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Hell's Most Evil Businessman

Ambition is a Devil who runs two of the top businesses in Hell, the FPM Group and Skeleton Services, also known being the mastermind behind Pencil-Pushing Pups. He is considered one of the best businessmen in Hell and runs by the slogan:
"Evil is the New Good."
— Ambition


Ambition was born in the Lava Marsh to his mother, Hatred, and his father, Love. He was often beaten by his mother, though his father would treat him with care and nurse his wounds after. When he would often say his parents were Love and Hatred, many would assume they were opposite to what they were. Ambition was once quoted as saying:
"You know, abuse ain't considered abuse by the people if it gets done by a woman. Ain't nothing more shit than when equality ain't extendin' to actual make everyone equal."
— Ambition

The Lava Marsh

Ambition, then, spent most of his time away from home, roaming the Lava Marshes. Contrary to what the name may say, the Lava Marshes are not mostly filled with Lava. There are some places there that have lava, but mostly it is just a swamp. Instead of lava, the bayou that Ambition lived around was just murky, dirty water that swarmed with screaming ghosts.   It is said that if one looks into the water of the Lava Marshes for too long, listening to the screams and pleas, they will drown themselves beneath the waves. Ambition never exactly had that happen to him.  


Ambition always felt a bit of a disconnect around him. The world seemed to pass him by, and he didn't feel much about it. He didn't feel the hatred of his mother or the love of his father. All he felt was apathy, and that apathy grew to a near sociopathy as he kept staring into the swampy water of his home.   One day, his mother attacked him, trying to drown him beneath the waves. Ambition did not hesitate to set her ablaze in that moment. He burned her, and when the flames weren't enough, he claimed an area and made the flames so hot that she melted in an instant. As she screamed, he felt nothing. As his father cried at the remains, Ambition felt nothing. It was in that disconnect that he found evil. Evil came so naturally to him. If he had no good to connect to, then why should he bother trying to do anything but evil?  

The Temple of Greed

Floating above the Lava Marsh is the home of the Infernal President of the Lava Marsh. The Lava Marsh is meant, after all, to be the home of greedy souls, and its president is President of Greed. Ambition wanted to see this temple. The sacred place of greed. He wanted to bask in the halls of gold. But when he snuck in, he found it wasn't enough. He wanted one for himself. A palace of greed so that he may revel in at least that. After all, he had nothing else at that point.


Ambition is the owner of multiple top companies on the Firetune 500 list, making him one of the top businessmen in Hell.  

The FPM Group

His first company is known as the FPM Group, or the Fiendish Parchment Makers Group. They make enchanted scrolls with deadly or inconvenient curses on them, mass producing them with various desk workers.  

Skeleton Services

Skeleton Services is a company that trains office workers with skeleton marionettes that repeat training courses over and over again to mass produce desk workers. This way, they wouldn't need to be paid.
Black with blue highlights, slicked back
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Blue-black, rough to the touch

The Fiend

Ambition moved to Manhottan, cutting ties with his father. He started working as a desk jockey in a business whose name has been erased from all memory by the Devilish Stock Trader named Sorrow. The business matters little, because the only thing known of it is that Ambition saw how they would often run out of resources. The most notable resource they would lose most of the time was paper.   At first, he thought of making a company that simply made and distributed paper. That would be fairly easy, after all. He could even make a soulless sitcom out of it, he thought. It would be perfect.
Pencil Pushing Pup by genuinetrickster
  But then, he considered his true goal. He was not just a businessman, he was an evil businessman! So he began studying up on curses and, eventually, found a way to mass produce curse scrolls. Thus began the FPM Group, also known as the Fiendish Parchment Makers Group.  


Fiendish Paper Makers was succeeding in many ways, with business booming, however they began to have a problem. Their workers were overworked, and Ambition didn't want to have to give them the rights of a normal worker, like breaks or vacations. Still, he had no idea, so he took a vacation to Hel, a layer of Hell known for fire and brimstone and being a terrifiying countryside destination.   He found Hell Hounds roaming around Hel. As a matter of fact, he found that it was likely Hel Hounds, since they came from the layer of Hel, though they were from Hell, so both worked.   Still, he saw them as feral creatures, but knew as well that there was more to them. They were worth nothing, so they could do so much more for so much less. Worthless creatures who could bring worth, instead, to Ambition. So he contacted a Beastmaster who lived in Hel named Vazemin, and the two began working together to make Pencil-Pushing Pups   They began training these Hel Hounds to be desk workers, slowly phasing out actual Devil workers. The demand for them became so high that Vazemin quit and Ambition needed to make his own company for training the Pencil Pushing Pups. To do so, he would need to scoot around labor laws once again.  

Skeletons Aren't People

Ambition was an Enchanter by trade, in the business of making curses. But he needed a Necromancer, and found some willing to work for cheap. He used them to teach him how to make skeletons and then enchanted scrolls and machines to do it for him.
Schmeelon Cunkuck by andreaspsillos4
  These skeletons would be made to follow a routine set of actions and say lines to train new Pencil Pushing Pups. With this business, named Skeleton Services, up and running, Ambition now had two top businesses in Manhottan, and had cemented himself as one of the best businessmen who wasn't worried about what it took to get to the top. As a matter of fact, he preached that everyone should be evil, and preyed upon those who were not.  


Ambition became one of the first investors in the Dwarf Schmeelon Cunkuck's business known as Vreslo, where he made Hot Airships. With this, Ambition and Schmeelon would often drink together, going aboard Schmeelon's flagship Airship the Yùzhào.  


This continued for some time, with Ambition preying upon innocent and good people while growing his business until the year 547 when Ambition read the newspaper and found the story of a Half-Orc named Shatt Gunn, who was hailed as a hero of pure goodness. He was a stand-out figure in the Chief Crisis, having stopped another Half-Orc named Zasagur.   Ambition was stuck on these things describing Shatt Gunn as pure good. Ambition was disgusted by this, and wanted to show the world that good would not last. That he could remove that good. So he found a stock trader named Aile, a Devil, and hired her to exploit Shatt Gunn's love. Destroy it so that the goodness goes away when he realizes that he can't keep his love and his goodness. He has to choose one.   Aile had the same apathy as Ambition, but ultimately Shatt Gunn was able to break through that and bring her to find love in Shatt's friend, the Devil named Mastema. Shatt, then, boarded the Yùzhào, where he confronted Ambition.   Ambition asked him to renounce his goodness, but Shatt refused, to which Ambition replied:
“Oh, that’s too bad. You see, you’ll be worse off like that. Say you make it out of here alive, say you defeat me, you’ll leave this place a worse person because you’re good. No matter what you do, no matter how good you are… you will always come into conflict with evil in the world. Willing or otherwise, knowing or otherwise, caring or otherwise. People like me feed off of the collective good you represent, and giving into that, abandoning that… then you and everyone you love will be off the radar of people like me. I don’t interfere with the affairs of competitors, messy business that is. No, I… I only exploit the weak and the good. Because in all honesty, the people not caring for the greater good are the ones that care more often for the personal good: wealth, love, family, friends. Because they’ve got nothing else they need to worry about. Morality, competition, helping others… are shackles. So, Shatt Gunn, why not free yourself from those shackles? Why not give in to evil, and get rid of good… for good?”
— Ambition
Shatt Gunn refused to compromise on being good, defeating Ambition. Ambition's business partner, Schmeelon Cunkuck, had at that point finished his plans and blew up the Yuzhao. Ambition, defeated, was unable to move, and was caught in the crash. At least, he would have been if not for Shatt Gunn stepping in and saving him.
Shatt Gunn by genuinetrickster

After the Crash

Ambition was arrested with Shatt and his accomplices afterwards, with Schmeelon betraying and selling out Ambition. Schmeelon said Ambition helped cause the tragedy that resulted from the crash, therefore telling Ambition they were no longer friends.   Ambition then was freed by Ogonn Ha and his friends, and being told to leave Gansernfeld. He ran through the streets to escape with Shatt.   Ambition took to Shatt's kindness, initially intending to simply feed off of it and utilize it for his own gains. He used Shatt's innocence to lead him to Schmeelon, but when Ambition and Shatt were both defeated by Schmeelon and General Grammir, Shatt saved Ambition. His kindness, Ambition slowly started to realize, was not a weakness. It could be another strength to prop up Ambition.  

Beneath the Bed

Ambition then spent much of his time living beneath Shatt's bed. Here, he came up with a new plan for his evil lair where he could be as greedy as he wanted: A tax haven in Udai, where he would not have to pay taxes. He would preach to Shatt about this idea, hoping that one day Shatt would agree to it.   He grew close with not just Shatt, but also his best friend Gak Funki. He antagonized some people who lived in the Eltan Mansion, but mostly he got along well. His evil fangs began to dull.  


That was when he traveled with Shatt to stop the Dwarven Civil War towards the end of 548. Ambition had ulterior motives, of course. Shatt was going after Grammir, so Ambition would go after Grammir's accomplice, the back-stabbing Schmeelon Cunkuck.   The trip took two years but, eventually, Ambition clashed with Schmeelon. He was not strong enough to fight Schmeelon, as Schmeelon had studied at the Magic College. Still, Ambition was able to outsmart him, as Schmeelon had always wanted to go to the Realm of the Moon. Ambition had stolen the Box of Dimensional Escape, and gave it to Schmeelon on one condition: Ambition could go with him.   Ambition went to the Moon with Schmeelon, but as Schmeelon realized he was dying from lack of oxygen, Ambition had already turned the tables, betraying the man who once betrayed him. Ambition took the box back, stranding Schmeelon to die on the Moon. Ambition, however, was also dying of oxygen deprivation, and expected that to be the end.   That was when he truly understood what trust was, as Shatt Gunn came in, with his new girlfriend Shordi Sux, at the last moment, bringing air to Ambition and proving once and for all that Ambition did have friends. That maybe there were merits to goodness after all. At least, as long as Shatt Gunn was the good one. Ambition knew, deep down, that he could never be that good. He was evil, no matter what.  



Ambition never speaks much about his sexuality, though he has said expressed jealousy in the past over those close to him getting relationships. This is because Ambition is bisexual, and while he may not wish to express it, he feels jealous of them.   In all honesty, it is unclear who he is jealous of specifically in the relationship of his closest friend, Shatt Gunn. It may be Shatt himself, or it may be Shatt's partner Shordi. For all that is known of it, Ambition may be jealous of the both of them, wishing it could have been him. This is highly likely.  


Ambition is an avid worshipper of Satanael, having traveled up to The Crimson Court many a time. He seeks out his business prospects as according to Satanael's holy texts, and follows the business principles laid out by the Domain of Business itself.  

Physical Condition

Ambition is fairly average in build and condition, though he struggles with hemophilia. He tries to keep it a secret, as he says:
"There ain't nobody who should know my weaknesses. Not even me, if I can help it. What if someone's readin' my mind, huh? Then they know I got problems, and then we got problems!"
— Ambition


Ambition is so absurdly wealthy in Souls that it is difficult to quantify. In the magazines, they say he is one of the top 20 richest men in Hell, though he likes to say he is number 10.  

Social Life

Ambition for the most part is isolated from others. He finds personal connections to be a bit of a waste of time. Still, those he is connected with, he is fiercely loyal to. When Schmeelon Cunkuck betrayed him, Ambition felt like his heart was ripped into pieces. And he sticks close to Shatt Gunn, Gak Funki, and others in that group because he does value them as friends.  


Ambition likes to say that his best skill is "Evil Spreading" but in truth it's probably his knowledge of money that gets him farthest. His time around the Soul Tornado in the Lava Marsh made him much more familiar with souls, meaning he knows how to deal with them in every sense.   He is also good with dogs, though he hates them and often beats them, he can take good care of a dog if he ever actually wanted to.  


Ambition has Fire Magic, though it is not the most potent thing ever, he can start fires. Anything that comes after that, normally, is up to his Area Devil Ability.  

Area Devil Ability

Ambition has the Area Devil Ability known as "Firestarter." What this allows him is full control of all heat around him, be it actual flames, the heat in the air, or body heat. He can turn that into real or bigger flames, or even make it explode.

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