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Eltan Mansion

The Eltan Mansion is the home of the noble Draconian Jargar Eltan, first noble of his family. When he first began attending the Magic College, he offered for his friends to stay there with him. Since then, it has become a hub for all sorts of students at the Magic College.  


The Eltan Mansion was built in 543 when Jargar Eltan purchased the land. Before it was built, the land was occupied by another mansion, with the noble Hebroth family owning it. Despite being from a noble family,
Pretender and Jargar Eltan by Jarhed
Neridas was found to have incredibly weak magic, and was killed by a coalition of nobles who wanted this stain out. They thus destroyed his mansion, leaving an empty plot of land.   A newly rich Jargar Eltan, mourning the loss of his father, had been eyeing a position as a member of the nobility. He wished to live a life of luxury where he could use that power and money to help people in need. He had strength and magical prowess to back it up, but he had been lacking money up until now.  

Cleaning Service

Yet in his final years, Jargar's father Jaresad gave him an idea. Jaresad Eltan had laughed at the idea of hiring a weak mage like Kualmandac Hiziros as a butler, whom Jargar had met and hired to keep from being lynched for his weak magic. But Jargar realized something. He asked Kualmandac for help on it, saying he was allowed to say no. But Kualmandac agreed, and they got to work to gain money.   Jargar and Kualmandac used their magic to go around and rent out their services to clean homes and organize people's lives. Business planners as well as maids of some sort. They found that Draconian nobles were willing to listen to someone with magic, and had little concept of money, so they gave Jargar plenty. With this, he was able to buy a plot of land in Upper Zephys, once owned by Neridas Hebroth.   Jargar apologized to the spirit of Neridas, saying he did not mean to trample over Neridas's memory. But instead, he wished to utilize it to bring a better future for people like Neridas and Kualmandac. And Jargar handed in the groundplans for the Eltan Mansion.  


Two years later, in 545, Jargar Eltan became a student at the Magic College in the Class of 549. He wished to make friends, not only comrades who he could gain connections with that would help him achieve his goal, but kind souls whom he could share his hospitality and love.   The first group of this was the group that eventually became known as the Fellas. A group that grew a camaraderie so deep that they quickly became best friends. This group of Fellas consisted of the Human Vodron Susk, the Changeling Cozall Redfury, and the Korvian Pretender, alongside of course Jargar Eltan himself. Below is a drawing from Vodron of them.
The Fellas by andreaspsillos4


The Eltan Mansion houses residents from two classes of the Magic College, as well as some additional family and guests.  

Class of 549

These are the members of the Class of 549 that lived in the Eltan mansion during the founding of the Eltan family.
  • Jargar Eltan
  • Vodron Susk
  • Cozall Redfury
  • Pretender
  • Nalrik Tilrak
  • Sinner
  • Oraakil Mardaar
  • Higar Vixik
  • Imvis
  • Hadon
  • Caddos Damolnath
  • Silentium
  • Tothra Staz
  • Mastema
  • Zaud Foot Marauder

Class of 550

These are the members of the Class of 550 that resided in the Eltan Mansion at that time.
  • Shatt Gunn
  • Ogonn Ha
  • Kathleen Ramone
  • Murphy Law
  • Lorakaen Darelor
  • Finethir Shinebright
  • Ha Kyung
  • Gak
  • Brankyl
  • Yethtith Nysythea
  • Dresser
  • Prayer
  • Sengred Dilosz
  • Solution


These are the non-student residents of that Eltan Mansion, including the butler and Oraakils wife and son.
  • Kualmandac Hiziros
  • Talthil Mardaar
  • Hardel Mardaar

Former Residents

Former lovers of residents of the Eltan Mansion who either left or died.
  • Kita Mournsworth Susk
  • Kaiyana Gilrel
  • Veravi Gridz
  • Kindle
During their first year at the Magic College, the Mansion was populated mostly by these four, as well as Kualmandac who served as the butler and two fellow classmates, the Devil Mastema and the Orc Zaud Foot Marauder. But they mostly did not join in the chatter at the Mansion, this being mostly between the Fellas.   One highlight of that year for the residents were the cookoffs that Cozall and Kualmandac had to see who made the best food for the other residents. It meant good food and tons of fun for all involved, and many laughs were had.   Over the course of the year, more people arrived to live in the Eltan Mansion. The first of these was Vodron's girlfriend, an Elven noblewoman from the Class of 548, Kaiyana Gilrel. She stayed in Vodron's room, which Jargar appreciated as more and more rooms started filling and his dinner table became ever the more full.  
Vodron Susk by Jarhed
The next batch of residents included Hadon, Imvis, Nalrik Tilrak, Sinner, Tothra Staz, and Silentium.
A large portion of the Class of 549 was staying there now, only excluding Ummum of the Abandoned Monsters, Caddos Damolnath, Higar Vixik, and Veladiel. These four had, up to this point, declined to live there.  

Chief Crisis

Jargar Eltan was paired off with Vodron Susk for his internship during second year. The two were brought to the Draconian village of Yirthum, where Jargar began to learn Enchantment. The other residents, too, left the Mansion, leaving only Kualmandac Hiziros to keep down the fort.   Kualmandac was discriminated against by the neighbors, all powerful nobles. He was, however, defended by some students of the Class of 550. Lorakaen Darelor, Finethir Shinebright, Shatt Gunn, Ogonn, and Kathleen Ramone. Five of the six students that make up a group known as the Weave Initiative. They protected Kualmandac and were invited in for some food, where they became friends with the butler.   Meanwhile, outside of Zephys, the Chief Crisis had been declared, and most residents of the Mansion were involved on opposing sides. Jargar wanted peace, yet even Vodron was fighting with vitriolic hate on the side of Yirthum. He was growing distant, and worried that Zephys, his Mansion, and Kualmandac would not be there when he returned. Zephys itself had been trapped within a giant birdcage thanks to Rharked the Rogue's Structure Magic, and was being attacked by the forces of Tamd.   Yet the students of the Magic College still studied, and Oraakil Mardaar, new member of the Class of 549, was allowed to stay in the mansion with his wife Talthil and their egg. However, there came a day when Kualmandac, Talthil, and the egg were missing, and Oraakil instead came home to find The Professor, a Tamd Drug Lord, there instead of Kualmandac and Talthil.   The Professor said he was keeping them safe, and told Oraakil to take care of the Mansion in the meantime. After that, the Mansion was only used by Oraakil for a time during the Chief Crisis.  
Ogonn by RovaRed

Battle of the Birdcage

Oraakil Mardaar as well as the Weave Initiative members fought against the forces of Tamd in the Battle of Birdcage at the end of the Chief Crisis.   Ogonn, Lorakaen, Shatt, Shinebright, and Gak were there to witness the levelling of Upper Zephys, as Rharked the Rogue destroyed every building there in a single attack. Each split up to take on members of Tamd's army.   It was Ogonn who fought Rharked in the remains of the Eltan Mansion. He killed the Goblin, with the help of the Yuan-Ti Ha Kyung, and Structure Magic was picked up by their classmate Murphy Law. Lorakaen and Shinebright came back, picking them up after dealing with Pretender, who had feigned his allegiance to Tamd.   Oraakil found that the Professor, who was truly his brother in law Higar Vixik, was actually keeping Kualmandac, Talthil, and the egg safe. They watched the egg hatch into Oraakil and Talthil's son Hardel, and agreed they would all live together in the Mansion.  


After the war was over, the Class of 549 was brought back together by Nalrik Tilrak. The first one he had convinced to rejoin him was Jargar, and the rest followed soon after. Jargar found his fears to be true, that the Mansion was destroyed.   But Kualmandac was alive. Most of his friends were alive, aside from Ummum, who had betrayed him and been killed by Vodron. Jargar found that not only did he still own that land, but there was new land up for sale. Some nobles had died or sold land after the war, and Jargar purchased more land, gaining more space to build an even larger Eltan Mansion.
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed
  Jargar rebuilt the Mansion with the help of Higar Vixik and Pretender, with Pretender using Murphy Law's Structure Magic by using his ability to turn into Murphy. Jargar had an increased budget now, as Chief of Yirthum, so this was simple. Then, it was done.   Jargar did not just invite back all former residents. He also had new ones. Caddos Damolnath had asked Silentium if he could stay there, and Jargar approved this. Higar, Oraakil, Talthil, and Hardel all got to remain in the Mansion, even after the Chief Crisis. Kaiyana, Vodron's former girlfriend, had disappeared during the Chief Crisis, but his new girlfriend Veravi Gridz was staying alongside Sinner's girlfriend Kindle, Ogonn's sister.   But the largest group to join was the Class of 550. Nearly all of them were allowed to stay. The Weave Initiative, consisting of Ogonn, Kathleen Ramone, Murphy Law, Shatt Gunn, Lorakaen Darelor, and Finethir Shinebright were the first invited. Alongside them were other classmates: Ogonn's boyfriend and Shield Mage Ha Kyung, Nalrik's girlfriend the Beast Mage Yilkin Nagil, Sinner's former girlfriend Dresser, Murphy's future boyfriend Brankyl, the Head Priest of Mimir known as Prayer, the Devilish Detective Solution, and three Deep Gnomes stacked atop each other going under the name Sengred Dilosz.   The only students of 550 that did not choose to live there were Mebror Dosse and Kaltoth Vracrath, one did not wish to fraternize and the other had been offered to stay at a different, rebuilt, mansion in Upper Zephys. Jargar understood, and did not wish to force them to stay at the Eltan Mansion. He was happy with what he could get.   With most of the residents together, and the Mansion built to a new, greater size, Jargar gave a toast that has since been immortalized on a plaque outside of the mansion. The speech goes as follows:
“I want to raise a toast. Even if not everyone is here right now, I want to say it anyway. I’m happy we can all get around this table all the time and enjoy a meal together, and each others company. This entire war, I doubted whether we could go back to this. Yet here we are, with a larger table, and more full seats than ever! I am… eternally grateful.”
— Jargar Eltan
  For the remainder of that year and the summer, they lived together there. They played Flingo Ball, went to Monion Prom, and even learned that Vodron Susk was engaged into an arranged marriage. All of them experienced this together in the halls of the Eltan Mansion until they once more had to split apart for internships and studying abroad.  
Sinner Caerxan by Jarhed

Lonely Halls

Kualmandac was left to take care of the Mansion alone. Veravi Gridz had left to go somewhere, though she told no one where. The rest left for things relating to the Magic College.   Again, he was ridiculed by many neighbors. But it was Draful Ravofarn, the next-door Red Draconian noble, who acted on it. He kidnapped Kualmandac and enslaved him. During this time, some Korvians had been sent to meet Kualmandac and live in the Mansion. With Kualmandac gone, the PR Team of Etcher waited there, expecting him to return soon.   Kualmandac was only saved when Sinner and Dresser, who had gotten back together, arrived again, saving him and defeating Draful. Draful was imprisoned, and a message was sent to the other nobles. Not to mess with Kualmandac, the Eltan Mansion, or anyone in the Class of 549 and 550. Because you will pay dearly.   Since then, Kualmandac too has left to go to Vodron's wedding with the noble Kita Mournsworth, and the Eltan Mansion is without residents. But it waits once more for its rooms to hold the students of 549 and 550, for its table to be bustling with life, and its halls to echo with laughter. Until then, all it can do is wait and hope that the world will let them all come back in one piece.  


The Eltan Mansion has three major sections. The entrance hall is a hallway, with the lefthand side being a large dining room with a table that can seat over fifty people. On the righthand side of the hallway entrance is a staircase to the second floor, where half of the rooms lie.   Going further down the hallway before going up the stairs, one will find the other half of the rooms going down the hallway. These rooms are not connected for the most part, though thanks to Ikkul Ravofarn the rooms of Vodron Susk and Nalrik Tilrak have a 10ft tall gaping hole that connects the two.   At the far end of the hallway at the center is a door outside. On the lefthand side of this end of the hallway is the kitchen, and on the right is the staircase to the basement. The basement is the home of some residents who want more privacy, as the Ikkul incident scared them that the rooms above were not as private.  
Cozall Redfury by Jarhed
Outside, there is a garden with ingredients for all kinds of meals. Thanks to Vodron Susk, it has many onions. It is maintained by Kualmandac Hiziros.   Beside the garden is a stable, where Silentium and others keep their pets. The animals that stay in the stables include:
  • Odin- Silentium's Unicorn
  • Centri- Silentium's Bulette
  • Fishy- Silentium's cartoon fish, created by Cozall's Art Magic
  • Ignatius- Silentium's Rock Elemental
  • Elmer- Silentium's Mini Ent
  • Blan- Silentium's Sentient Vines
  • Fentic- Silentium's Arctic Fox
  • Mimi- Vodron's Mimic
  • Any animal made by Yethtith Nysythea

Magic College Endorsement

After the Chief Crisis and the rebuilding of the Eltan Mansion, the Grand Wizard, Salasar Feaphed, officially endorsed the Mansion as a residential place for Magic College students. Due to this, Jargar gets a small grant every year that students stay there to maintain the place and take care of the students who do not live in the actual, official dorms.   Jargar has said he intends to continue using it even after he graduates, as he wants to foster as many generations as possible. Whether he continues to think this after becoming Chief of Yirthum or not is unclear, as his duties are already stacking up to the point where he hasn't been able to deal with much official paperwork related to the endorsement, and has delegated it to Kualmandac or his Captain, Farcorin, who still lives in Yirthum.

Cover image: by Greg Montani


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