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The Lawless City

Vitroveil, better known as the Lawless City, is an independent city-state that serves as a haven for criminals. Despite many attempts to bring it under the rule of other nations, the city has remained unalligned and rarely participates in external conflicts, as they have no unified state within the settlement.  

The Lawless City

Count Toll by Jarhed
Vitroveil sits on the edge of the Ethereal Bay, across from Alzirgos.   It neighbors the town of Talaga, though Talaga does have laws and is subject to the rule of the Kingdom of Man. Vitroveil often exploits Talaga, and the relationship between the two settlements is strained.   Still, war is never an option, as an invasion of Vitroveil has proven impossible.   Armies have a need to adhere to rules of warfare, laws of how they can operate, for even if they are able to break them in Vitroveil, they have to answer to the world afterwards. The residents of Vitroveil, the criminals and warriors that live in its boundaries, have no such qualms, and have proven willing to do anything to keep their city from being overrun.  
Lualyrr Aleth by Jarhed

Unlawful Conduct

Vitroveil has no laws. It is a society that functions on the principles of self-determination and self-governance for each individual.   This results in a city that can, in many ways, be dangerous, for it means there is nothing stopping dangerous actors from acting upon their ill-intentions.   That being said, it can be safe as well. A lack of laws does not mean a lack of safety, as people are not predisposed to violence. Some people can be kind, and will be even without laws.


Initially, Vitroveil was settled by the Halflings of the Helft Empire, but did not last long after the residents were abandoned by the growing Stallbourne Court of Mercy, and the Helft Empire fell.   Later, Count Toll, a rich Mamman, alongside Lualyrr Aleth, his bodyguard, bought the land and turned it into a haven for criminals.   Count Toll had seen what heroes were doing to the world during the Age of Heroes and wanted a place free from them, where so-called "villains" would be safe. Vitroveil was the natural conclusion for him.  

Seized by the Court

In 548, at the start of the Grand Crowning, the World Court invaded Vitroveil with an army of World Forged led by Head Priest Vornush Wrakris of the Temple of Helle.   The Court's army destroyed rebellious forces in the city, seizing it for themselves, and held it for twelve years.   During this time, other criminals hid, biding their time. When the Spark of Rebellion, a reprogramed World Forged named Oculus, destroyed a World Court blockade and train station funneling troops and resources to the city, rebellion ensued.   Due to most World Court forces chasing Oculus and the absence of the Centurion in the city at the time, the criminals were able to retake Vitroveil and expel the World Court.
Either way, one must learn to fend for themselves, or find someone to rely on in the city of Vitroveil, as there is no certainty of protection from any force in the city.  
Lorakaen Shinebright by Yumedatchi


As there are no laws, there is no precedent for a ruling government in the city of Vitroveil. It is an anarchist society with no monarchs, politicians, or rulers of any kind.   Alongside this, there is no government body at all. No one works for the city of Vitroveil, instead all being simply residents of the city who do what they can for it if they please, and if they don't, they do nothing for the city.   Figures have risen up, throughout history, trying to lead the city, but they have had no purpose. There is no need for legislation in the Lawless City, so at most prominent figures have been inspiration to the people.   These figures of inspiration include: These figures never attempted to be more than forces to inspire the people and keep them on a path of doing good for themselves and other residents of Vitroveil. After all, as Fepar Tilrak once said:
Fepar Tilrak by Jarhed
"Lawlessness does not mean carelessness. We still must care for our fellow man and look out for each other.   Laws don't support us. People support us, though often hindered by uncaring, unfeeling legislation. Without laws, there is no middle man to get in the way. Therefore, we need to care more than ever."
— Fepar Tilrak
Even after the deaths or disappearances of these figures, they lived on in the hearts of the people of Vitroveil as inspirations keeping them going.   The closest there is to an official government in Vitroveil is Ludhar's Legion, a travelling group of healers that has its headquarters in Vitroveil since it is in need of the most help, and so its healers are the most powerful and consistent force in the city, helping to heal its people and the city itself to keep it running.  
Oculus by RovaRed


No official count has ever been made of the population in Vitroveil, largely due to the lack of formal government within the city. Therefore, it is unclear what the population in the city truly is, both in terms of numbers and species diversity. Most propaganda, particularly from the World Court, claims it to be a diverse melting pot of monsters from all over the world, in contrast to the peaceful and diverse Alzirgos.   Of any species that are likely to be most present in the city, Halflings, Humans, and Mammen are the top candidates due to proximity to other locations, but this is only an estimate, as no certainties can be determined.  

Rival City

Alzirgos is often the comparison to Vitroveil in every way. Most call it a paradise for its clean architecture, open walls, strict laws, and strong government.   Vitroveil, in contrast, is often dirty, due to its lack of public funding. However, residents often take to the streets to clean it themselves, not out of any legal obligation, but because they seek to live in a clean place. It has no unified architectural style, with many of its buildings being constructed to be intentionally strange and avant-garde.   The laws are non-existent, as is the government, and while anyone may enter Vitroveil, few law-abiding citizens ever attempt to.   While there has never been war between these two settlements, the people of Alzirgos and the people of Vitroveil fight semi-regularly, with Vitroveil citizens sometimes crossing the bay for battle which often results in either sudden defeat or a quick hit-and-run attack, or Alzirgos citizens invading which generally ends with their ships sinking in the bay or their forces dying in the street to impromptu attacks from citizens.  

Points of Interest

Vitroveil has many points of interest. What follows will not be an exhaustive list, but instead some of the known highlights.  

The Castle of Casualties

Count Toll's residence where he once lived, it was designed with the intention of being the most terrifying structure in the world, with eerie black stones making up its tilting, twisted towers that end with a sharp point. Its windows are blacked out, but are still visible enough that inside, Count Toll and the residents could see, and others outside could watch Count Toll staring at them from within.   Its interior is said to be covered in blood, with bodies displayed around it of those that failed to infiltrate it. Many operations were attempted to attack Count Toll and either kill him or drag him out of the castle, and he was proud to say that no operation was able to successfully do either, at least not in any permanent way.   After his arrest, where he willingly gave himself up, many other villains and criminals resided within it, but more often than not it serves as a place of rest for the homeless, where they can be safe from the natural elements.
Thina the Centurion by Jarhed

The Lodge of Ludhar

The Lodge of Ludhar is the home of Ludhar's Legion, a large marble complex where healers reside, and those in need of help may come to be healed.   If there is anywhere to go to be safe in Vitroveil, the Lodge of Ludhar is the best bet.   The greatest trouble with the Lodge is that it is often overcrowded due to the dangers of living in the city, and many needing help from the Legion. One cannot expect singular, special treatment there, as they are merely part of a collective of the "injured masses."  

Clash Citadel

Also known as the Battle Tower, Clash Citadel was a towering structure, the tallest in Vitroveil, where Lualyrr Aleth had once lived.   Within it, one can find floors dedicated to battles of all sorts. Each floor is said to be more difficult than the last, with the first few being tame, even non-violent battles. Sports, games, and other challenges are found on the lower levels, while the toughest physical and mental challenges can be found higher up. Battles against the most powerful fighters in Vitroveil of varying skill and strength levels await people on higher levels, with each one locked behind the caveat of having to win on the floor below to progress.   The tower itself is said to be tilted slightly, with a striped design of black and white for each floor on the exterior, showing exactly where the floors are. For this, some have even called it "The Zebra's Tail."  

Bunker of the Revolution

The sewers of Vitroveil, built during the Helft Empire's time in the city, were not well connected to the buildings in the city that Count Toll built overtop of the Halfling ruins. With no government to regulate anything, nothing ever ended up going into this sewer system, leaving it with only empty tunnels and corridors.   In the late 520s, a group of rebels known as the Army of the Revolution were looking for a place to flee from the influence of the World Court. This group consisted of Fepar Tilrak, Ildid Tilrak, Ordoth Mardaar, and Phund Monet.  
Ordoth Mardaar by fyrcracker
Phund was a drug kingpin and, thus, was familiar enough with the workings of Vitroveil. He brought them to the sewers, where they drove out anyone else residing in there, offering them to either join the rebellion or leave.   After that, it became the headquarters for the Army of the Revolution, hidden from sight in a place the World Court could already not reach.   In 548, at the start of the Grand Crowning, the World Court destroyed the street entrance with an army of World Forged, revealing the bunker and driving out the army.   Still, Oculus and Phund hid in it afterwards, preparing their counterattack.  

Vitroveil Station

During the short reign of the World Court in the city from 548 to 560, a train station was built for their new invention, the locomotive, to travel to and from Vitroveil. This station became the center of their power in the city, as it funneled in their forces and kept a direct line of control that could continuously send more soldiers to keep a grip on Vitroveil.   The train would go to various locations, with the three closest major stops being Stallbourne, Colvers, and Koningwald.   Oculus and Phund planted bombs across the station in early 560, destroying it and loosening the grip of the World Court on the city. Internal revolt afterwards, inspired by the two, would finish the job, and the station remained only as smoldering ruins in the time that followed.  

Trash Heap

As there are no laws of what to do when disposing of ones trash, all trash ends up being tossed at the coast, where it piles up in what otherwise would be the port.   Ships do still come and go from this port, but there is no formal force to check the ships or help them sift through the garbage. This sinks many ships, and often keeps Vitroveil safe from naval invasions.   An enchanted building at the center of the heap, called the incinerator, was made that sucks in trash and burns it, but garbage piles up far too fast for it to be effective.  

"Borrowed Clothes Stores"

Vitroveil is known for its fashion, as they can get materials and use them without restriction, gathering styles that break tradition and norms. Many figures have been known to have been inspired by fashions found in Vitroveil, including Shatt Gunn, Oculus, and Lorakaen Shinebright.   One clothing store that is particularly remembered is Crime Cloths: Criminally Underrated Sales. This store, however, does not make their clothes, instead being a "borrowed clothes store." This is a common occurance in Vitroveil, and more clothing stores there are borrowed, meaning that every piece of clothing there is stolen.

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