Royal Duchy of Kirinal

Proper Name: The Royal Duchy of Kirinal
Ruler: Lord Tou Dondarrian, First Warden of Kirinal, Knight of the Order of Tridensers (Lawful good, male human)
Government: Protectorate
Seat of Government: Garrison City
Cities: None
Resources: Inter-dimensional Trade
Law: LG

  The home of The Kirinal Pit, the Duchy is a dimensional crossroads, the source of exotic planar trade and diplomacy for the world.   The Disintegration of Kirinal 200 years ago devastated the Duchy, destroying most of the farmlands and forests. Since that time, reclamation efforts have returned fertility to some areas, especially along the Kirinal and Gold Arrow Rivers. However vast swaths of land are still unuseable filled with blasted forests and infested with extraplanar monstrosities.   The business of the Duchy has turned entirely to supporting activites in The Kirinal Pit. This includes growing food for the growing populations of the Pit Fortresses and the Embassy Cities and guaranteeing the safety of the roads and rails transporting trade goods to the rest of the world.   It is divided into 3 administrative districts, The Kirinal Pit, Eastern Kirinal and Western Kirinal.  

The Kirinal Pit

The Concordance for Survival runs the Pit independently of the Duchy.


Eastern Kirinal

East of the Kirinal River and Pit, the Kirinal Hills brunted most of the Disintegration, leaving the easternmost areas relatively untouched and fertile.  

Western Kirinal

West of the Kirinal River and Pit, the recovery is slower. Only the northernmost areas and the lands along the Golden Arro River are fertile again.

The shield of the world

Sovranty of Lozar

Map of the Sovranty of Lozar.

Geopolitical, Protectorate
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