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Ba'al Street's Best Stock Trader

Cousin Garry (a.k.a. Profit)

Physical Description

Special abilities

Profit has many abilities that set him apart from others in the world. Chief among them is his magical affinity: Fire Magic. A powerful fire mage who studied in one of the strongest known Magic College classes, he stood alongside figures like Crate Creak and Daldedd Darkwood.   Yet it is not his fire magic that makes Profit strong. It is his Area Devil abilities. As one of the few known wielders of multiple Area Devil abilities, Profit has earned his place at the top of Hell's Ba'al Street. These Area Devil abilities are:
  • Art of the Deal- The user can make deals with people, granting them whatever they want. However, after this has been achieved, the one the deal was made with dies of old age, and the remaining years they would have lived out are added onto the user's lifespan. This was the original ability gained by Profit when he first claimed an area.
  • Gulliver's Travels- This ability allows its user to grow, shrink, fly, and turn into a horse. It is unknown who the original user of this ability was, but it is believed to have been someone who travelled the world and lived for some time among Giants (being able to grow), Gnomes, Dwarves, Goblins, or Halflings (shrink), Aarakocra (fly), and Centaurs (turn into a horse). When Profit gained this ability is a mystery as well.
  • War and Peace- This ability allows the user to manifest cannonballs and fire them at any target. Their trajectory can be changed mid-air, making them incredibly dangerous for anyone that this ability is used against. This is believed to be the ability of an Orc chief that once attempted to storm Ba'al Street, but was promptly killed and cleaned-up by Profit and his Seven Deadly Spawn.
  • Canterbury Tales- The user of this ability can manipulate causality, changing the result of an action. For the most part, it's only possible to alter the causality of something caused by the user themselves. However, some rare cases the ability has been used to alter other people's causality. The original user of this ability is unknown at the moment.
  • Sophie's Choice- As long as there are ten people in a given crowd, the user of this ability can pick them out of the crowd and erase them from existence. Their very being, down to the molecule, vanishes, and no trace of them remains. However, this ability can only be used once every 100 years, and only when 100 years exactly have passed since the last use can it be used again.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cousin Garry, was born as the heir of the Cousin family. However, he ended up taking the position sooner than expected after he killed his father Cousin Larry. Larry beat his wife often, and ended up feeding her brimstone that gave her an Area Devil ability designed to kill its user. Garry left at age 10, going out and claiming an area in another layer of Hell. He then came back a month later and used the ability against his father. His father tried to defend himself, but he was no match for the ten year old Garry, who renamed himself Profit.


Profit is pansexual. He has no particular attraction to anyone or anything specific, and has been known to be attracted to people of many genders. He once had a wife, yet she is believed to have died.


Cousin Garry was born as a stock trader. The first thing his father taught him was how Ba'al Street worked, and he has never had any other job. He has worked as something akin to a mercenary for particularly high paying clients, though he is hardly faithful to the client after receiving payment. He believes himself to be the best, so he doesn't worry about what others may do to him.

Intellectual Characteristics

Profit is one of the most intelligent people to ever live, and has been known to think up ridiculously complex schemes to achieve something simple. He seems to view those beneath him with disinterest, though this seems to be a farce. In reality, he is interested in the different quirks of people, and uses the flaws of people to make his schemes more fun. He is known to appreciate people's flaws, and utilize them for his own gains, such as with using the sins of his children to form the Seven Deadly Spawn.

Morality & Philosophy

Profit was born into the prosperous Cousin Family of Devils, who cherish money above all else, as Cousin Garry. His mother was terminally ill, and Garry wanted to use a small portion of his father's wealth to help her. But Garry's father, Cousin Larry, refused. He said that a Cousin can't worry about family, that they should focus only on money. So Garry left, going to gain the souls necessary to pay for his mother's treatment. But his mother was already dead.   After killing his father, Garry tossed away Larry's powerful Area Devil ability. While Larry had been one to utilize everything he could and never waste it, he ignored his family. Garry decided against that. He would live differently.
"I've decided, father. My name is no longer Cousin Garry. You've shown me the truth, that the Cousin name does not mean family, it means money. So, surely, the opposite must be true as well. Money must mean family, so in honor of the family I'll be taking, I'll take the name... Profit."
From then on, Garry was known as Profit. He ran the Cousin family in a different way, gaining many children that he would take under his wing and raise. Every resource he had wasn't enough, always desiring more and more power and wealth for his family. From the outside, many people believed him to be the same as Larry, a greedy man who committed evil deeds for money and power. But Profit was truly nothing but a family man, who would do anything for his family. When Profit needed to spend money, he often required what he got in return to be of the greatest quality. He would often lash out on those that made him waste his money, like restaurants with food quality below his demand.

Wealth & Financial state

Profit's wealth is unfathomable. As the head of the Cousin family, he was born into wealth, but it only grew as he made deal after deal to expand his fortune and empire. A phrase said often about Profit is,
"His pockets are endless, and if an end was ever found, it would just be a zipper leading to another, bigger pocket."
He has not only gained nearly unlimited amounts of every currency of Totania, but also the currencies of every other realm. He steals souls by making deals, though his major deals gain him more years for his life. He makes these deals with influential people, as he believes that by taking the years of influential people, he will continue to be influential and important in those remaining years.     He once lost all of his assets to the stock trader Expressive Avarice through a wish made by Avarice. Profit shrugged it off and gained even more money than he had before in less than a month. It is unknown how he continues to stay at the top of the stocks despite the many setbacks he endures, though some of it may be thanks to his Seven Deadly Spawn, mostly Tranquility and Excess.
Divine Classification
Area Devil
Neutral Evil
Date of Birth
15th of April, 123
Year of Birth
123 ME 437 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born into the wealthy and prosperous Cousin family, Garry was coddled and set up to become the heir of the family.
Fortress Nessus, Hell
Current Residence
Fortress Nessus, Hell
Dark red and green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark red
Quotes & Catchphrases
“So, you couldn’t kill me? What was it? Finding out we were family? Finding out I wasn’t the evil boogieman you had painted me to be? Or was it that you couldn’t kill me because you were too weak?”   “I’ve decided, father. My name is no longer Cousin Garry. You’ve shown me the truth, that the Cousin name does not mean family, it means money. So, surely, the opposite must be true as well. Money must mean family, so in honor of the family I’ll be taking from you, I’ll take the name Profit.”
Related Myths
Known Languages
Profit only knows common and infernal, though he uses magic when speaking to someone with another language so he can understand them.

Character Portrait image: Profit by Jarhed


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