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Solar Stone

As long as the Burning Mother is still alive. We will have endless gift from her.
-Aranama Engineer

Solar Stone is one of the solution.

  After a long period of liquid usage. Earth starts to running out of natural harvest of materials. That's when the elemental suggest another way to harness the power of solar. It is an endless gift from the burning mother and it could be utilize to power up some engines.   With that idea to jump start the medium to host this solar power. This is where Solar Stone comes into the picture. This stone sizes fit adult palm but it contain tremendous solar power to lit up a house or even a factory for a couple of days.   The elemental with the help of both awakened animals and humans starts to built up a panel that could be attached to Aranama. Solar Panel is made of a dozens of solar stone stacked together in series of formation to be able to capture and encapsulate the solar energy and evenly distribute it to the ship. This could help the ship to regulate its own energy, making it self-sustainable throughout the journey. When the energy from a solar panel starts to deplete. It could recharge the energy back when it is expose to a sunlight for a period of time.   Solar Panel is finally done after nine months of research, trials, errors, and test applications to the ship. It is attached to mainly the middle layer of the ship. Allowing the first layer to brace the heat / impact/ any unknown danger to the space.   If there are no sunlight to recharge the panels. Some fire elemental could provide emergency power to backup the panels for a period of time.
Elemental / Molecular

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