magical effect on the item that normally needs to recharge does not have to recharge for the life of the fragment.


Consuming fragments or entire Crystallian Hearts have a potentially fatal side effect. If they are faded fragments of heart then they pose no threat. A charged heart will begin to pump magic into the consumer. This will continue until the user explodes from an overabundance of magic. The only way to stop this process is to remove the shard or continuously cast magic until the fragment loses its power.


Trade & Market

Because this is an illegal item to sell, they can only be found on the black markets. Unfortunately because of the size of the hearts, it is usually unreasonable to sell an entire heart as it can go for hundreds of thousands of gold pieces. Normally they are broken up and sold as fragments since it is easier to sell the entire heart that way.


Because of its fragile nature, it is best to keep them wrapped in cloths and supported by straw or grass to keep it safe during travel.

Law & Regulation

It is considered illegal in most places to sell a Crystallian Heart. Bandits that kill Crystallians for their hearts are hunted by authorities.


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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
3 Aug, 2020 10:50

I'm glad it's illegal to trade in charged crystallian hearts! it sounds like a really cool source of power, but murder is definitely not worth it.

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