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The Anamite people come from both a geographic location and a place of spirit. The word refers to people who originate in the Duchy of Amaston on the eastern coast of the Lozarian peninsula. It also refers to the followers of the god Anam, who was forged in that same location. I myself was reborn there and I worship Anam. I consider myself a true Anamite in both senses of the word.

Anamite cuisine is one of my favorites and their people, like my partner here, aint't bad either! The warm Vitran Sea is full of delicious fish and scallops. The rolling hills grow olives, wheat, and sheep. Their cheeses, pasta, and olive oil are unmatched in all... Instuctor! Have I read enough of this brochure from your homies?!

The Anamite people have lived in the Holy Duchy of Amaston for millenia. The oldest tribes are olive skinned people with dark curly hair and laughing eyes of brown and green. The people who live there are humans, gnomes, halflings, and hill dwarves. The soulforged reborn in the City of Amaston are an ever increasing population among them.

They grow grapes and olives and tomatoes. They herd sheep, goats, and cattle. They fish in the Vitran Sea and a have a cuisine of pasta noodles, cheese, and cured meats. They build their ships from cedar and pine. Their homes are built from marble, stone and oak.

They share a lot in common with their Karifaran cousins across the Vitran Sea from them. Their one difference is their preference for and deovtion to the Church of Anam. Like most other residents of Krosia they honor all the gods, but their insistence that Anam is the True Lord was seen as a strange sacrament.

Pax Lozaria

They lived for a millenium following their particular religion quietly isolated from the other people of Krosia. But their power grew with the rise of Lozar in the middle of the second millenium. They allied with other worshippers of Anam who founded the new Kingdom. The lands of Kirinal, Amaston, and Taristrae formed the nucleus of the burgeoning Lozarian Empire.

With the rise of the Order of Tridensers the Lozarian Empire declared a Pax Lozaria. They ushered in a millenium of peace under the immortal King T'Kor and his Eternal Tridensers.

The Anamite people flourished during this time. Their influence spread all over the world and into the multiverse itself. They have maintained a reputation for holiness, good food, and a devotion to justice throughout their history.

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