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Sunhyde is a very common fuel source on Tritanix 3. It is a good source of fuel for the people of the planet, and many people use it. It is warm to the touch and burns easy. Because of the slow burn, it is used as a fire source for heating, cooking, baking, and more. It is chalky and leaves a black soot on whatever it touches. It is made from burning Darkwood to a crisp, and because of the hardness of the wood, it doesn’t burn to ash as quickly as many other woods do.


Material Characteristics

It is a chalky, flakey material, and leaves a soot behind whenever it touches something.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is very flammable, and is quite warm to the touch.

Geology & Geography

This material isn’t found anywhere, it is made synthetically.

Origin & Source

It is made by burning Darkwood to a crisp.

History & Usage

Everyday use

It is used as a fire fuel, for cooking, baking, heating, and anything else that requires fire.


There are hardly any hazards to this material, but eating it can make you feel very ill. Only the most stupid of the population ever tries.

Environmental Impact

The only harm to the environment this provides is the trees being cut down. There are plenty of Darkwood trees, and whenever one is taken down, a new one is planted to replace it.


Trade & Market

Many merchants will sell this at their local market. It is fairly easy to make, so it is fairly easy to get.


It needs to be stored in a solid container that the owner doesn’t mind being stained black.
Dark black
Boiling / Condensation Point
400 F
Melting / Freezing Point
200 F
Common State

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