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Army of the Revolution

The Army of the Revolution was a rebellious force that stood against the World Court during the 500s, originally founded by Fepar Tilrak and then passed on to Shatt Gunn.   Their mission statement is freedom and peace for the world, but they do not believe the ends justify the means, as they oppose that manner of "Justice Hurts" philosophy that the World Court preaches.  



The Army of the Revolution came into being, initially, because of two agents of the World Court: a couple of Draconians known as Fepar and Ildid Tilrak.
Ildid Tilrak by Jarhed
  They worked for the Court for a short period of time, but eventually they discovered the truth: the World Court was not as just as they claimed. They were sponsoring coups, assassinations, and other atrocities around the world in the name of their justice, and they were raising children in incredibly inhumane ways to become weapons or future judges.   Ildid was driven mad when one of the children used Mind Magic on Ildid to force the Tilrak woman to put her out of her misery. She had suffered too much, but Ildid now suffered in her place, her motherly instincts and time away from her son causing her to believe she killed her own child.   Fepar took her somewhere safe, where he intercepted Ordoth Mardaar, who was on his way to get revenge against the World Court for imprisoning him. Fepar managed to keep Ordoth from causing trouble, giving him Mind Magic and having his new ally broadcast a recruitment message for more forces. This message was known as the Revolutionary Proclamation.  
Ordoth Mardaar by fyrcracker
Phund Monet was the next to join them, helping them to establish a Headquarters in the Lawless City of Vitroveil.  

Quiet Revolution

They were incredibly active but not very visible for much of their existence. They did not have the manpower to do large actions, so instead they stopped World Court operations when possible, but prioritized helping the people around the world.   They recruited many members, even creating an offshoot branch in Udai called the Modan Revolutionaries under a particularly zealous Dark Elven warrior named Nhilace Cobath, though Nhilace then went to the Abral Islands to recruit more warriors and vanished. The Modan Revolutionaries were then passed on to her husband Morendyn Cobath.
Morendyn Cobath by Jarhed
  Morendyn considered himself the heir to the revolution, as Fepar was growing older and more distant to his forces, and as the army's numbers dwindled under his leadership, and after Fepar's failed intervention in the Chief Crisis.  

A New Age

This all changed in 547, when Shatt Gunn arrived in Vitroveil thanks to an anonymous invitation to Dia Ree, who he was interning with.   Fepar recruited him, alongside some of Shatt's friends (Hadon Leran, Expressive Mastema, and Imvis Valhana) and began training and working with them. In Shatt, he saw great potential not only as a combatant, but as a leader and a kind man.   Shatt dealt with many threats in Vitroveil in beyond, all the while Fepar, Ildid, and Ordoth met with Dia Ree to discuss the future. Dia Ree knew of the World Court's plans, but it was too late. The World Court attacked Vitroveil, setting Ordoth and Ildid loose on rampages in their insanity and crippling Fepar.  
Shatt Gunn by genuinetrickster
Fepar was rescued by his three sons, Nalrik Tilrak, Caddos Damolnath, and Shatt Gunn (who he had just adopted), then appointing Shatt as his successor.   Shatt led the Army for two years through the various World Court created Civil Wars in the Kingdoms of both the Elves and the Dwarves.   Shatt Gunn was locked away in Bortan for a decade, where he could only send vague messages out, however he and his wife were able to do this, keeping the Army knowing that he was prepared to fight when the time was ready, and that the revolution was not dead.


The Army of the Revolution has undergone two major groups of leaders. The first were its initial founders, while the second were the ones that ultimately carried out the job of the revolution.  


  • Fepar Tilrak- Marshal of the Revolution
  • Ildid Tilrak- Second-in-Command of the Army of the Revolution
  • Ordoth Mardaar- General of the Revolution
  • Phund Monet- Head of Strategy and Finance
  • Rosenthal Nutsk- Head of Reconnaissance and Recruitment
  • Nhilace Cobath- Head of Operations for the Modan Revolutionaries Branch

Final Leadership

Under Shatt Gunn, there was a much larger army, and therefore the need for more than one person to delegate the forces to. Thus, there are multiple Generals of the Revolution.
  • Shatt Gunn- Marshal of the Revolution
  • Morendyn Cobath-Second-in-Command of the Army of the Revolution
  • Vodron Nutsk- General of the Revolution
  • Oraakil Mardaar- General of the Revolution
  • Shordi Sux-Gunn- General of the Revolution
  • Oculus- General of the Revolution
  • Kathleen Ramone- General of the Revolution
  • Bhukk the Studious- Head of Strategy
  • Ambition- Head of Finance
  • Stranger- Head of Reconnaissance
  • Caddos Damolnath- Head of Faith
  • Lorakaen Shinebright- Head of Health
  • Imvis Valhana- Head of Propaganda and Recruitment
  • Nalrik Tilrak- Chief Executive Organizer of the Southern Elone Treaty Organization
  • Anarchy- Head of Operations for the Modan Revolutionaries Branch

Rejoining of the Army

Bhukk the Studious by Jarhed
In 560, Shatt Gunn escaped Bortan, leading a group assault on the World Court's prison, the World Cell, where he broke out Vodron Nutsk and headed to Udai.   Here, he met up with the Modan Revolutionaries. Morendyn was hesitant to agree to this new Half-Orc being the new Marshal of the Revolution, and so he tested Shatt, eventually agreeing to work with him and leaving the Modan Revolutionaries in the hands of his apprentice, the Devil known as Anarchy.   Alongside them, there were also their lieutenants, Vodron Nutsk, Bhukk the Studious, and Trickery.   Together, this group took down many threats, including the Korvian King Tyrant, and turned their attention finally to stopping the World Court's injustice, with Morendyn becoming Shatt's second-in-command.  


There are two bases of operation for the Army of the Revolution. They are both underground in different continents, Elone and Udai, though distance-wise they are not actually incredibly far from each other.  

Vitroveil Sewers

The sewers beneath the Lawless City of Vitroveil served as the main base of operations for the Army of the Revolution, as there was no government to keep regulations intact that made them function as sewers, so they were empty, unused tunnel systems instead.  

The Modan Bunker

The headquarters for the Modan Revolutionaries, the Modan Bunker is a series of passageways beneath the Modan Peninsula hidden away by grass, though the bunker itself is surrounded by rubber and artificial materials so that Tyrant could not sense it.   It would be the foundation for the city of Modan.  


The members of the Army of the Revolution were not, generally, known to each other, for there was fear of the World Court unconvering their identities, infiltrating with spies, and discovering all of them. Therefore, they all go by codenames to each other, save for those that are familiar with each other prior to their entrance into the Army of the Revolution.   All but the Marshal of the Revolution.  

Marshal of the Revolution

Fepar Tilrak by Jarhed
The Marshal of the Revolution is the leading figure of the Army of the Revolution. The name is a mockery of the same title in the World Court, their lead warrior.   The Marshal is in charge of all personnel, as they are the only one familiar with each by name and not codename. They oversee all operations, as well as just act as the face of the revolution itself. They represent everything outside of the law, and therefore are respected by all that know the dark deeds of the World Court.  

Second-in-Command of the Army of the Revolution

The Second-in-Command, when it was a title held by Ildid Tilrak, did all that the Marshal did in terms of publicity and knowledge, for Fepar rarely tried to leave her side. However, as Ildid had been driven mad, she did not act upon these duties often.   Morendyn Cobath, on the other hand, was a much more active force of leadership, in many ways a second Marshal that filled in the gaps that Shatt could not cover and, when Shatt was not available, he was able to fulfill his duties. It is the position of both an auxiliary and replacement Marshal.  

General of the Revolution

While the Marshal of the Revolution and Second-in-Command lead the entire army, the Generals of the Revolution lead individual units of the army.  
Vodron Nutsk by Jarhed
Initially, the army was too small and too scattered for many Generals, so there was only Ordoth Mardaar. However, by the time the Army of the Revolution attacked Stallbourne, there were five official Generals of the Revolution, in order of their rank in the army they were:
  • Vodron Nutsk
  • Oraakil Mardaar
  • Shordi Sux-Gunn
  • Oculus
  • Kathleen Ramone
They were in charge of leading forces of the revolution against targets of interest and then helping to lead the invasion of Stallbourne.  

Heads of the Revolution

There are various offshoots of the Army, and many things they need to take care of. Initially, Phund Monet took care of all of this, which was only strategy and finance.   Various Head of Reconnaissance were appointed, but few survived very long, and eventually the title fell to the rather irresponsible Rosenthal Nutsk, who roamed the world and rarely performed her duties.   As the Army grew, these had to be divided up, and more people were added to keep things in check. As the World Court tried using faith against them thanks to Amukk and the International Prosperity League, a Head of Faith was added. To combat the use of Ludhar's Legion and have a healing force for the Army, a Head of Health was added. To combat their propaganda, a head of propaganda was appointed.   They were there to suggest ideas and help the Army in matters other than direct combat.  
Anarchy by Jarhed

The Modan Revolutionaries

The Modan Revolutionaries were a branch of the Army of the Revolution that was meant to work where the original army could not reach: the continent of Udai.   It was passed down to multiple different leaders, from Nhilace Cobath to Morendyn Cobath, and finally it was entrusted to Anarchy. All of the leaders had their own issues in Udai to deal with, as well as issues with the body of the Army of the Revolution itself and its inaction.   Therefore, the Modan Revolutionaries were known for being far more active, and due to this and the dangers Udai presented, they had a much higher casualty count, as most of their agents died and, by 560 prior to a kick in recruitment led by Shatt Gunn, they were down to three members.   Plans for offshoots in the other two continents, Moroza and Shafai, as well as the Northern Islands and Abral Islands, never saw the light of day, and only Udai, the largest and most populous continent, was added to the Army.  

Southern Elone Treaty Organization

The Southern Elone Treaty Organization was founded by the son of Fepar Tilrak, Nalrik Tilrak, who had, prior to the founding of the organization, just met his father again and learned the truth of the revolution.   Nalrik was not sympathetic to the cause just yet, as he did not know his father well enough, having been raised by a foster father, but he did not trust the World Court, and so he founded a diplomatic group of all Draconian Villages, dedicated to keeping the peace in their land and, above all else, stopping the World Court.

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