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Dia Ree

Dia Ree was a Halfling best known for being a collector of Magical Artifacts and Items and owning the store known as the Siren's Song in Zephys.  


Dia Ree was born in Stallbourne, the ringed city that is home to the World Court. Her parents were Fia Ree and Pri Ree, two criminals who ran from place to place. After Dia was born, Fia and Pri moved to Vitroveil, the Lawless City, with Dia to escape the World Court. After all, Vitroveil was the one place the World Court could not reach.   Dia Ree learned from an early age how to steal, and how to discern what was valuable and what was worthless. Dia's mother Fia was an avid thief and coached Dia in her ways, while her father Pri was a murderer who made sure his daughter knew how to defend herself. Dia had stolen her first diamond (her namesake) when she was 5, and had her first kill when she was 8. She never stopped, getting a taste for the filthier things in life at an early age.  

Life on the Streets

Dia never had a home. Few people truly own a home in Vitroveil, after all, as there are no laws preventing someone from simply taking a home, nor are there laws for any way of getting proper ownership of a home either.   Dia would often be found in the Lodge of Ludhar, where she would be healed. Often they even tried to turn her away, saying she was not worth saving, but she would find ways to trick them into healing her. Eventually they just agreed to heal her and then wash their hands of it. One more bad life in the world wouldn't be the end of it, after all.  


She lived a relatively uneventful life of crime for about 50 years until she met a man named Sylvirlouc Zamrarano. Sylvirlouc was on a mission with his fellow Questers, an adventuring group led by Korvian food mogul Roaster, to find information on a strange artifact that could double one's magic. Something his party member Zefsica was keen to snatch up.  
Sylvirlouc Zamrarano by Jarhed
When Dia learned of this, she was quite curious as to its effects. After all, she had rarely even seen magic used for offensive purposes, mostly used for healing in the Lodge of Ludhar. It was always wondrous to her there, but this was something else.   She asked how she could learn something like that, and Sylvirlouc told her she could go to the Magic College, where he was starting as a Professor when he was off from adventuring. In 518, she did just that, heading away from home and her parents to Zephys.   Here, the Grand Wizard Drixodal Vortrin had a trial to get into the Magic College. He looked for people who were impressive in some way. Many people did flashy magic to prove this, but Dia did something much more simple. Dia Ree stole Vortrin's weapon from his back, then waiting until he saw her with it to drop it off of Upper Zephys. With that, he was impressed enough to let her into the Magic College.  

One of 16

Dia Ree then became one of 16 students in the Class of 522. Immediately in the first class, she was quite enamored with her classmate, an Earth Jinn named Ruby. Dia befriended Ruby, showing him a shiny ruby that she had gotten. It was actually enchanted, something she snatched off of Zefsica the Gnome.   When Dia went back to her dorm, she met two other classmates. Nevistra Ha and Lorelor Thirden, a Human and a Half-Elf girl. Lorelor was sweet, someone you couldn't help but like. As for Nevistra, she had a knack for artifacts of all kinds. Dia Ree bonded with Nevistra over this, remembering the artifact that Zefsica had. The real one, not just the little ruby.   Dia thought back to the words of her mother. Her mother Fia had taught her to discern what was valuable. In meeting Nevistra and talking about artifacts with her, Dia realized what was valuable to her. Magic Artifacts were Dia Ree's treasure.  
Kicad Bavul by Jarhed


Dia had many experiences with her upperclassmen. She looked up to the one known as Urokris Erthar, who was only one year above her, while also being quite terrified of most of the people two years above her, like Ikkul Ravofarn and Otikul Nurdesh.   However, she actually did get along well with two upperclassmen, who she looked up to as friends. Kicad Bavul and Olifla Darelor. The two were dating at the time, but Kicad especially was very friendly to Dia.   Kicad was known for enchanting items, as he was from Yirthum, and thus he supplied Dia with some of his enchanted items. Meanwhile, he and Olifla would hang out with Dia some times. Dia never really understood what Olifla's deal was, though. She always seemed off in some way.  

The Theft of 518

It was three months into Dia's first year when something was stolen from the Grand Wizard's office. A valuable document about Draconian history, specifically the fourth Grand Wizard, Wiscys Nicandir. There were four suspects at the time:
  • Dia Ree
  • Lorelor Thirden
  • Rharked Monion
  • Onkesh Tazwunak
Dia Ree was suspected because she was not shy with telling people she was a thief. Lorelor was suspected because of racism against Half-Elves, despite having no reason to steal it nor any evidence she would have. Rharked Monion was the son of Sliq Monion, an Evil Goblin Lord known for having a vendetta against the Draconians. As for Onkesh Tazwunak, his father was known to love Draconian history, so it was assumed Onkesh followed in his father's footsteps.
Onkesh Tazwunak by Jarhed
  Rharked easily disproved it being him, as he emptied out his entire room without a second thought. Still, he was a suspect, but not the prime suspect. Onkesh Tazwunak was enraged anytime he was accused, and was particularly vitriolic in his hatred to Dia Ree.   Dia struggled quite a bit that year to prove her innocence. She would often get the shit beaten out of her by Onkesh Tazwunak, attempting to prove his innocence by using her as a scapegoat.  

Unlikely Allies

However, Dia had some allies in proving her innocence. The main ones were her two best friends, Ruby and Nevistra, who worked with Dia. They worked the closest with Dia, alongside someone Dia also grew close with over the year. Lorelor tried harder to prove that Dia was innocent than herself, as Lorelor was used to being a scapegoat. Dia, in turn, tried hard to make sure Lorelor was proven innocent.   The other person who supported Dia's innocence was a classmate she never expected to help her. A Draconian from Tamd named Ilxar Nimphonker. An Alchemist. He was known for being more reclusive, and certainly not liking anyone in his class. His reasons for not letting Dia take the fall were unclear to her at first.   Ilxar was a staunch advocate for Dia Ree being innocent. He would continuously provide evidence to show that it could not have been Dia Ree. He said she was too small to have made the handprint left at the scene of the crime. She was too small to even reach the doorknob alone. Not to mention, the person who committed the theft had removed all traces of DNA. They were an expert... and likely an alchemist.
Ilxar Nimphonker by Jarhed
  It was especially strange to Dia when the culprit was ultimately found. As the culprit was never found exactly, but instead Ilxar Nimphonker approached the Professors and handed them back the stolen document, revealing that he had stolen it. He hid it and copied it for research purposes, but was providing evidence all this time to see how long it would take someone in the school to prove it was him. Only one person discovered it, Urokris Erthar, but he confronted Ilxar with the evidence and thus was content with his explanation.  


Some never stopped suspecting Dia had something to do with the theft. After all, Ilxar did defend her in specific. Therefore some believed she was a collaborator. There was one classmate of hers, Virjor, who was a staunch believer in the law. Due to this, he despised Dia Ree, and the two often clashed.   Dia also never exactly forgave Ilxar, and their relationship was rather hostile after he revealed himself. She never had a positive view of alchemists after that. Instead, she stuck with her three friends: Ruby, Nevistra, and Lorelor.  

The Tragic Year

Dia Ree had some problems at the start of her second year. Particularly these problems were with the Devil known as Vociferatio and the Human Terry Strummer.  
Urokris Erthar by Jarhed
Vociferatio was often quite loud, as was Terry. They also happened to be roommates, but their loudness clashed to the point that it made the entire class hate them. Dia Ree had to step in and negotiate peace between the two, and in doing so she grew a hatred for loud people. Or rather an annoyance. The only people she hated were Onkesh Tazwunak, Ilxar Nimphonker, and Virjor.   It was a fairly easy problem to solve, though it meant that Dia would suffer heavily due to it, as she had to then hang out and deal with both of them. It was Urokris Erthar's solution, as he suggested she lead them to a peaceful resolution rather than sit by and do nothing. She despised that this was the role she had to play, but knew there was no one better for the job. Or rather, knew the only other option was Ilxar Nimphonker, who likely would have tried to get them into his powerbase like he did with Rharked Monion.

Class of 522

Dia Ree was a student in the Class of 522 at the Magic College, called the "Failed Year" of Magic College students because of how many droppouts there are in the class, and how many failed to make an incredibly large impact on the world, trying but failing.  

Active Members

Only one member of the Class of 522 is both alive and a graduate. Half of the class dropped out, and all but two students total died. This is the only graduate to survive:
  • Zanni Laithra- A Gnome healer who teaches at the Magic College as a Magic Theory teacher, as well as acting as the school nurse.

Inactive Members

Half of the Class of 522 dropped out during their second year at the Magic College, after the 520 Massacre. Even more of these students have then died since. This list will be sorted into three groups of inactive members: Those that dropped out and are alive, those that dropped out and died, and those that remained but died.   Dia Ree not only dropped out, but then died in 548 during the Grand Crowning. She is an addition to the Dead Dropouts group.  

Living Dropouts

  • Davyer Comathol- The Grand Duke of the Gnomes who was the first World Court sponsored leader in the Grand Crowning Era, performing his Grand Crowning over 20 years early.

Dead Dropouts

  • Ilxar Nimphonker- Former Chief of Tamd, one of the greatest alchemists to ever live. Ilxar rebelled against the Grand Wizard and nearly took power in Draconian territory.
  • Rharked Monion- The Son of Sliq Monion, Lord of the Goblins, Rharked was a mercenary who gained Structure Magic. Best known for making the Birdcage around Zephys during the Chief Crisis.
  • Ruby- An Earth Jinn with ruby magic, a sweet himbo who loved shiny things and making food. A partner to Dia Ree.
  • Flopper- Flopper was a Korvian known best for failing. Getting into the Magic College was difficult for him, but it was thanks to his professor, Liar, faking his transcripts that Flopper got into the Magic College. However, he failed at everything... including living.
  • Durask the Forsaken- A Half-Orc who was allowed in by way of recommendation from the Grand Wizard, Drixodal Vortrin, Durask did not actually have magic. He was just intelligent and Drixodal knew he needed an education he could not get in Udai.
  • Lorelor Thirden- A Half-Elf who was killed by fellow students in the Magic College, but was not replaced nor were the students punished for it. It is due to her death, as well as the 520 massacre that followed it, that many of her classmates dropped out.

Dead Graduates

  • Onkesh Tazwunak- Former Chief of Evity, Onkesh was a powerful necromancer who revived the first Grand Wizard, Kilprax Ildial, but failed to contain him.
  • Yernok Caerxan- Former Chief that founded the village of Waire, known best for having and cultivating Impossible Magic, contributing to the normalization of the concept as it would later be popularized by Nalrik Tilrak, as well as inspiring his successor, Sinner, to start the Vampire Hunters.
  • Nevistra Ha- A Jihdi artifact hunter who was once the supplier of Dia Ree.
  • Virjor- Elven Guardsman and Personal Bodyguard that protected King Daeric Nerifir, died alongside his King.
  • Jonnos Jacalos Jingleheimer Shusk- A Nereid whose name became well known as a popular nursery rhyme, though the true story of his life is all but child-friendly, as he was killed in the Northern Nereid coup alongside the royal Damolnath family. It is said his spirit still haunts the castle, appearing even in multiple places at once, which is where the nursery rhyme of there being multiple of him comes from.
  • Terry Strummer- A Human bard who followed in the footsteps of Sirlini Glirdog, but ultimately died to one of her pranks.
  • Vociferatio- A Devil who was known for being incredibly loud, screaming every word he said. Some considered him annoying, but his antics grew on his classmates.


As do all classes, the Class of 522 had staff members, a Magic Theory Professor and a Magic History Professor.
  • Liar- Liar was a Korvian who taught Magic Theory. He would often tell lies, which makes many people believe that when he died, he actually faked his death. After all, he died the day before his class (which had dwindled to half their number) graduated. Some say he still is out in Totania somewhere.
  • Sylvirlouc Zamrarano- A Felid who taught Magic History, Sylvirlouc was part of a group of adventurers known as the Questers. Due to his reputation and history, he was given the option that very few non-Draconians get: to teach Magic History. Normally the job is on Draconians to do.
465 ME 548 ME 83 years old

The 520 Massacre

It was at the very center of that school year, on New Years Eve, that the Class of 521 was gathered in the Magic College Arena with Grand Wizard Drixodal Vortrin. Led by Urokris Erthar, they asked Drixodal to step down. In fear of being usurped and losing his position, Drixodal killed the entire class as the year shifted from 519 to 520. All but Urokris Erthar.   This tragedy shook every class at the Magic College at the time. The third years were almost entirely gone now, wiped out. The first years stopped coming to classes for an entire year. The fourth years grew bitter and resolved to create change. But the second years, Dia's class, were already dealing with a tragedy that had happened only two weeks prior.  

The Death of Lorelor

Lorelor Thirden, the Half-Elf of the Class of 522 and one of Dia's best friends, was killed two weeks before the 520 Massacre. It was not a secret killing, as her body was found in the Great Hall of the Magic College. However, the death was not only swept aside, but near completely ignored by administration and most students.   Half-Elves were persecuted heavily, and while most people ignored it, there was a select group that did not. Dia Ree, Nevistra, and Ruby of course searched for the culprit, though Ruby's help came less in investigation and moreso in his brute strength and the fact that he was closest with Lorelor, so he knew what she would be doing and what she would not have done.   The other investigation team was once more led by Dia's main rival, Ilxar Nimphonker. Assissting him were Rharked Monion and their Gnome classmate Davyer Comathol. Ilxar was curious but did not care much about prosecuting the killer. Dia, on the other hand, did.  
Yernok Caerxan by Jarhed
The investigations both clashed quite often, with Ilxar finding his way to clues after Dia normally, but understanding them faster, as his mind was more attuned to investigation. That being said, Dia understood crime better. She was taught this by her father.   Nevistra, all the while, used her magical goggles to analyze the crime scene and Lorelor's wounds. She helped Dia come to the conclusion that it was their classmate, the Korvian known as Flopper, who committed the crime. However, anything she attempted to do about this was foiled by their classmate Yernok Caerxan, whose only friend in their class was Flopper. Yernok's only other friend was his fiance, who was a year ahead of them.  

After the Massacre

When the 520 Massacre happened, however, these two tragedies clashed. Ilxar was interrogating Yernok, with Onkesh Tazwunak barging in on the interrogation to get them to stop when a group of fourth years arrived, telling them they heard a loud noise in the arena. These fourth years were Ikkul Ravofarn, Kicad Bavul, Tarthekar Padorim, and Otikul Nurdesh.   Yernok witnessed the tragedy, not seeing it (as he was blind) but instead hearing the fire around him, and having Ilxar explain what they were witnessing. That Yernok's fiance was dead. He isolated himself for some time, as all students at the Magic College at the time had their entire world turned upside-down by the massacre.   This changed the views many had, and gave new goals for most. Dia Ree had a goal of her own after this. After seeing such a horrible massacre, alongside the murder of her friend not long before, her view towards the crimes she grew up around had changed. Now, she viewed crimes not as necessary, but as something that needed to be eradicated. Starting with Flopper. With Yernok isolated, Dia killed Flopper, imitating the way he killed Lorelor.  


Dia Ree, along with half of her class, dropped out of the Magic College after what had happened. The death of Lorelor alongside the 520 Massacre was too much for them. Those that dropped out included, alongside Dia Ree herself:
  • Ruby
  • Ilxar Nimphonker
  • Rharked Monion
  • Davyer Comathol
  • Durask the Forsaken
Alongside this, Flopper did announce plans to dropout before he was killed, and Lorelor was officially listed as "dropping out" instead of being murdered. A cover-up done by the new Grand Wizard Thalmejis Durzire and his Noble Council at the time.   Nevistra stayed behind, but kept in touch with Dia. But Dia's greatest contact after dropping out was an unlikely source for a born criminal from Vitroveil. The World Court. They offered Dia a job as an enforcer, which she took gladly alongside Ruby.
Judge Alpha by Jarhed
  Dia gave them some knowledge when she first joined. A schematic map of the streets of Vitroveil, which the World Court had never been able to get into to survey. She was asked where the best place to build transport to the city would be, and she pointed out perfect areas for what would eventually be the World Court's Train.  

The Siren's Song

Dia then started a magical item shop in Zephys, called the Siren's Song, so she could follow her biggest passion while also keeping an eye out for World Court affairs. In all honesty, though, she expected that all she would need to do was give them the information on Vitroveil.   Dia lived peacefully with Ruby in Zephys, and when Nevistra graduated, she lived with them as well. Nevistra even hired a team to work for them, and brought in the most money. Nevistra went on trips, finding artifacts for them, while Dia still had her contact with Kicad (who had, at this point, broken up with Olifla), who supplied her with freshly made enchanted items.   Ruby, all the while, did the heavy lifting. It also helped that Dia was quite smitten with him, but that was a different story for the most part. The two worked for the World Court while Nevistra was, for the most part, unaware of this. She was never offered this as she was fairly uncaring about justice. Her only cares were her friends and artifacts.  

One Way Trip

In 527, Nevistra Ha went out on an expedition to the Uncharted Desert with her team. The team was found dead, but Nevistra's body was never recovered. Some said she was lost in the desert, though in truth she was taken to the Fire Plane where she had a son named Ogonn Ha.   Dia and Ruby did not know this, and mourned for their dear friend and their other workers. They decided to take a vacation a few years later, in 530, to Alzirgos. On the way there, they were given word from Judge Alpha and Judge Zeta that they should start looking further into that city and ways to take out its leader, Ehlam Medi, his highness. They had someone else to take care of Her Lowness, Safil Darelor, if the old woman still planned to be in power when the World Court's secret plan was enacted. A plan known as the Grand Crowning.   Making it to Alzirgos, Dia and Ruby tried to relax. She met the World Court's replacement for Safil, Lalrah Twopike. But this relaxation was cut short when a clown by the name of Klaus, who served in Alzirgos, attacked them. Dia tried to fend him off, but he was strong. She was unaware this was her upperclassman from the Class of 520, Jehlur Daka, the old friend of Dia's friend Olifla Darelor.  

Questioning Orders

For over a decade after this, Dia questioned the orders she had been given. She waited, but did not want to truly deal with the World Court's machinations. They had killed her love and had sat idly by while her other friends died. She fell back into crime, dealing with illegal smuggling operations, theft, and even murder.  
A Really Funny Fit by Yumedatchi
Her greatest heist was in the Elven village of Syla Anore, where she smuggled former Chief of Ealla Sirlini Glirdog and her husband Olmand Shinebright out of their burning house to fake their deaths. In return, Sirlini gave Dia a prize. A Really Funny Fit.   Dia also started getting closer with a Professor at the Magic College, who would frequent her shop just to chat for the most part. Her old Upperclassman, Professor Otikul Nurdesh. Otikul was intruiged by all of her enchanted items, especially the artifacts. He knew the history behind most of them, and would explain it in detail to Dia.   She listened idly, but normally just thought of her failure to protect those around her. Due to this, when the World Court sent the Korvian known as Etcher to give Dia a Korvian Ability, she gladly accepted, as it would allow her to protect people better.  

Time Travel

In 545, Dia Ree saved a kid on the streets. A Devil by the name of Silentium. He was trying to get into the Magic College, but could not make it past a guard. So she told him a way to get in. He failed at this, but was still saved by a different Devil named Mastema, and thus was fine. Dia took a liking to Silentium.   Alongside him, there was another student who came to her for help. A Nereid named Caddos Damolnath. Caddos bought some magic items from Dia, but mostly used her place to rest at the start of the school year when he needed to stay away from the dorms.  
Silentium by Jarhed
Later that year, a man named Alsamt arrived at the Siren's Song, saying that he was an assassin working with Kin Glorev, aka, Caddos from the future. He proved this to Dia in ways that cannot be elaborated on. He said that Kin was enslaved and they needed to save him, while also explaining some changes they needed to make to save the future.   The first was when Sinner and Tothra Staz, classmates of Silentium and Caddos, came into the shop. They were enemies, but Alsamt had Dia convince them to work together to save Kin Glorev.  

New Workers

When Kin was saved, Alsamt and Kin worked together to explain the future to Dia and how they could stop it. They explained why what the World Court was doing was wrong, and Dia was determined to help the time traveling Caddos save the world.   A man named Vodron Susk then brought a Emetian named Eagvek Jalor to Dia asking for her to take care of him. Now with Kin, Alsamt, and Eagvek, Dia had a new workforce. One she could use to save the world, one magical item at a time.  

The Birdcage

Dia Ree then was present in Zephys for the Chief Crisis, where her shop was caught in the Zephys Birdcage, trapped in the city for an entire year. Kin Glorev had left before they were able to work too much together, but she still had Alsamt and Eagvek. She witnessed Kathleen Ramone fighting a man named Sid Blitz outside of her store, and broke up the fight.   Kathleen reminded Dia of Terry Strummer, so she had a bit of a distaste towards her. Little did Dia know that she was related to one of Dia's contacts, the underground dealer Kennedy Ramone who supplied Dia with some of her artifacts.   Over the course of the year, Dia met up with members of a group of scholars trained under Salasar Feaphed. Most notable to her was Shatt Gunn, a himbo like Ruby, and Lorakaen Darelor, the daughter of Olifla.  
Shatt Gunn by genuinetrickster
They brought to her an Elf who had dropped out of their class, Trifaera Lusisce. She was quite racist, but Dia saw there was some good in her that needed to be beaten into the Elf. So Dia kept Trifaera tied up until the cage went down, teaching good manners to the Elf.   When the Battle of the Birdcage happened, Dia met up with Kennedy Ramone, after dealing with some threats like Laughter and Solution with the help of Alsamt. She was warned he was a threat far too dangerous for them if he was loose.  


Dia Ree did not get an internship at the Magic College, but when internships were being decided in 547 for the Class of 550, Dia was offered one of them by Otikul. He said she would get two students, and she immediately picked Lorakaen and Shatt, knowing they were keys to help save the world.   Alsamt advised Dia on what the best course of action was for the two of them. That Shatt needed to see Fepar Tilrak in Vitroveil, and thus Lorakaen would go there too to learn from Ludhar's Legion, a roving gang of healers.   Dia also wanted to meet Fepar, the leader of the revolution against the World Court, to warn him. However, she knew he would not just let her in, so he had Shatt warm him up. Dia also was worried about Lorakaen, as she knew how messed up Olifla was, and that it likely took a toll on Lorakaen.  

The End of a Life

Dia Ree found out later that Lorakaen was up against the crazed clown Klaus. The same one that had killed Ruby all those years ago. Dia feared for what could potentially happen to Lorakaen, knowing how dangerous Klaus was. However, she was warned by Alsamt that she should not interfere in this clash. Lorakaen needed to do it herself.
Lorakaen Darelor by Yumedatchi
  The last time Dia saw Lorakaen and Shatt was in the Lodge of Ludhar in Vitroveil. She tried to lighten the mood by stealing something. But then she noticed who Lorakaen was hanging around... Lalrah Twopike, Her Lowness of Alzirgos. The replacement for Lorakaen's grandmother, as well as an agent of the World Court.   Dia tried to explain to Lorakaen who Lalrah was, emphasizing the position of Lowness as being not a trustworthy or good person. However, Lalrah brought up that Klaus the Clowning-Around Clown was once a Court Jester of Alzirgos and that Lorakaen should go with her to hunt for him. Dia wanted to intervene, but Alsamt and Eagvek promised to watch over Lorakaen.   Dia trusted those two, and even gave Eagvek the Really Funny Fit to gift to Lorakaen. The only way Dia believed Lorakaen could deal with the clown... the weapon of clowns itself.   Dia also spoke to Shatt, warning him of the fate that happened to Ruby, and telling him to protect his friends but also worry about himself. She saw a brighter future for him, as he had a better head on his shoulders and better friends than Ruby.   She asked Shatt if he was working for the Army of the Revolution, where Fepar Tilrak worked against the World Court. Then, when Shatt said yes, she breathed a sigh of relief. This was what she needed. She asked for Shatt to put in a good word for her.  

The Grand Crowning

On the 20th day of the Month of Defeat, the 4th month of the year, Dia Ree approached the Army of the Revolution base. She needed to warn them of the incoming danger... no matter what. For Ruby, Nevistra, Kicad, and everyone else. For Lorelor. She would bring justice.  
Fepar Tilrak by Jarhed
Dia Ree made her way inside, and when Fepar found her, he smiled. He knew she was an agent of the World Court, but he also knew she wasn't here for a fight. He let her in, and she sat with him and Ordoth Mardaar in front of the cage of Ildid Tilrak.   She talked in circles for a bit before Fepar managed to get her to spit it out. Everything about her being an enforcer, and how the World Court planned to use Project New World Order and the Grand Crowning to replace every government in the world. That was something they planned to do on that very day.   Ordoth and Fepar were angry about why Dia Ree waited so long to tell them. They knew it may be too late to stop it now, but Dia insisted this was better.
"I spent a bit of time fostering the next generation. If we fail… I’m sure they can pick up our slack. They can do anything.”
— Dia Ree
  The two men both agreed, with Ordoth thinking of his son Oraakil Mardaar and his grandson Hardel Mardaar. Fepar was thinking about his son Nalrik Tilrak and his adopted sons Caddos Damolnath and Shatt Gunn.   It was at this moment that Vornush Wrakris, Head Priest of Helle, entered with the forces of the World Court. He agreed that the next generation was the key, and then attacked them.   Dia Ree was unaware of Wrakris being the Copy Mage. She and Ordoth both started to use their best spells, but Fepar noted that Wrakris was baiting this out. It was then that Dia realized who Wrakris was and what exactly he could do. He was the greatest force of the World Court, and he was here to kill them. To break the spirit of the revolution.  
Ordoth Mardaar by fyrcracker
But he did not utilize his own power. Instead, he teleported an Elf responsible for the death of Ordoth's family, sending Ordoth into an uncontrolable rage.   Ordoth attacked Fepar in his rage, but before he could kill him, Dia tried to jump in the way. Her stand was meant to stop people from attacking her when they had the intent to do so. So by jumping in the way, she hoped to protect Fepar. To protect Ordoth. To not let anyone get hurt.   Ordoth, however, had no intent to attack. Just pure rage. And with this, he tore through Dia Ree. In her final moments, Dia hopes at least that this gave Fepar an opening. That he can live on if not to fight alongside the next generation then to, at least, lead them to a new future. To guide them to the path they needed to take. As for Ordoth, she hoped he could overcome his rage. But when she knew that was impossible, she hoped he burned in Hell. Right alongside Vornush Wrakris.   Her final thoughts were of Shatt and Lorakaen. Of Ruby and Lorelor. She prayed to a Goddess she rarely ever thought of... Avandra, the Halfling Goddess of Luck. She prayed to Avandra that those few would have luck in the future. That they could save the world. And with that final prayer and blessing for her two interns, Dia Ree was ripped to shreds.

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