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Marshal of the Revolution

The Marshal of the Revolution is the leading figure in the Army of the Revolution, a force that fights against the World Court's attempts to take over the world.  


The title "Marshal" comes from Fepar Tilrak, the initial person to hold it. He was rebelling against the World Court and, therefore, wanted a title to mock them.   The top soldier under the World Court is the Marshal, and their base is also known as The Marshal. Therefore, if they were rebelling against the World Court, the Marshal was the perfect title.  


The Marshal of the Revolution's main duty is, of course, to fight against the World Court and spread the ideas and spirit of the revolution. However, to do so requires many, smaller jobs.   The most notable is personnel management. Due to fear of the World Court uncovering all of their agents, the members of the Army of the Revolution all operate under codenames except for one person: the Marshal. They are known by everyone and they are the only person there who knows everyone. This way, identities can be kept safe in the event of there being a mole.

History of the Revolution

The Army of the Revolution was founded by Fepar Tilrak, Ildid Tilrak, Ordoth Mardaar, and Phund Monet. The four of them had witnessed the injustices brought about by the World Court.   The Court had been exploiting and raising children to be weapons, trying to take over the world, etc. The World Court even planned to take over the world in an event known as the Grand Crowning.   Fepar led them all, gathering more people like Rosenthal Nutsk and Kennedy Ramone, with the Revolutionary Proclamation, to the Lawless City in hopes of defeating the World Court and stopping their tyrannical plans. Thus, the Army of the Revolution was started, and Fepar became the first Marshal of the Revolution.
  This also means the Marshal of the Revolution must take careful note of who is aware of other members in the Army. If they pair up people on a mission who have never worked together, that could be exposing another person to a mole who reveals the identities of the members.   This also leads into the next duty: overseeing missions. The Marshal either personally stops, or sends others to stop, World Court operations like coups or peacekeeping missions.   The Marshal's duty also extends to being the public face of rebellion and, thus, often the most wanted person in the world. After all, they represent everything outside of the law, and must take on anything that is attributed to them, as propaganda is often made to try and combat the Army of the Revolution.   Many fear the Marshal of the Revolution, but anyone who knows the dark deeds of the World Court know to respect the Marshal. They are the greatest freedom fighter, after all.  


To become the Marshal of the Revolution, one must be a member of the Army of the Revolution itself, of course. They must show exemplary work in fighting back the World Court, and must acquaint themselves with the previous Marshal.   Then, in the time of retirement or death, the Marshal will appoint a successor. There does not seem to be any major procedure to do this aside from simply telling the other members about their new boss who is taking over.
Fepar Tilrak by Jarhed


There have been two people who have held the title of Marshal of the Revolution before since the founding of the Army. These people are Fepar Tilrak and his adopted son Shatt Gunn.  

Fepar Tilrak


The founder of the Army of the Revolution, and former Chief of the Draconian Village Bortan, Fepar was part of a group called the Mage Trio, where he gained the title "The Guardian of Peace."  

Shatt Gunn


Adopted son of Fepar Tilrak, Shatt Gunn was given the title after Fepar was crippled by the World Court. Shatt Gunn was the leader of a group of magic scholars, and was implicated in many events like the Crash of the Yùzhào.
Shatt Gunn by genuinetrickster


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