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The Southern Continent

Shafai is the southernmost continent on Totania, isolated from most of the rest of the world, but filled with lush jungles and vibrant cultures.  

The Jungle Continent

Shafai is mostly jungle, but one can find many unique areas in the different regions of the continent. One must simply travel through it which, while dangerous, is not impossible.  

Mainland Shafai

Mainland Shafai is split into two halves: The Jungle and the Edge of the Forest. The Edge of the Forest is a plain region mostly littered with some vacation homes of rich Devils from Manhottan. Aside from that, it is mainly savanna land, where some hunters can be found. Others around may try and protect the animals around here, with groups of protectors roaming to preserve the wildlife.   On the eastern side, there is a great jungle. Iganjojo, the capital of the Shafaians, is in the trees here, as is the World Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, with a Fairy settlement around it named Avalon.   The Sound of Mayowa is at the center of this, an inlet of water that carves out the middle of the continent. The two Tower Trees are at the entrance of the Sound of Mayowa, projecting a magical barrier that can only be taken down by those within the two Tower Trees.  
Zavese Collective by Jarhed


An island on the northern coast of Shafai, Abehir consists entirely of a sprawling, perfect city which few are able to survive in and none can escape.   The Zavese Collective hivemind lives on this island, constantly improving and getting better, using any who visit to fuel this perfection as workers to help them build. Abehir is constantly under construction, with the city itself actually being barely usable as it is constantly being built up and then rebuilt.  

The Pudazath Borderland

The Pudazath Borderland is the northeastern island filled will all kinds of exotic and powerful animals, made as a battleground for Nereids to go on land and fight animals that would otherwise be weaker.   This was made by Mugus Pudazath, a Nereid who wanted to train his descendants to be powerful mages and fighters, and so he bred the greatest of warriors and the greatest of beasts to battle it out.

Shafaian Races

Shafai is home, mostly, to four major races, though only two actually take up residence on the mainland of Shafai. Those from other races may have moved here in small groups, but in terms of populations centered here, there are four (technically five, if one were to count certain special guests).  
Neized Shaka by Jarhed
The main race on Shafai are of course the Shafaian Humans, who live around the principles of preserving nature and the natural beauty of all things. They live in the trees and try not to disturb nature, consulting with their ancestors and following the Ti Mayowa.   The other people to live on mainland Shafai are the Fairies, who are scattered all across the jungles of Shafai. They live mainly around Yggdrasil and are found in the trees.   On the island on the northern coast of Shafai, one can find the Zavese Collective, a race of blue, faceless people in a hivemind who seek to attain the pinnacle of life by constantly improving themselves.   In the seas around Shafai are the Southern Nereids, who are rather violent towards those trying to cross over their seas. Due to this, Shafai is fairly isolated compared to other continents.   There is one other group of people who can be found on Shafai, but it is rare to find them. There are some rich Devils who have homes in Shafai, traveling from layers of Hell like Manhottan to vacation in Shafai. If one ever sees a Devil in Shafai, they should run, as they will likely see little else before they die.

The Serene Islet

Fairy Queen by Jarhed
The Serene Islet is the home of many fairies. It is said to be a Heaven-like paradise, where people who visit are said to lose track of time. They will believe themselves to be visiting the Fairies for a temporary vacation, say for a week, but will instead be there for months, maybe years.   The Fairies here are more tricksters than those on the mainland of Shafai, and are said to play games and use their magic to mess with outsiders. Most concepts of Fae originate from the Serene Islet.  

Cousin Island

Cousin Island is an island off of the southeastern coast of Shafai, where a mansion sits. This mansion is the Totanian base of operations for the Cousin family of Devils, led by Profit, the top Stock Trader on Ba'al Street.   Somewhere within the mansion is a portal to Hell, which is the simplest way to get into Hell, provided someone can get past the dangerous traps and defenses laid out by the Cousin family.  

The Faraway Enclave

The island directly north of Cousin Island and South of the Pudazath Borderland, the Faraway Enclave is uninhabited, with no known civilization. Some say this is only because people have never truly explored it, while others say there are things preventing settlement on the island.   Why no one has decided to settle there is beyond most explorers, though it is said to have natural dangers that keep even those explorers from stepping foot on it.  
Mayowa by Jarhed

The Temple of Mayowa

Mayowa is the Goddess of Beauty, Art, and Magic. Her faith is practiced by most residents of Shafai, who will stick to her principles.   Her temple lies on the island at the center of the Sound of Mayowa, where a small settlement made by the Shafaian Humans resides beside it. In this settlement, the best soldiers of the Shafaians are said to guard the temple in exchange for richer mana stores for the Shafaian people.  

The Temple of Mimir

While there has never been any proof of the fact, it is said that the Temple of Mimir lies somewhere south of Shafai, in an area that will kill any who travel to it. Mimir is the God of Secrets and, therefore, the location of his Temple is also a secret.   However, the lack of land south of Shafai has led many to believe that Mimir wiped it out so there would be nothing around his Temple.  


There are many precious resources found in Shafai. In the jungles, there are minerals like gold, diamonds, copper, and gemstones. In the savannas of Shafai, one can find other metals like iron, mercury, coal, and uranium.   Of course, one of the greatest resources found in Shafai is the wood, with bundels of jungle wood accounting for much of Shafai's exports. It is tough, durable, and can be used for construction and decoration.   The plants of Shafai can also be made into medicinal substances, as suggested by Mayowa. They account for many ingredients for alchemical potions, though these do not get exported much, and are sought ofter by many alchemists.

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