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Box of Dimensional Escape

The Box of Dimensional Escape is a magical item with a rather self-explanatory name. Its major purpose is that it can transport the one holding it (and others, if that person wills it) to transport from one plane of reality to another.  


The Box of Dimensional Escape, also called BoDE, was made by the Draconian Chief of Yirthum in 157, Priccek Rhobroth. Priccek was asked by an adventurer to create an enchanted item that would allow him to travel up to Heaven. The adventurer, a Dwarf named Tyril, even constructed the item for him with funding from a Human merchant named Vovimbee.
Profit by Jarhed
  Tyril wanted to personally meet Hadur and discuss things with him. Priccek made the box, but when he, Vovimbee, and Tyril tried to use it, it is believed they instead travelled to Hell. Some believe the Devil Profit had gotten to them, while others say it was just any random Hellish occurance.   Tyril later was found in a cave under the Celestial Palace known as Dòngxué Hēi'àn. He did not have the Box and had gone insane. Since then, the Box has been sought out as something that could be in any dimension and could be used by anyone.   Vovimbee resurfaced on Totania only in 547, and has been spotted with Devilish horns, indicating that she has worked with Devils in the time since disappearing with the Box. Some believe she even is the one who currently carries the Box.    


The Box of Dimensional Escape is constructed with three layers, all movable. One travels by moving the layers simultaneously in different directions and channeling magic in the dimensional direction one intends to travel. Then, the box will transport you to that place.

Current Location

The current location of the Box is unknown, though the current theories that are prevalent in the artifact hunting community indicates that it is located either in Hell, the Fire Plane, the Moon, or some place in Totania. In Totania, it is either believed to have not been discovered or to have been picked up by an artifact hunter like Stingal Rozen or Dia Ree.
World Court Classification

Other Dimensions

Here is a list of all currently reachable known dimensions that can be travelled to:
  • Totania
  • Heaven
  • Hell
  • The Void
  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • The Fire Plane
  • The Water Plane
  • The Earth Plane
  • The Air Plane
  • The Ice Plane
  • The Lightning Plane
  • The Light Plane
  • The Dark Plane
  • Various Pocket Dimensions

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