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Aliria is an Epic Fantasy themed world built with D&D 5th Edition in mind. Designed to be a realm for many many adventures   (Map WIP)(Actual descriptions of lands etc to come)   Aliria is comprised of many ancient peoples and civilizations. Elves most ancient of all. The players and their town "Steve" are transported from Faerun to Aliria by an unknown magical force leaving the stranded and confused in a new world. They must gather what resources they have and explore the unfamiliar regions to find out who or what brought them to Aliria.   Word travels fast, and a new city magically erupting from the sky is big news. The lawmakers and high lords from around the world must meet and discuss how to handle this new city and it's foreigners.   Currently the world is at peace, an uneasy peace but peace nonetheless. Although, malevolent beings have been plotting to demolish that peace waiting for the right moment to make their move. Even now these dark forces gather to take advantage of the civilian unrest that came when Steve arrived in Aliria.