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Drorthod Lormorn

Drorthod Lormorn was the former Village Chief of Evity and one of the people who helped to refound Ilder with Oraakil Mardaar. He was one of the foremost necromancers of the 500s and the most famous practicioner of Ritualistic Necromancy.  


Drorthod Lormorn was born in Evity in the year 470 to Mompath Lormorn. His father, Demreal Nesvarax, never was in an official relationship with Mompath, and upon finding out she was pregnant, Demreal left her and never turned back. Drorthod, then, grew up without a fatherly presence in his life.
Ordoth Mardaar by fyrcracker
  Drorthod found himself involved in many clashes against Bortan, as was tradition in Evity. It was here that he met a boy one year older than him, named Ordoth Mardaar.   In the regular battles that would occur, Drorthod would clash against Ordoth, but rarely would he win. Ordoth was, after all, a monstrous combatant.  

Man of Tradition

What this would cement in Drorthod's head was simple: tradition was key. He needed to beat Ordoth as Evity always needed to beat Bortan.   Drorthod would, then, begin to study the ancient teachings of Necromancy that the Lormorn family had passed down: Ritualistic Necromancy. With this, he would begin summoning necromantic creatures and training to fight alongside training his skill with them.
Aaren Ildial by Jarhed
  It was in this following of tradition that Drorthod found another rival, another noble from a prominent family named Aaren Ildial. Aaren came from the family of the first Grand Wizard, Kilprax Ildial, but had thrown away tradition as he did not want to liv up to Kilprax. Drorthod hated him for this, saying that it didn't matter whether he lived up to Kilprax, but that he passed down what Kilprax passed down to him.   Aaren and Drorthod would often clash over this, then. Aaren, however, would always win. Drorthod always lost, no matter the fight. He felt pathetic. Like a loser. But he knew he could be better than that.  

Class of 492

Drorthod Lormorn, then, tried to get into the Magic College in 488, when he turned 18. The Grand Wizard at the time, Felonius Questus, had a simple test that Drorthod passed with ease, and Lormorn became a student in the Class of 492.
Drixodal Vortrin by Jarhed
  There were many students in the class that caught Drorthod's eye. First of which was, of course, Ordoth Mardaar. But that only excited Drorthod. There were two others that pissed him off.   The first of which was a secondary Bortanian named Drixodal Vortrin. Drorthod was fine with Ordoth, as he intended to fight Ordoth, but two Bortanians was pushing it further than he wanted. Drorthod immediately challenged Vortrin, but Vortrin defeated him.   The final person that Drorthod was angry to see in his class was a Draconian by the name of Clincoth Nesvarax. The last name was too familiar to Drorthod. His father's last name. This was Drorthod's half-brother who actually was able to live with his father. This made Drorthod unbelievably pissed.
Felonius Questus by Jarhed

Friendship and Hatred

During Drorthod's first year, there were some few people he was truly able to connect with in his class. First of which was a Tamdian Alchemist named Krildrac Calumorn, while the other two were the Nephilim named Thina and the elderly Elven woman named Cylyana.   He had many more people, then, that he despised. Aside from Ordoth, Drixodal, and Clincoth, there was Limpl Sickfoot, Eddelyn Damolnath, and Briller. Limpl was trying to delve into Necromancy, which Drorthod detested for it was not something the Sickfoots were known to do. Eddelyn was a royal of the Nereids, and Drorthod hated her for trying to be a warrior and a Queen. As for Briller, he was just a prick who looked down on Draconians.   Grand Wizard Felonius Questus tried to keep peace in the class by putting himself in the middle of any clashes. His true hope was to die in these clashes, but Felonius's calming presence was able to stop any fight. Everyone loved Felonius Questus, so no one wanted him to get hurt. Just his luck.  

Storm of the Dead

An incident occured in Drorthod's first year that stopped him from having true peace. An attack in Evity happened, caused by the Soul Mage of the time. No one knew at the time who it was, so many simply ignored it.   A tornado of souls tore through Evity, and it raged for weeks. There seemed to be no clear reason for why. Drorthod asked his professor, Aphar Lorbarum, if he could go to see his mother. Aphar denied Drorthod the opportunity, saying it was too dangerous to go out there and that he should just forget about her.   There was someone willing to go with Drorthod, though: Ordoth Mardaar. He told Drorthod he would go with him, and the two of them would be enough. Drorthod was happy to take the help, but had no intention of going alone, so he took Krildrac Calumorn and Thina with him.   The Storm of the Dead, as the tornado was called, was believed by many to be karmic retribution for their use of forbidden necromantic spells. However, Krildrac was able to note that this was clearly not the case. Someone was causing this. Someone they needed to stop.


Class of 492

Active Members

As of 550 when this record is made, these are the students (aside from Drorthod himself) who have survived 58 years after graduation.
  • Ordoth Mardaar- One of the two founders of Ilder and Dembar, Ordoth was a warrior from Bortan.
  • Briller- A High Elven Captain of the Elven Army born with heterochromia, Briller is insecure of this so he pushes this insecurity onto others, creating bigotry to hide insecurity.
  • Thina the Centurion- An Nephilim born to an Angel of the Pantheon of Ishtar, who would go on to reform Ludhar's Legion.
  • Corlin Obra- A Secci Gnome Bard who was known to chase after renown like the rest of his class, but as of 550 has yet to truly receive it.
  • Religion- A Devilish Stock Trader from Ba'al Street in Manhottan, Religion has always sought to learn what the deal is with the Gods and gain that for himself.

Inactive Members

After so many years, it is only right that not much of the class would be alive. These are the students of the Class of 492 who did not survive until the year 550.
  • Krildrac Calumorn- A Draconian from Tamd and protege of Orjish Tazwunak.
  • Drixodal Vortrin- A Draconian who would become the 62nd Grand Wizard and would cause the tragedy known as the 520 Massacre.
  • Thargrun- A Dwarf who would eventually become General of the Green Ghosts, but would die in the Dwarven Civil War.
  • Om Hallowedstone- A human who would join the Nerodil Guard for a time, but would die of a heart attack during a sparring match.
  • Crocodiler- A Korvian Beastmaster who was known to favor crocodiles above all else. It is even said that she could turn herself into a crocodile.
  • Clincoth Nesvarax- The Half-Brother of Drorthod Lormorn, Clincoth and Lormorn clashed many times over who was the better brother. Ultimately, he died to Drorthod, proving Drorthod to be the better of the two.
  • Cylyana- An Elven woman who attended the Magic College at the end of her life, dying of old age during graduation.
  • Limpl Sickfoot- Matriarch of the Goblin Nationalists, Limpl Sickfoot would die in the Grand Crowning.
  • Istalergish Soyries- An Eallan Bard who clashed often with Krildrac Calumorn and, ultimately, was killed by him.
  • Eddelyn Damolnath- Queen of the Northern Nereid, she would ultimately be slaughtered by the World Court.


The Class of 492 had a Magic History Professor and a Magic Theory Professor, like every class at the Magic College. They were:
  • Aphar Lorbarum- The Magic History Professor, Aphar also served as the jailor. He was exiled from his home village of Tamd for rejecting the ways of alchemy.
  • Yltur- Yltur was the Magic Theory Professor, a Nephilim child of one of Phrixus's own angels.
Year of Birth
470 ME -238 Years old
Thina the Centurion by Jarhed
Thina flew around, saving as many people as she could and healing those with injuries that were not too severe as Krildrac charted out the path of the Storm. Drorthod noted, however, that there was someone missing from the people Thina saved.   Mompath Lormorn, Drorthod's mother, was nowhere to be found. And so Drorthod charged in alone. Thina was too busy saving others, so she did not go, and Krildrac was far too afraid. So only one person chased after Drorthod: Ordoth Mardaar.  

Judgement Day

Drorthod found Mompath dying on the ground, cut apart by the Storm of the Dead. He called for Thina, but by the time Thina came to help, Mompath was dead. This was one of Thina's great regrets that caused her to want to regret as few things as possible. For Drorthod, however, it was an assurance that he was on the right path. That he needed to get stronger.   This was only emphasized when he found the one behind it all: A Judge of the World Court, who wielded Soul Magic. Drorthod and Ordoth tried to defeat him, but the Judge was too powerful. He handled them with ease, but Thina saved them before anything could be done about it. Drorthod challenged Ordoth to a fight after that, caught in a rage, and Ordoth agreed. It seemed, however, that Ordoth was in an equal rage, and he fought back 10 times harder than usual, defeating Drorthod again. Drorthod felt like more of a failure than ever.
Orjish Tazwunak by Jarhed

The Internship

During the second year at the Magic College, Drorthod found he was offered to intern alongside Krildrac Calumorn in Tamd. It seemed that from what Krildrac told the Chief of Tamd, she wanted to meet him.   Her name was Orjish Tazwunak, and immediately she began training Drorthod. She even began favoring him over her actual student and successor, Krildrac. Often they would have private training sessions while Krildrac trained alone. Drorthod would learn to use his magic with a unique flair, though when Orjish asked him to use alchemy, he refused.   At one point, Orjish sent word for Drixodal Vortrin to come to Tamd. He was unsure why until Drorthod challenged him to a fight. Drorthod Lormorn used his training and defeated Drixodal Vortrin.   The remainder of that year, Drorthod trained closely with Orjish. What he did not know was that Orjish was getting close to him for purposes besides training. Despite being 12 years older than Drorthod, she intended for him to father her child.  


Drorthod didn't catch on yet, as her plan was stopped temporarily when the Class of 492 went abroad to Udai for their third year. Here, Drorthod found many corpses to take with him, as the Orcs were killing enough that he could take some with him.   However, it was here that his elderly Elven friend Cylyana had some trouble. After all, Orcs did not like Elves very much, and while Briller had no qualms killing them and was strong enough to do so, the old woman was not. So Drorthod often had to protect her while also not killing the Orcs, as Cylyana did not want that to happen. Ultimately, Drorthod had to work around fighting an Orcish Tribal Chief while protecting Cylyana and not killing them. He even worked alongside a young, 11 year old Orc who was strong enough to support Drorthod, a boy named Gunn who would eventually go on to found his own Orcish clan thanks to Drorthod.   It was also in Udai that Drorthod was ganged up on by Drixodal and Ordoth, who saw him growing too ambitious and too powerful. This was spurred on by words said by Drorthod's half-brother, Clincath Nesvarax. Drorthod had tried to ingore him, but he could no longer do so, as Clincath was trying to get Drorthod killed by the two Bortanians. Cylyana, however, was able to stop them from killing him, and Thina healed Drorthod up. Krildrac did not intervene. After the first year of their internship, and with Krildrac seeing Orjish take to Drorthod more than himself, Krildrac began distancing himself from Drorthod.
492 Tournament by Jarhed

Graduating Year

The final year of Drorthod's Magic College tenure featured more tense interactions with Krildrac, while also featuring outright battles between Drorthod and his brother. Drorthod honestly began to start respecting Ordoth as his hatred for Krildrac and Clincath grew.   The day of the tournament, Orjish Tazwunak stopped with the foreplay and asked out Drorthod. She made sure Krildrac heard it too, making Krildrac more jealous as Drorthod was now going out with Chief Orjish.   The tournament was a breeze for Drorthod in many ways. His first battle was against his Half-Brother, Clincath Nesvarax. Drorthod was able to easily beat him with Orjish's teachings behind him, even going as far as to kill Clincath in their fight.   His next fight was against Krildrac, and while Drorthod did not want to fight his old best friend, he had no choice with what Krildrac was saying of him and his now girlfriend Orjish. And so, as tough as it was, Drorthod defeated Krildrac and moved on to fight Drixodal. This fight was simple now, and Drorthod was finally feeling confident.  
Aphar Lorbarum by Jarhed
That was until the final round. Professor Aphar Lorbarum officiated the fight between Ordoth and Drorthod, and Drorthod found that Ordoth was utilizing that rage from before. He had immense strength, enough that Drorthod could do nothing against it.   Drorthod lost, and now found he was even struggling to fight against Drixodal Vortrin in Losers Finals. He felt he was losing his magic, not truly, but the magic that made him strong. The power of Lormorn. However, he was able to remember the teachings of the past Lormorns and defeat Vortrin.   Still, Ordoth defeated Drorthod in the final round. Drorthod felt like he was still not strong enough, but at this point he respected Ordoth. He knew the victory was not due to his own lack of skill, but Ordoth's abundance of it. If it meant Ordoth was valedictorian, Drorthod was happy as Salutatorian. Drixodal Vortrin, however, would be spent on a spiral, as he began to feel inadequate. This would mean that his defeat at the hands of Drorthod twice over in the tournament would be a catalyst for the tragedy he eventually would cause out of his own insecurity.   During the tournament, Cylyana died. The fight against Briller strained her too much, and she died immediately after it. However, Drorthod had every intention of graduating with her. After Krildrac betrayed him, and with Thina as his only other real friend, he wanted Cylyana by his side for at least one more day. So Drorthod used necromancy, disguising it as healing, to keep her alive so she could complete her fights and get her diploma. Afterwards, he took a stroll with her from Zephys to Evity, tying up all loose ends and saying goodbye. Then, he buried her in his backyard.  

Onkesh Tazwunak

In the year 500, Drorthod Lormorn would be informed by Orjish Tazwunak that she had a child. It was Drorthod's and her son: Onkesh Tazwunak. Drorthod was happy about this, but in truth he was terrified. Drorthod never had a father figure in his life, and after the death of his mother, the only parental figure he had at all was Orjish herself. He feared what kind of father he would be.   Drorthod felt very immature for a parent. He still liked children's food, like Dinosaur Nuggets. Orjish laughed at him and said it was fine, that she would take care of everything.  
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed
It was in this that Drorthod realized what had happened. Orjish was using him. She had groomed him to be a partner that would listen to what she says and take control. This disgusted him, as he had thought it was true love. But she was far too much older than him for that to be possible. She was simply using him.  

The Conservative Chief

Drorthod would fall into the clutches of a famous political figure at the time, Magic History Professor and new Chief of the newly founded Village of Ilder, Otikul Nurdesh. Otikul brought Drorthod into his political faction, the Conservative party, and they became close collaborators. The conservatives, after all, wanted to keep tradition just like Drorthod did.   Otikul even helped Drorthod become Chief of Evity, and with this in 501, and with this Drorthod often met with Otikul's partner in crime in founding Ilder: Chief Protector Ordoth Mardaar. Drorthod had respect for him, and with that came respect for Ilder. It was founded to follow up on the ideals of the old village of Erdenn that was destroyed over a thousand years prior.  

Raising a Child

Drorthod found one day in 508 that Onkesh Tazwunak, his son, showed up at his door. Orjish had taken him from Drorthod, and Drothod's fear of being a parent led him to not challenge it. But Onkesh said that Orjish died, and while he brought her back with necromancy, it wasn't enough, and she died again after carrying him across the Poison Peninsula of Tamd.   Drorthod decided then it was time for him to raise Onkesh, but he found that in isolation, Onkesh had made his own style of necromancy. Drorthod was furious, as he wanted Onkesh to pass down the Lormorn family Ritual Necromancy. Due to this, Drorthod treated Onkesh quite terribly, while admiring the way Ordoth raised the son he had in 515. A boy named Oraakil Mardaar.  

Drorthod as Chief and the Ilder Massacre

Drorthod Lormorn was a fairly beloved Chief of Evity, as he knew what the people wanted. He returned traditional laws like lowering the taxes and subisidizing necromantic tools like ritualistic daggers. The government would help pay for those now. However, he also repealed many of the newer, progressive laws like Glirdogian Acceptance Laws that would allow every race to settle in Evity. Drorthod did not want Elves in Evity if he could help it, because he knew that Briller was a major figure for them now. Briller had killed one of Drorthod's best friends. Drorthod would not stand for that.
Krildrac Calumorn by Jarhed
  Drorthod found his suspicions of Elves to be justified when he learned of what happened in Ilder. Elves led by Captains Marnis and Aeydark invaded Ilder, slaughtering a large portion of the population, including Ordoth's wife Olthash. Ordoth was too late to save her, but was able to save his son Oraakil. In Ordoth's rage, then, he burned down the remains of Ilder in what became known as The Flame of Ilder.   Drorthod didn't understand how Ordoth was unable to save the village... until he heard about what else was happening that day. The Chief of Tamd at the time was in town and was doing some business there, going over trade with Ilder. This Chief was with the Elves and was distracting Ordoth. Drorthod was also unsurprised to hear that this Chief was none other than Krildrac Calumorn.  

The Unexpected Team-Up

If one were to tell Drorthod in his second year at the Magic College that he would side with Ordoth Mardaar over Krildrac Calumorn, he would have likely killed them. But in this case, he did just that. Before Dembar was founded and Ordoth and Oraakil moved there, Drorthod leant out some rooms in his home. Then, some time after, he and Ordoth set out to Tamd.   Krildrac was, at that point, no longer the Chief. He had passed it on to his successor, Ilxar Nimphonker. That meant he had less people around him at all times.   Drorthod and Oraakil were able to corner Krildrac and confront him. Krildrac was unapologetic, saying he would do the same to Drorthod if he could after what Drorthod did to Orjish. So Drorthod and Ordoth worked together and murdered Krildrac Calumorn, with Drorthod preserving his body and hanging it as a decoration in his mansion.   Drorthod was shocked years later to find that Ordoth had joined the Army of the Revolution. Drorthod did not ever really know that was an option, and if he was younger and given the chance to fight the World Court again for what they did to his mother, he would have. But in his old age, he had no intention of being a revolutionary. He just wanted to have his traditions and stick to them.  
Onkesh Tazwunak by Jarhed

The 520 Massacre

Drorthod heard news of Drixodal Vortrin being Grand Wizard, but he didn't care. At that point, Drorthod agreed with Otikul Nurdesh. Grand Wizard was an outdated title, and having Drixodal, who Drorthod beat twice, gain the title was an embarassment.   He also heard, in 520, when Drixodal slaughtered all but one student in the Class of 521 and then killed himself in grief. Drorthod did not care that it was his own fault, but was happy instead to see the news show that one of those that came to the scene first to save any survivors was his own son, Onkesh.  

Chief Onkesh

In 528, Drorthod handed Chiefdom of Evity to Onkesh, believing he was ready. He was disappointed that Onkesh was not following his teachings, but Drorthod knew that he was getting old and needed to hand it off to someone. This immediately started a war betwen Evity, Ealla, and Bortan over the lands that once belonged to Ilder, as Ilder was destroyed when Drorthod wasn't paying attention.   During this war, Drorthod simply stayed out of it. With Drixodal dead and Ordoth missing, there was no fun in Bortan anymore. No true challenge. So he abandoned it all and decided to stay in his mansion alone.   Onkesh did everything he could to piss his father off as Chief. He brought in interns that were the children of some of Drorthod's most hated classmates, like Bupo Sickfoot and Caddos Damolnath. More than that, though, Onkesh started the Chief Crisis to destroy the title of Grand Wizard.  

The Chief Crisis

Drorthod liked the idea, but could not get behind the sentiment with Onkesh. Therefore, Drorthod fled to Yirthum, where he was safe for much of the war. He had enough money to move there, after all.  
Coldrid Saxan by Jarhed
He did not fight in the war, as he did not want to support Yirthum either. Putting an Elven puppet in the Grand Wizard seat was pathetic. He found there was another Evitian who agreed with him: Coldrid Saxan. He was the adopted son of Onkesh and next in line for Chief of Evity.   Coldrid got Drorthod on his side by saying that once this was over, Evity would simply break off and do everything on their own, not listening to the Grand Wizard or anybody. Drorthod liked his style, and decided to throw his weight behind Coldrid.  

Battle for Southern Elone

In 548, a group known as the Southern Elone Treaty Organization invaded Evity after Coldrid refused to join them. This group consisted of every other Draconian Village, and was led by Nalrik Tilrak. Drorthod fought in this battle, known as the Battle for Southern Elone, defeating Elven Noble Kamil Gilrel and Human Soldier Rebun Colad, but being stopped by Otikul Nurdesh's student and adopted Lizardfolk son Itask Nurdesh.   After this, Drorthod figured it would be time to retire. Little did he know, he could not have been more wrong.  

Ilder Returns

Oraakil Mardaar approached Drorthod with a proposition: help him refound Ilder. It was a simple request, and Drorthod was happy to do it. If it meant he could help out the son of the man he respected, he was happy. If it meant he had another shot at being a father, he was happy. If it meant he could help bring tradition back to the Villages, he was happy. It seemed, in every way, like a win-win scenario for Drorthod.
Oraakil Mardaar by fyrcracker
  Oraakil was everything Drorthod was looking for. Ordoth, after all, had vanished, despite Drorthod wanting more than anything to have a rematch and connect once more with his old friend and rival. After all, almost everyone else Drorthod knew back in his day had died by that point. With Ordoth gone, Drorthod saw himself as the only one who could really look after Oraakil. Like an uncle, of sorts.   In Ilder, there were also many others who Drorthod would connect with. The nonbinary baker who ran the "Cakey Bakey" bakery named Proxy Otibur being one of the more mundane people he interacted with, with Drorthod's love of baked goods making them a perfect fit for friends. He even used Proxy's ovens to cook himself dinosaur nuggets sometimes, though ordering Dinosaur meat from Udai was a bit too dangerous and costly most of the time.   More important connections come in the forms of Uustac Acoria and Lorzavur Exikmaan. Uustac was the PR manager and a noble who was in the Progressive Faction, so she and Drorthod were not the closest. However, they did not clash as much as Drorthod and Lorzavur. Lorzavur was a Druid who always looked to the future, dealing with life. Drorthod was a necromancer, dealing with death, who was always looking to the past. Therefore, the two often clashed.   Lorzavur and Uustac did, however, let Drorthod in on a plan they had for Ilder that they planned to unveil to Oraakil as a surprise; they planned to use the Druidry of Ilder to make a farm that would be able to produce more crops than anywhere else in the world, as Ilder was the center of Druidry in Totania. Drorthod loved the idea, but knew they would need to split the jobs. He decided that Uustac would run the PR and deal with trade agreements, Lorzavur would oversee who to hire, the Drygax family would run the main, central farm, and Drorthod himself would oversee funds going in and out of Ilder.   The real reason he did this was because, as a noble with a sizeable fortune, he was familiar with the ins-and-outs of money. It didn't hurt, though, that it was a fairly lucrative position.
Captain Rapport by Jarhed

Raid of Ilder

In 550, a force of the Elven Guard invaded Ilder. This force was led by the second-in-command of the entire Elven Army, Captain Marnis of the First Corps.   Drorthod was prepared for this, as it was a repeat of the Ilder Massacre that had happened to Ordoth. He prepared sigils and a counter for the second in command of Marnis: Captain Rapport Valhana.   Drorthod, however, was not the second in command of Ilder. The title Ordoth had all those years ago, the Chief Protector, a title he wanted more than anything, was given to Lorzavur. Once again, Drorthod was unable to live up to Ordoth, and instead someone else, someone who was better than him, was given the title.   Drorthod used Rapport's old superior, Captain Repos, whose body was found by Drorthod only a year prior, as a weapon to fight Rapport. Meanwhile, Drorthod thought of his time as a father, and how bad he had been as one. He thought of this especially because of how he saw Oraakil with his son, Hardel Mardaar. Oraakil was the perfect father, where as Drorthod was a failure in almost every way.   Rapport struggled against Repos, but as he spoke with Drorthod about being a father, he realized he could not allow Drorthod to believe himself a failure. After all, Rapport in some ways considered himself a failure, but he knew, as well, that he raised a damn fine son. After all, that was what their whole fight was about. The two men as fathers: Drorthod of Onkesh and Rapport of Imvis.   Injured and bleeding out, Rapport still limped over to Drorthod and reassured him.
“You’re not… a failure of a father. You were there… for him. Even in your anger… you loved him. A father only needs to love… and be loved in return. Know, after all this time, you were loved.”
— Captain Rapport Valhana
Drorthod watched Rapport die. But in that moment, Drorthod understood it. Everything. And he promised that he would bring Rapport back to say a true goodbye to his son.   Drorthod also found a specific worry in Ilder. At least, it was a worry for many others. For Drorthod, however, it would be his greatest challenge. For Ordoth Mardaar had come to Ilder in his rage, uncontrollably attacking everything. And Drorthod was not going to let him go free. After all, Drorthod was the one man who always stood against Ordoth. If there was anyone who was going to stop him, it would be Drorthod. He would not be upstaged again.  



Drorthod Lormorn is straight, having had a well known female partner in Orjish Tazwunak back in the day. He says he has had many more since, though none have stuck. He assumes that at least some of these women likely have had his child, but he doesn't care much. In his old age, he has kept away from women, as he cares little for them anymore.
Helle by Jarhed


Drorthod is a fervent follower of Helle, and is known to travel to the Temple to pray outside of it often. His home in Evity was said to have a window that overlooked a small portion of the Temple so he could see it from afar.  

Physical Condition

Drorthod Lormorn is gigantic, towering at a massive 15 feet. He works out regularly, using bones as weights, granting him immense muscle mass and keeping him in great shape despite his age. Drorthod himself once said:
"I could crush a watermelon between any part of my body, from my thighs to just two of my fingers."
— Drorthod Lormorn
It is believed this was meant to be a threat, as an Elven head is said to be like a watermelon, and Drorthod has a hate-hate relationship with most Elves he knows and is aware of. Therefore, he trains so he may fight every single Elf on Totania if he ever must.  


Drorthod is filthy rich. Little else needs to be said other than the fact that he has two mansions in two large Villages, and is one of the leading figures in the bustling trade village of Ilder. His armor has gold accents simply because it can. He revels in the Greed of Helle herself.  

Social Life

Drorthod Lormorn never had many friends, with his friends always being an odd bunch. Later in his life, his only real friend was Oraakil Mardaar, while he had a rivalry with Lorzavur Exikmaan, the Druid Chief Protector of Ilder. Drorthod talks to his necromantic summons sometimes, treating them like the friends that he otherwise doesn't have. He is content like this.  


Drorthod Lormorn is a powerful man in influence and ability. His greatest power is likely his status as a former Chief and the founder of a village, not to mention his persuasive speech and intimidating presence. He is an intellectual who is said to be able to outwit most people, known to play Chess often against former neighbor Aaren Ildial and winning half of the time as well.  


Drorthod Lormorn is a powerful mage, having graduated as salutatorian of the Magic College. He has lightning magic, but it is certainly not where his magical strength lies.
Dead Men by Jarhed
  Still, he is quite fast with his lightning magic, knowing how to imbue it into himself and grant himself and his magic more speed. This is a process that is towards the upper-levels of Lightning magic, which is to be expected from an old, learned man like Lormorn.  


Drorthod is a user of Ritualistic Necromancy, which requires carving runes and summoning circles. It can be tedious for some, but with Drorthod's advanced planning and lightning-fast speed due to his natural magic affinity, he can carve a complex rune in less than a minute.   Drorthod Lormorn is said to be so skilled with ritualistic necromancy that Dead Men, the highest level necromantic summon, is something he can summon an entire army of if he so pleased. With this, he can kill anyone in only a few hits.   Normally, however, he will utilize other tactics, as he finds fights that are too fast boring. At that point, he says, they may as well have just not fought at all, for the outcome was clear. Instead, he really makes a meal out of every fight, using even low-level necromancy moves.

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