Crystallized Nerd Rage

If we can't make 'em happy, we might as well make the most out of their whining.  
— PowerProd Corp Exec
  Look, everyone gets passionate about the things they enjoy. Sometimes that leads to shouting or heated debates if Batman could beat Goku, or whatever other fantasy is currently rattling around social media like a ball in a hyperactive pinball machine. But certain subcultures of Megacorpolis have been observed to attach themselves to a franchise to a degree that makes even the most jaded marketing executive worried. We're talking knuckles clenched white, veins you could skate down the forehead, teeth gritted till they crack, blistering Troll-like outbursts, the whole nine yards.   And for a moment in history, there seemed to be getting more of them. Changing a character in a movie or tweaking some balance in a game wasn't garnering just protests anymore, but death-threats, abuse, and in one memorable instance, someone doused themselves in gasolin and set themself on fire to protest the new font used in their favorite webcomic. Some few even worried that they might've done their job of advertisement and marketing a little too good.   Other blamed something else, a memetic infohazard that were turning people into raging loons. Or maybe they were just always like that, but the prolifiration of social media amplified their voice into a lot more angry shouting than could usually be heard from their parent's basement. While Corporations enjoyed the support for their varying franchises, no one really enjoyed dealing with these people. Something had to change.   The solution was, as it always is with Corps, to turn a problem into an asset. Corporate scientists observed that the rage from these psychotics could be harnessed, as a source of energy, or a bioweapon... Or even just using the threat of unleashing them on someone you didn't like.    

The Solution?

  Find these goons, often through the use of Troll-Hunters, lock 'em up into an Ever-Monday Research Facility where they go through every day reading news about changes to whatever it is that sets them off. Through complicated science, which probably involves eletrodes, catalysts, big pumping machinery with glowing liquids, and whiteboards with really long calculations on it, corporations turn this Sisyphasian outrage into a small, angry red crystal called Furyilithium. It's used as a small, unstable power source for engines, weapons, and sometimes to troll other corporations.  
It also puts some of these guys out of the social media pool, too.


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Grandmaster Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
3 Aug, 2020 12:54

Not only the social media pool, but the dating pool too! ;)

Emy x
3 Aug, 2020 14:11

Somehow doubt they ever had much chance there, but that might be being too hopeful :P