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Higar Vixik

Chief Higar Vixik (a.k.a. The Professor)

Higar Vixik was the Draconian Chief of Tamd, and a student in the Magic College Class of 549.  


Born to Fexen and Klathtil Vixik in Higar Vixik grew up in the village Tamd, where he, like most people in the village, studied alchemy. However, the young Higar found an appreciation for the other villages and magical practices, which was frowned upon in Tamd.   Higar had a particular love for the music of Bards from Ealla. But Ealla was the rival village of Tamd, so he studied the harp in secret. He wished to understand other cultures, but Tamd was far too isolationist to really allow him to do this.   Higar gained some hope when he was sixteen. His sister, Talthil Vixik, moved out of Tamd, hoping to go to Zephys and study to become a Magic History professor at the Magic College. A few years later, she married a Draconian named Oraakil Mardaar, and settled down for good in Zephys. This showed Higar that he could maybe get out of Tamd, even for a short amount of time.  

Son of the Chief

Higar Vixik, however, had a rough life up to that point. When he was eight years old, his parents were both killed in an alchemical incident. An explosion at a lab in Tamd killed them. Higar, however, was told that he was lucky. The Chief of Tamd, Ilxar Nimphonker, was adopting him.  
Ilxar Nimphonker by Jarhed
Higar was excited about this, and he did in some ways get what he wanted. He was allowed to interact, albeit briefly, with the children of other Chiefs. These children became some friends of his, though only in passing. Nalrik Tilrak, Vardid Liloryas, Coldrid Saxan, Yilkin Nagil, and Kaltoth Vracrath, all the adoptive children of other Chiefs who would meet together to discuss politics.   But this luxury turned into a curse. Higar found, constantly, that people would compare him to his adoptive father. They would ask why he had not become as prolific with potions as Ilxar had, and even when he made something, he would still not be good enough because he was always in Ilxar's shadow.   Higar worked endlessly, trying to make something that would help him live up to Ilxar. He made potion after potion, going into areas where no alchemist had ever dared. And he paid dearly for it, as the potions began tearing away at his body. Explosions ripping him apart, acid melting him. In Ilxar's shadow, everything that was once Higar Vixik began to rot away until nothing was left.   A cruel twist of fate made this fact true, as in his anguish and grief, in his failure, Higar Vixik developed Impossible Magic. His Earth Magic turned into the very rot that he had become, and now all his magic was able to do was rot. Higar Vixik had, as a matter of fact, developed Rot Magic, and he watched in a mirror as it began to rot away his face and body.   He managed to get it under control, but he could not undo the rot. Forever, his face would be scarred and rotted away, with little left but bone.  

The Professor

Higar had nothing left. He knew he could not make a name for himself as Higar Vixik, he understood that to live in the shadow of Ilxar was to damn himself to being a second-rate name, only known in relation to his father.  
The Professor by Jarhed
So Higar Vixik created a new persona. He donned a new mask and outfit and became the alchemical genius known as the Professor.   As the Professor, Higar saw much more prominence. No one compared him to Ilxar, but instead he was seen as a rising success in the alchemical world. This eventually got to Higar's head, and he stopped thinking of what he was making. He only knew he was making potions that people would praise him for.  


With his career spiraling out of control, and new expectations being placed on him, Higar began to feel it catching up to him. The success. In this dizzying frenzy, Higar continued working until he reached it. Burnout.   And in that burnout came... Burnout. A drug that he created, stronger than any he had even thought of making before. With it, a person's magical power would be boosted. However, it would not be doubled, nor would it be tripled. It would be quadrupled.  
Burnout by Jarhed
This did, however, come with a caveat. You see, the way Burnout worked was that it drew the power out from the individual's connection to the source of all magic. Everyone has a small portal to this realm in their heads, after all.   When Burnout was finished drawing out that power, there would be none left. It put so much stress on the portal that it would actually close up the portal in their brains after it was done. This meant that after Burnout was used, the person that used it could no longer use magic. Burnout would only give them one last stand before they were out of commission.  

Magic College Student

Against his better judgement, in 545, Higar Vixik applied to the Magic College as himself. Ilxar had told him it would look good for them if Higar was the student, rather than some no name Professor.   In his first year, Higar did not do much but study. He agreed to live in a mansion with a Draconian noble named Jargar Eltan, knowing Ilxar would be pleased if he became affiliated with a nobleman. He studied hard and trained hard, ending the year as the fourth ranked student in the class, behind Imvis, Caddos Damolnath, and Vodron Susk.  

The Chief Crisis

However, Higar Vixik would then receive word of his internship. He was to intern at Tamd with none other than Ilxar Nimphonker. He had looked forward to interning somewhere else, where he could distinguish himself. But instead, he was stuck in Tamd.   Higar was not privy to the fact that Ilxar, as well as the other Chiefs, had been convinced by the World Court to start a war between Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed and each other, and that now he would be at the very center of it. He was only told that they would be going to Zephys when Ilxar started his initial attack, creating a cage around Zephys, cutting off the citizens of the largest city in the world, as well as Salasar Feaphed himself, from the outside, and launching the Chief Crisis.

Higar Vixik is the Chief of Tamd. He uses Rot Magic and potions, and is the half-brother of Oraakil Mardaar.

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Class of 549

Higar Vixik is a student in the Magic College Class of 549, consisting of 16 students. The Class of 549 is incredibly influential in the events that have happened in Totania in and around the time of their schooling at the Magic College.  

Active Members

At the time of their third year (547-548), they have lost two of those classmates, who were then replaced. The class members include:
  • Nalrik Tilrak- Current Chief of Bortan and founder/leader of the Southern Elone Treaty Organization, as well as the son of Fepar Tilrak.
  • Vodron Susk- Apprentice of former Chief of Yirthum Kicad Bavul and current Court Wizard Timar Forestarm, known for the slaughter of innocents during the destruction of part of Ealla, as well as for being the Luck Mage.
  • Sinner- One of the Twenty Immortals of the Korvian Army and Chief of Waire.
  • Oraakil Mardaar- Son of Ordoth Mardaar and Chief of Ilder.
  • Caddos Damolnath- King of the Northern Nereids, member of the Army of the Revolution, and Soul Mage.
  • Silentium- A Devil who favors silence over all else.
  • Tothra Staz- Former Head Captain of the Nerodil Guard.
  • Cozall Redfury- An Artist, Renaissance Man, Author, and Chef. He is the wielder of Art Magic.
  • Jargar Eltan- Current Chief of Yirthum.
  • Pretender- A Korvian who can change his shape to any person he has touched.
  • Hadon- Member of the Elven Army and son of its current Captain Commander, Narkard.
  • Imvis- An author and owner of a bar in Camor, who wields Galkan's Pen.
  • Mastema- A Devil Stock Trader who can turn invisible, son of Profit.
  • Zaud Foot Marauder- Chief of a destroyed clan of Orcs, Zaud abandoned them to study magic.
  • Veladiel- A living weapon raised by the World Court, using Sword Magic to get her way.

Inactive Members

The deceased and disavowed members of 549 include:
  • Turbine- A Wind Jinn who was believed to have died, he instead faked his death to get revenge on those that wronged him.
  • Ummum of the Abandoned Monsters- A Crocution who fled from Udai before being put to death by Vodron Susk for being annoying and a waste of space.


The Class of 549 had two teachers, who taught them different subjects and aided them in any matters that they could. These teachers are:
  • Urokris Erthar- The Magic History Teacher of 549, the Draconian Urokris was a student in the Class of 520, and watched the 62nd Grand Wizard Drixodal Vortrin slaughter his entire class. Urokris was the only survivor.
  • Grolcurth Hellglory- The Magic Theory Teacher of 549, the Human Grolcurth was a student in the Class of 530, where he gained Poison Magic and accidentally killed his entire class.
520 ME 558 ME 38 years old
Place of Death
Parents (Adopting)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Green, scaley, melted, rotted
Higar was unsure of what he could do in this situation. It had given him a wakeup call, seeing the other people from Tamd attacking innocents. However, he watched then as a young Human boy named Murphy Law appeared in the middle of the street, almost out of nowhere.   Higar's fellow Tamd intern, Veambind Feldastel, shot a fireball at Murphy, but it was blocked by a wall of earth from none other than Oraakil Mardaar, Higar's brother-in-law. Oraakil, though, had never met Higar, and had no knowledge of his existence.  
Pretender and Jargar Eltan by Jarhed
Higar, however, realized what he could do in that situation. He met with his classmate Pretender, who was also interning at Tamd, and they both agreed that they could not contribute to the killing of the innocents of Zephys. They were still students of the Magic College, and this was their home.   In an interview with Workris Galkan, Higar has said,
"I don't consider myself a hero, but Oraakil made me realize it... I had to step in. In one way or another I had to be the hero that saved Zephys. Or at least... I had to find that hero."
— Higar Vixik
  And find him he did. Higar believed, wholeheartedly, that Oraakil Mardaar could be the hero that saved Zephys. Pretender, on the other hand, sought out another candidate, the Half-Elf Lorakaen Darelor, in hopes of stopping Tamd.  
The Professor Steps In
Again, Higar knew that he could not do anything as Higar Vixik. Higar Vixik was the son of Ilxar Nimphonker, the man that started the Chief Crisis. No one would want help from Higar Vixik.   Higar did not believe he could be the hero in general, so instead he decided to simply do his best to spur on his candidate for the job. Higar and Pretender both found a sewer system under Zephys, which they used to infiltrate it. And with that, Higar got to work.   He donned his disguise as the Professor and began distributing Burnout. The more soldiers utilized it, the less Tamd would have in the end to do their final push into the city. Then, he found the mansion of Jargar's in Upper Zephys, and found his sister was staying there with Jargar's butler Kualmandac while Oraakil went to school at the Magic College.   Higar knew the city was too dangerous, and didn't want any of them to get hurt. He escorted them to the sewers, which no one in Tamd knew about aside from himself and Pretender, and kept them safe.  
Oraakil Mardaar by fyrcracker
Then, the Professor returned to the mansion, waiting for Oraakil to arrive. When he did, Higar told him the truth, without admitting who he actually was. He explained his own situation in vague terms, that living in the shadow of one's father prevents them from reaching greatness, and that Oraakil must move past his own father, Ordoth Mardaar, a famous Draconian warrior, and become someone else.   Higar hoped this would spur Oraakil to become his own person and save the city. To destroy the cage and rescue everyone from Tamd, to rally the troops against Ilxar Nimphonker.  
The Battle of Zephys
Oraakil did not listen to this, and after a few months of training solely to kill the Professor, Oraakil found and confronted him.   Higar again prompted Oraakil to leave behind the name Mardaar, to forge his own path as his own man. Tamd had begun a full invasion of Zephys, and Higar was running out of time to stop Ilxar.   Oraakil, however, was under the impression that the Professor had killed or hurt Talthil, Kualmandac, and Talthil and his egg Hardel. He believed the Professor had kidnapped them, rather than saved them from danger. So Oraakil continued to fight Higar.   Higar took this as an opportunity. He was curious what a man who refused to give up his family was like. And Oraakil showed him. Oraakil defeated him in battle and nearly killed him, even when Higar revealed his true identity and motives. In that moment, Higar saw that it was not Ilxar that was holding him back. Oraakil had become a great, albeit stubborn, man. The only thing holding Higar back was Higar Vixik himself. The Professor was a shackle.   Talthil stepped in, saving Higar from Oraakil. Then, together, they watched as Talthil and Oraakil's baby, Hardel, was born. Higar watched in awe and wonder, seeing true love amongst his family. This was not a shackle... family was what kept people going. It was that love that fueled Oraakil. Why could it not also fuel Higar?  
Zephys Defense Force
Oraakil headed off to join a group from the Class of 550 in taking down Ilxar Nimphonker. However, Oraakil found himself losing to Ilxar alongside his fellow students. A coalition of students from the Class of 549 arrived then, just in time for all of the Chiefs to band together. 549, too, yielded.  
Deltesh by Jarhed
This left the fight up to the remaining students of the Magic College. Orlayas Ojeux gathered anyone he could to stop the Chiefs. Higar was recruited by the Lizardman known as Deltesh, who nearly fought Higar when he at first declined to help. Deltesh said Higar didn't have a choice, and ultimately Higar agreed to go against his better judgement and join the Zephys Defense Force.   This force consisted of:
  • Orlayas Ojeux
  • Coldrid Saxan
  • Deltesh
  • Ram Rodraz
  • Kamil Gilrel
  • Laughter
  • Solution
  • Pretender
  • Ha Kyung
  • Higar Vixik
Among this group of powerful upperclassmen, underclassmen, and Pretender, Higar stood in defense of Zephys against the Chiefs. Against his own father.   They did not fight them, though many people argue that they would be on a level where they could. However, Orlayas had another idea. Salasar Feaphed himself wished to meet the Chiefs in battle in a safe environment, and Orlayas made sure with his Zephys Defense Force behind him that the Chiefs would make their soldiers stop before this fight could happen.   In the end, Higar did end up saving Zephys, despite his initial thoughts. Yet not only had he done it. Oraakil had too. If not for Oraakil's assistance, Higar never would have had his revelation, and never would have agreed to help Orlayas Ojeux.  
The Death of Ilxar
Ilxar Nimphonker was the last one to fight Salasar Feaphed. Ever the one to capitalize off of others, Ilxar waited for the other Chiefs to weaken him and attempted to gain an advantage on Salasar. However, Salasar planned for this, forcing Ilxar to go on the backfoot.   In the end, Ilxar pulled out a last resort. The only thing that could put him on Salasar's level. Ilxar injected himself with Burnout. Higar knew this was bad, that if Ilxar survived this he would never use magic again. But Higar also saw this as acknowledgement. That Ilxar knew of his work, and that he acknowledged it as being good. Most of all, Higar saw this as a sign of Ilxar's love of his son, and a passing of the torch.  
Vardid Liloryas Vracrath by Jarhed
Salasar Feaphed killed Ilxar Nimphonker out of view of everyone in the audience. The body was buried in a Tamd cemetary, and Salasar read out the wills of the Chiefs, which named their successors. The new Chief of Tamd was to be none other than Higar Vixik. Not the Professor... he was gone now. Higar was ready to step into the spotlight as his own Chief.  

Chief Higar

Higar Vixik had now become the Chief of Tamd, as his childhood friends (and some other friends) settled into the other positions as the new Chiefs. Nalrik Tilrak was now Chief of Bortan, Vardid Liloryas was Chief of Ealla, Coldrid Saxan was Chief of Evity, and Jargar Eltan was Chief of Yirthum.  


Nalrik Tilrak called all of the Chiefs together. Jargar was unable to come to the meeting, sending a proxy, while Coldrid Saxan outright declined the invitation.   Nalrik proposed an idea, where all of the villages would work together with the Grand Wizard to prevent something like the Chief Crisis from happening again, and would help to make an equal society among all of their villages. He called this group the Southern Elone Treaty Organization or SETO.   Otikul Nurdesh, Chief of Dembar, as well as the Yirthum representative Farcorin, refused to join SETO. However, Higar gladly accepted. This was his dream, after all, to be able to go to the other villages, to work with them rather than fight them. However, aside from Nalrik and Higar, Vardid was the only one to accept and join SETO, creating the first known alliance between Tamd and Ealla.  
Against Evity
Higar agreed to help Nalrik fight against Evity when Evity stole away the orphans in the Bortan orphanage, with Coldrid Saxan claiming to be "freeing them" from the clutches of Bortan.   Higar said that if Coldrid wanted to free the children, SETO would simply have to free them right back. He helped Nalrik recruit more members, and was even the one to suggest that Nalrik be their official leader, rather than the Chiefs all leading. Instead, Higar and Vardid, as well as Orlayas Ojeux, took on smaller, co-leader positions, but still held equal rank in the organization itself. Nalrik would lead, but they would all respect each other.   Higar also suggested that they use Tamd as their base of operations. Its peninsula was poisoned, preventing any invasion, and they could train and plan there before striking against Coldrid and Evity.   When he got there, he found himself in opposition to Vaphak Uphal, head of the Uphal family, a prominent family of Tamd alchemists. She did not like the idea of SETO, and attempted to force Higar to leave. However, he refused.  
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed
Higar once more reaffirmed his belief in Nalrik as a leader, and said SETO was right in what they were doing. Then, alongside Nalrik Tilrak, Vardid Liloryas, and Orlayas Ojeux, he began to train.   Orlayas had brought the scrolls of Kilprax Ildial, the first Grand Wizard, which contained secrets of magic each of them could use. With it, each of them became much stronger, strong enough to fight against Evity.  
The Defense of Ealla
Higar, Vardid, and Nalrik all made their way to Ealla after their training, where they found themselves confronted with a horrible sight. Coldrid had used Necromancy, his main technique, to revive their adoptive fathers. Vardid was forced to battle her father Tarthekar, Nalrik with Ikkul, and Higar with Ilxar's corpse.   But this allowed Higar to have closure. Ilxar admitted that he loved Higar, something he had never done in life. He said that Higar has the potential to be different from Ilxar by loving, and then asked for Higar to give him a showy death. Higar tried to use his new technique, Witchcraft, to kill Ilxar, but Ilxar stopped him.   Ilxar was not looking to die by Witchcraft. Ilxar said that Witchcraft was Higar's own thing, something that already distinguished him. Instead, Higar should kill Ilxar with a potion. The best one he's got.   Higar handed over a potion and watched as Ilxar blew up. The showy death Ilxar wanted, and once more, acknowledgement of Higar's skill from his father. Higar had to be honest, he wanted to curse Coldrid, but after that he couldn't help but thank the Chief of Evity, and his own former friend, for giving him the closure he needed.  
Coldrid Saxan by Jarhed
But now, he was face to face with Deltesh once more. And this time, Deltesh seemed intent on fighting. There would be no compromise this time... Higar would have to fight.   Higar won by turning Deltesh to stone, something that he would go on to regret, but it allowed him to then join Nalrik and Vardid in stopping Coldrid and convincing him to join them, working together to stop a Fire Genie invasion and then attempting to fight newly crowned King Timar Forestarm of the Kingdom of Man.   Higar failed in this battle, suffering a near fatal wound before being saved by classmates Oraakil Mardaar and Tothra Staz. He witnessed the aftermath of the Grand Crowning not long after, and saw the horrors of the World Court's plan firsthand.  


He then joined Oraakil Mardaar in his plan to refound the village of Ilder, where Oraakil had been born and grown up. The village was destroyed in the Ilder Massacre twenty years before, and the two believed it would be the best way to potentially rebalance Draconian interests in the political landscape and help the people in need.   They gained support from many prominent people, including Uustac Acoria, Drorthod Lormorn, and Lorzavur Exikmaan. Finally, they were ready to rebuild Ilder.   Lorzavur Exikmaan trapped both Higar and Oraakil in cages so they could deal with their inner turmoils. Oraakil dealt with his rage, while Higar was forced to wrestle with his role in the world. He determined he would no longer be ordered around, and that he would act as he desired for the good of the people he cared about.   For the Mardaars, for the kids he had grown up alongside like Vardid, Kaltoth, Coldrid, Nalrik, and Yilkin, but most of all for the people of Tamd and Ilder. The people that couldn't speak up, the people that couldn't make a change. Higar would make that change for them.  

The Raid of Ilder

It was not so easy, founding a village. There were two groups in opposition to Ilder's founding. First was Otikul Nurdesh's Dembarians, who did not want to see Otikul be humiliated by someone attempting to do what he did better. They were not violent, moreso politically opposed.  
Captain Marnis by Jarhed
The Elven Guard, however, was a violent force opposed to the settling of Ilder, having done the Ilder Massacre some years prior. Captain Marnis of the First Corps of the Elven Guard led a group of Elves to stop Ilder's founding on its official opening, a day that became known as the Raid of Ilder.   Higar had an idea of who to target: Aspirant Captain Deces was a threat that many did not take seriously, but his enchanted blade could pose a threat. Higar rushed to him and swiftly killed the Captain, who told Higar he should stop listening to others and act on his own.   Higar, however, had already decided to not follow orders. The people he followed, like Nalrik, Oraakil, and Vardid, he followed because he wished to.   And so, Higar rotted Deces into nothing, but was captured by Otikul Nurdesh to head to Camor for his graduation tournament and ceremony.  


Higar Vixik placed 13th in his class at graduation after losing both of his battles in the graduation tournament, first against Oraakil Mardaar, then against Silentium. He did not mind, as he placed first in terms of academics, graduating as the academic valedictorian.   Against Oraakil, he showed a spell he was able to pull off: Putrefaction. He could rot things and then undo the rot. The reasoning behind it was as such:
“I cannot undo all of the suffering, all of the pain I have caused, but I have resolved to cause as little suffering as I can. To make sure I will not cause suffering again. To be a sign of the times changing for the better… as I made the world worse once, I can now make it better!”
— Higar Vixik
  Still, this was not enough for him to win against Oraakil, and upon being defeated he said:
“I knew it… I can’t do it all alone. I still do need help. From you. From Talthil. From SETO. From everyone. I am only here to support… no more, no less. You are a wonderful brother, Oraakil. Thank you.”
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed

The Coup of Zephys

Higar Vixik was present for Nalrik and Yilkin Tilrak's wedding, and afterwards he watched his friends in the Class of 550 graduate.   That, however, led into the great tragedy known as the Coup of Zephys, as Otikul Nurdesh and Urokris Erthar worked to overthrow Salasar Feaphed. All worshippers of Helle were possessed by Vornush Wrakris to fight those who would protect Salasar.   Higar and Oraakil were forced to work together against their friends and allies. Higar was defeated, but it was enough distraction to let Otikul and Urokris kill Salasar.   Higar blamed himself. He blamed his faith and his refusal to consider any other plan. All of his hatred was turned back to the man in the mirror, as it was all his life. There was no one Higar Vixik hated more than Higar Vixik.   Higar voted for his people in the Joint SETO-Noble Council meeting, often voting against his allies for the betterment of his people. He apologized, but he knew it had to be done.   That meeting was the final time he saw most of his closest friends.  

The Professor's Final Lesson

Moving back to Tamd, Higar donned the mask of the Professor many times over the years after the Coup, as it was the only way he found he could break free of expectations. People had an idea of who Higar Vixik was, a child of nepotism who never worked hard and did little for them. He would rather ally with outsiders than help his people, so the people thought.   The Professor, on the other hand, had grown from nothing and built himself up. He was a hero of the people who had stuck it to the other Villages with his drug trade.   Also, the anonymity allowed him to strike out against people like Vornush Wrakris, Vaphak Uphal, and Otikul Nurdesh, people he'd otherwise have to pretend to get along with.   But the greatest threat was Klamtear Beldorin, a Tamdian noble who had tried constantly to seize power. Now, he began working on Hot Airships to destroy all of their enemies, and set off on one of them for a test run against Bortan.   Higar infiltrated the Hot Airship, disguising himself as the Professor. Klamtear Beldorin believed the Professor was there to help him, but Higar revealed his true identity upon hearing Klamtear's plan, to spread Tamd's hatred and destroy all those who had caught the ire of the alchemists.   This terrified Higar. The Tamdian hatred was a plague, and if he didn't stop it now, it could destroy the world.   He killed Klamtear Beldorin, sustaining fatal injuries in the process, but the ship was still going to bomb Bortan. He needed to stop it. Otherwise, Nalrik and Yilkin would die, and everyone else he cared about would soon follow.   He gave up his hatred, the identity of the Professor. He knew the way to gather hatred was to focus it not on the outsiders, but on one man the Tamdians already hated. He would have Higar Vixik send the Tamdians back into isolation by making them hate him and fear the outside. He would crash the ship and kill every noble who was in on this plan, every noble that dared leave Tamd to hate the world.
Yilkin Tilrak by Jarhed
  Higar dropped his Professor mask out of the airship and embraced the end. He would steer the ship to its destruction. He had no choice, it could not remain. Tamd needed to remember why they stayed isolated. That their hatred was not welcome outside of the Poison Peninsula.   The Professor's mask was found in a field outside of Bortan, not far from the wreckage. Officially, that is his place of burial.  

The Death of Higar Vixik

Higar Vixik died in the crashing of an airship outside of Bortan, not saving people from it, but in an act of incompetence. That is the story most of the world knows.   Yet the world knows as well that the Professor did not die. His mask was found, but his remains never were. Many believe he lived forever, and is still hiding out waiting for the time to save Tamd again. A symbol for the people.   Higar Vixik, however, did not die there either, as Deltesh saved him from the wreckage before the ship crashed and carried him to Tamd. Higar Vixik had abandoned his real name and taken the name of the figure people admired. The part of himself that he had once hated, that the people of Tamd adored, that the world feared... now was all that remained.   Deltesh dropped him off at Oralyas Ojeux's labrary. Orlayas wanted to help Higar, but Higar refused, telling him to help Deltesh and get to Zephys to help everyone else Higar cared about. He insisted he didn't need help, that others were in more need of it.   Higar collapsed the moment they left. He had been ignoring his own condition most of his life, and now all of the injuries he had sustained, all the things he had suffered from, were coming back to kill him. The air was poison to him, his scales were crumbling and broken, and he couldn't even stand.   Higar died in the labrary, unable to heal himself because he had ignored his own wellbeing to help others his entire life. He had hated himself above all else and therefore believed he was beyond saving.   Due to that, when it came time to save him, it was too late.   His body was found by Vammic Nimphonker, his adopted brother and successor, who buried him in secret so the myth could remain that Higar Vixik died in the crash.  



Very few people have seen Higar's face, and some wonder how bad it actually is. Some also wonder if there are any parts of him that are not rotted. It is also worth nothing that, aside from Oraakil, Talthil, Kualmandac, Ilxar, and Pretender, no one knew that Higar Vixik and the Professor were the same person.  


Higar Vixik is asexual. He does not feel attraction to anyone, and says it's a good thing this is true, or the fact that he had rotted away his reproductive parts would have stung quite a bit.  


Higar Vixik is a follower of Helle. He does not follow her teachings to the letter, but he recognizes that she was the creator of the Draconians and that she is ultimately their Holy figure. Overall, Higar cares much more about science than he does religion.  

Physical Condition

Higar Vixik is in an unhealthy condition, being fairly physically weak for a Draconian. His body sometimes fails due to his experiments and accidents in the lab, and his scales are fragile like glass.   Without his mask, Higar cannot breath. If he has his mask off for more than two minutes, and does not take his special air potion, he will suffocate to death.  


Higar is moderately wealthy. He is not the richest Chief, which is either Jargar Eltan or Otikul Nurdesh, nor is he the poorest, Coldrid Saxan or Nalrik Tilrak. He and Vardid sit somewhere in the middle, with a fair amount of money for a Chief.
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Social Life

Higar does not have the most friends. He has some remaining from when he was young, though he still considers himself quite distant from them. Those are Nalrik Tilrak, Vardid Liloryas, and Kaltoth Vracrath. He has not yet had the courage to approach Yethtith Nysythea, who was once Yilkin Nagil, to speak with her.   His best friend, though, is his sister Talthil. He spends as much time with her as he can, as well as her baby Hardel, helping raise the baby as its uncle. Due to this, he also sees Oraakil quite often. He considers Oraakil his friend, though he still doesn't think Oraakil likes him very much. He understands why.  

Speech Pattern

Higar has a low, gravelly voice that is the result of his vocal chords being rotted. When his mask is off, his voice gets very breathy and near incomprehensible, and he can't form full sentences.   His method of speech is rather blunt. He doesn't hold any punches in what he says, so any praise from Higar is true praise that should be taken to heart, and the same can be said for any insults he gives as well.  


Higar Vixik has some skill with a small hand scythe, which he uses to attack physically.   He is skilled also with his harp, though he doesn't know much about Bardic Practice.  


Higar was born with an affinity towards Earth Magic, meaning that he could control the earth. However, he unlocked Impossible Magic, granting him Rot Magic. Due to this, he is no longer able to use his Earth Magic.   He does not like to use his Rot Magic near people, as it is incredibly dangerous and cannot be healed. Rot Magic is considered to be one of the most dangerous forms of Impossible Magic, as it is irreversable and cannot be controlled what specifically is rotted.   Higar Vixik does not name his spells. He simply rots.  
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Higar Vixik is an alchemist primarily, and makes all sorts of potions. Here are some known potions that he has created:
  • Burnout- A purple drug that boosts magical power, but after it is used it shuts off the magic of the one that used it.
  • Air Potion- A potion that creates air in the lungs of anyone that drinks it. Used to help Higar breathe when he doesn't have a mask, and is also constantly pumped through his mask.
  • Unnamed Exploding Potion- A potion used to kill Ilxar Nimphonker, which poisoned him with something that made his intestines explode.


Higar also uses the most advanced form of alchemy, which he learned from the scrolls of Kilprax Ildial. Orlayas Ojeux gave him these scrolls, knowing Higar would be able to utilize them.   Witchcraft is, at its most basic form, utilizing the energy of others to strengthen yourself or your magic. This is a form of alchemy, as it is in a way a replacement for a potion. However, it can also be used with a cauldron to create stronger potions.   There is another use for witchcraft. Transmutation of bodily components. With it, he can turn water in the blood into ice, or changing the form of iron in the body into daggers or other shapes. Things like this are the major and most dangerous uses of witchcraft.   Generally, it is utilizing the powers of equivalent exchange on the level of lifeforce, exchanging one lifeforce for another, one body for another, etc.   It is also defined as unorthodox alchemy which results in the augmentation of other people's bodies. With it, things like creating homunculi and brewing potions that affect the mental state are possible.

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