Aether Crystals

Aether Crystals are a magical conduit used by beings that are not magically inclined in order to help them cast minor spells. These crystals channel the magic of the leylines across Lothlonde and allow a user to use the magic as if they had been the conduit themselves. Typically worn in a necklace or on the top of a staff, the Aether Crystal is held close to the user, close to their center of gravity. The crystals do most of the work. Attuned to leylines, they help nonmagical beings to do all manner of spellcasting or ritual casting. A being already magically inclined can utilize an Aether Crystal, but there will be little to no noticeable difference in their magical output. There are rumors that the floating cities are powered by giant Aether Crystals being pumped with magic by powerful mages, but there is no evidence to support this to the public's knowledge.   How they come to be   Aether Crystals are a physical manifestation of magic. Similar to a regularly formed crystal, an Aether Crystal is made when magical energies are put under immense pressure. This pressure results in the forming of the crystal. As they are made from magic, their connection remains to the leylines of Lothlonde. It is relatively easy to utilize their magical connections. These crystals do not form naturally, however. Not every practicing mage can create them. The creation process requires a team of trained wizards and sorcerers banding together to focus their magic on a single point, pressing it with unfathomable pressure. The practice of creating Aether Crystals has become somewhat of a business in the past few centuries. As the population of Lothlonde grows due to The Peace, the number of nonmagical beings grows with it and the need for the crystals. There are now several mage guilds capable of creating crystals, although they still come at a high price.


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