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Pencil-Pushing Pups

Pencil-Pushing Pups are office drones that work for major corporations in Manhottan. They are an offshoot of Hell Hounds created for menial desk jobs that full-fledged Devils believed was below them.  

Creation of the Pups

The Pups were, as stated above, originally derived from the Hell Hounds that litter Hell as ravenous beasts. Devils had often tamed them for guarding or battle purposes, or even some just to have a domesticated pet.   Yet Ambition had other plans. His company, the FPM Group, had very few devils willing to put in the hours he needed. Making enchanted parchments with various types of deadly or inconvenient curses was a dangerous job, but Ambition needed them made at a rate that no mortal could feasibly pull off while also having the legally mandated half hour break that Devils working over 12 hours were required to have. Not to mention the work was dangerous, as cursing things created residual energy that could backfire on the ones making the parchment.   But Ambition had a genius idea. The laws only applied to Devils, after all, and animals didn't have the fundamental understanding of curses or the free will to say no to a job like this. So he called a famous Devil animal handler, Vazemin, and they got to work on a group of Hell Hounds that Ambition had captured.   The process involved not only some treats, but also endless hours of corporate slideshows, orientation videos, and corporate lingo training. After a few weeks of this, the Pencil-Pushing Pups were barking business buzzwords more than they were actually barking.   Ambition realized that he couldn't just let these go as Hell Hounds. They no longer suited the image that everyone associated Hell Hounds with, they were not intimidating hounds nor would they ever really set foot out in Hell again. Instead, they'd be desk jockeys, office monkeys, cube dwellers, pencil pushers. So they would be named as such, and the pup part would come from their lack of threat as simply small puppies.  


The Pencil-Pushing Pups were incredibly effective. Productivity at the FPM Group went through the roof, and they began pumping out enchanted papers. In a week, they went from a simple start-up group to one of the top companies on the Firetune 500 list.
Profit by Jarhed

Manhottan Money Making

Money is everything in Manhottan, though the currency isn't anything like gold or paper money. Instead, the currency of Hell is souls.   Devilish Stock Traders invest in these souls, while the people in Hell work for it. The souls of the damned are often sucked into mind-numbing office jobs to fuel the wheels of the capitalist society that the most powerful Devils, like Profit, run.   Yet it is not just the souls of the damned that are stuck in this endless cycle of work and little gain. There are also the creatures of Hell that have become subservient to the system, most notable among them are Mail Imps and Pencil-Pushing Pups.

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Ambition by Jarhed
The Pups didn't complain about their long hours and high death rates. They were put in cubicles where they didn't have to see their fellow Pups, so the ones that survived didn't even know some were dying. The cubicles had little doggy bowls that would be filled up by the Mail Imps when needed and a small litterbox was placed on their seats so they would never need to get up from their work.   Other companies started to take notice of this as well. One of the first was the corporate offices of McDales, who found that the Pups would be useful to put less stress on the many eldritch clones of Dale that populated their stores. Mephisoft fired all of its workers to hire Pencil-Pushing Pups instead.  

Supply and Demand

Of course, Pencil-Pushing Pups have to come from somewhere, and with the influx of people wanting them, there were hardly enough to go around. Vazemin had given up on the Pencil-Pushing Pups, hiding back in his reclusive home in Hel. But Ambition realized there was money in this, so he created a (totally unrelated to his former company in any way) company called Skeleton Services.   With Skeleton puppets, Ambition had marionettes that could repeat a training course over and over again without rest and could keep pumping out Pencil-Pushing Pups. With so much money, Ambition had Skeleton Services and the FPM Group in the Firetune 500.  


Some people use Pencil-Pushing Pups for other purposes that are not office jobs. Some of them are used for manual labor, which they are picked for over normal Hell Hounds because of their better ability to follow orders. They are not necessarily as good at the job, but they follow orders better.   Some Devils buy (or even capture) Pencil-Pushing Pups for dogfighting rings. They are not incredibly strong, but many Devils say that adds to the charm as these Dogs trained for cubicles and office work are forced to fight.
Pencil Pushing Pup by genuinetrickster
Ambition has been asked about these uses for his creation. He has said in response to the dogfighting that:
"You should try and use the Pups humanely."
— Ambition
It is unclear exactly what Ambition's exact definition of humane is, though. His company not only mistreats the creatures when they make them, but he is known for not giving them breaks or really allowing them to leave their cubicles at all.   His quote in response to the treatment of the Pencil-Pushing Pups within his own company is contradictory to his statements to the dogfighting, to which his statement on it was called into question. He was asked why he doesn't give his workers the rights he is known to speak about, to which he said:
"Why should I care about my workers' rights? My workers aren't people, so they don't need rights."
— Ambition

Animal Unions

The Pups rights were not protected at all, so some Devils gathered together to find a way to fix this. Originally they just attempted be animal rights activists, but they found that this was just not effective in the climate of Hell. Devils cared very little for protesting, as it was quite easy to block it out.   So instead, the activists joined together to create the PPUFPOP, or the Pencil-Pushing Union for the Protection of Pups. They found that if they could get the papers on the desks of the Pups, they would sign it without hesitation or questioning, as the Pups were trained. to sign. Then, the Pups would become part of the Unions and would legally have rights.   Ambition criticized this plan. Not only did they break one of the cardinal rules of Hell by making an uncatchy name, but they also disregarded the fact that Ambition cared little for their lives. So what he did was simple. The Pups that signed the union contracts happened to get in terrible workplace "accidents." Then, they were quickly replaced, and their cubicles were locked, meaning that the workers were even more closed off from the world so the union could not get in.

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