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The Marshal

The Marshal is the home of The World Court, and is shaped like a balance scale.  


The Marshal is located in the ringed city of Stallbourne, on the southwestern tip of Elone. This city is tightly constructed, with a few compact streets wrapped in a circle around the Marshal.
Inside of that ring is a lake, though some instead debate that it is actually part of the ocean around Stallbourne, and that Stallbourne itself is an artificial landmass added onto Elone. No theory has ever been proven correct, as Earth Magic that ancient could be hard to trace.
Judge Alpha by Jarhed
  The Marshal itself sits on an island at the center of that lake. The World Court swears that this island, at the very least, was naturally occurring, and that they are merely settling on land the Gods made for them.  


The building itself is built in the shape of a balance scale, with a round base that goes up and thins out into a circular tower. Near the top of this tower, two hallways jut out on either side. These hallways then lead into small towers (representing the strings that go down to two square buildings, which hang from the hallways like the pans of the scale.   Rooms The rooms within the Marshal vary heavily on composition and purpose. The two pan buildings even differ, with one being used as the main courtroom for all legal proceedings in the World Court, and the other being the residence where all the Judges live.   To get from the pans to the top hallways, there are the string rooms, which are created with elevators powered by pulley systems that are magically enchanted with Halfling technology.   The hallways of the Marshall, which make up the upper part of it, are filled with many different rooms. Among them are backup courtrooms, holding cells, offices, libraries (mostly filled with legal documents), food places, an infirmary, and the home of the maintenance workers that keep the Marshal up to legal standards.   Another, larger elevator system makes up the main tower. At the top of the tower is the Office of the Head Judge, though many believe there may be something secret that this title is hiding in regards to the room. Rumors range from a torture room to a hidden altar to an Evil Demon, but many records say it is just an office.  
On each floor of the tower are the many barracks for the Admissibles, who are the many foot soldiers of the World Court. One floor is dedicated to the Marshal, a symbolic title for the head of the Admissibles and often intern from the Magic College, who is named after the building.

The World Court

The World Court that runs the Marshal consists of thirteen judges. These Judges each come from one of the major races of Totania, and all work together to enforce the laws of Totania and judge the greatest criminals that enter their halls in the Marshal.   The current Judges are as follows:
  • Judge Alpha- The Head Judge of the World Court, and the Human Judge.
  • Judge Beta- The Elven Judge.
  • Judge Delta- The Dwarven Judge.
  • Judge Epsillon- The Mamman Judge.
  • Judge Gamma- The Orc Judge.
  • Judge Kappa- The Kamejin Judge.
  • Judge Omega- The Draconian Judge.
  • Judge Omicron- The Ophidian Judge.
  • Judge Psi- The Korvian Judge.
  • Judge Sigma- The Lizardfolk Judge.
  • Judge Theta- The Gnome Judge.
  • Judge Upsillon- The Nereid Judge.
  • Judge Zeta- The Halfling Judge.
There is heavy contention about races not represented, such as many Beastmen races, Goblins, Emetians, and the many races of Moroza such as Mishans, Fenns, and Wolfmen. Another debated topic is that ethnicities such as Jihdi, Shafaians, and Dark Elves, should have representatives. The World Court has refused all of these suggestions, saying they know best, and have mostly stuck to these thirteen judges.   It is also believed that the only reason a Halfling Judge sits on the Court is that Stallbourne was once a Halfling city, and the World Court feels like they owe representation to the Halflings. They do not, however, believe they need representation for all races, to which they receive heavy criticism for. Often, these critics end up coming through the halls of the Marshal and are imprisoned for fairly minor crimes that may or may not have actually been done by them.
Finally, there is the base of the building. This is sometimes considered a tourist destination, and there is one day a week where this is open to the public for them to go there. As the base of the building is a mass of different food courts with the foods of every culture on Totania represented. Most popular are the places that serve things like Draconian pizza or Orcish Ribs.

Judge Omicron by Jarhed
A company that is strangely known to exist in the Marshal but nowhere else is the fast food chain known as Kash N Taco, a Goblin taco chain named after famed Monion Kash Monet. This was a chain Kash started that very quickly went out of business upon his death, and is believed to have mostly been a front for drug trading, as Kash was known for breaking Goblin traditions and working with the Draconian Village of Tamd in making and distributing drugs. The World Court, however, has the only known location left in their food court, and reformed it to a real Goblin cuisine place. There is also a McDales in the food court.   The basement of the Marshal is a mail room. It is fairly simple in terms of what is in there, though there is a large amount of uncategorized mail.  

Which Came First, the Marshal or the Marshal?

The Marshal shares its name with the head of the Admissibles. Many question whether the title or the building was named first. The World Court has accounts that disagree, but the most widely accepted theory is that the Marshal building was named after the original Marshal that kept it safe as it was being built.   The story goes that Halflings, Dwarves, and Draconians worked together to build the Marshal, but many criminals tried to interfere with the construction so they could not be prosecuted by such a high court. However, an Elf named Almarsh arrived with a group of Elven soldiers and fought back against the invaders, protecting the building until it was complete. He became known as Marshal Almash, the first Marshal, and the building was named in his honor.  

Center of Law and Justice

The Marshal is considered the home of justice, where all major crimes are put before a court of law and judged "fairly." The outcome of one's sentence determines whether or not they are sent to the World Cell, the World Court's supermax prison that sits on a giant, isolated island off the coast of Stallbourne.   Any case not tried at the Marshal has its legality often disputed by legal scholars, however the World Court insists that other courts can make decisions. It is just that the World Court can overturn these decisions, if they so desire. This is often if they believe the ruling made goes against their laws.  

Law vs Law

A famous legal case happened in 442 where the World Court itself was sued by the Courts of Martinau. Martinau claimed that the World Court had unfairly made laws to discourage tourists from performing some traditional customs for the city, purely because it went against newly formed laws that fit other cultures but not the Humans of Martinau.   In Martinau vs the World, the representatives of both the Martinau court and the World Court were put in trial in the Marshal. The World Court Judges presided over the case while the Marshal serving under them was their representative. The World Court claimed this was a legal case, as they are all raised to be unbiased. Still, the case ended with a ruling that all future court rulings in other places should be sent to the World Court for confirmation before the verdict can be announced. This only further served to flood the mail of the World Court, and made the Marshal a much busier place.

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