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Iganjojo is the Shafaian capital city, located in the Sound of Mayowa at the center of Shafai. It is a city built out of and around the trees of the Shafaian Jungles.  

Major Locations

Iganjojo is a fairly large city, however it is not as built out or wide as other capitals of the world. This is due to the fact that the Shafaians have a great respect for nature and wish not to disturb it.   Therefore, instead of building the city out, they build it up into the trees, making Iganjojo incredibly tall, while not taking up too much land in comparison.  

Gior Hall

Gior Hall is the name for the central tree in Iganjojo. It is entirely hollowed out, and serves as the home for the Chancellor and the center of all government over the Shafaian people.   It is a towering tree, though not the tallest, it still serves as the largest place of interest for visitors.  

Port of Jolyn

The port of Iganjojo, which rarely has ships enter due to the Tower Tree shields on the eastern side of the Sound of Mayowa.
Oluwatoke by Jarhed
  The Port is not always out, but instead is made up of the trees near the coast of Iganjojo. These trees can be lowered down into docks, but when they are upright they serve as homes for some Fairies who live in Iganjojo.  

The Jonn Chambers

The Jonn Chambers are were many of the Ahunṣọ of the TI Mayowa stay. Here, they can channel the ancestors better, as the Jonn Chambers are open to the sky and, thus, the Heavens.   Outsiders are allowed in when seeking an audience with the Ahunṣọ, but if not then even citizens of Iganjojo are not permitted entry, as too many visitors can disrupt the ancestors.  

Sept of Seph

Connected to the Jonn Chambers, the Sept of Seph is a place where people can worship Mayowa without needing to go to her temple. It is an outdoor location marked with religious iconography related to Mayowa, where people can kneel in the sand and pray, make art in Mayowa's name, or go to the Jonn Chambers to speak with the ancestors.
Neized Shaka by Jarhed


Neized Shaka was around during the founding of the Human Capital City of Nerodil, but he disagreed with Gellark Lionrage and instead went out with a group of others who went along with his plans.   He traveled for some time, against all warnings, to Shafai with his followers on three boats: the Kasai, the Vaal, and the Benue. Benue, with Shaka on it, was sunk, but he was saved by the Captain of the Kasai, Babajide Kan.   The Humans under Shaka and Kan found the land where Iganjojo would one day stand and decided to build a city around it with the teachings from Mayowa.   Shaka would be killed by the Devil Profit, and Babajide Kan would then go on to help in Iganjojo's construction beyond that. The framework of the city as it stands now is all thanks to the plans of the ship captain and Chancellor of the Shafaians, Babajide Kan.

Josk Falls

Not necessarily in Iganjojo, but near enough that the locals will call it an Iganjojo location, the Josk Falls are the largest water falls in all of Totania at 350 feet tall. Surviving from falling off of Josk Falls is considered nearly impossible, though some Emetians have attempted it.   It is said in winter that they may seem to freeze, but that is just the mist and fog crusting over in the cold, making it seem as if the falls have stopped. There are legends that if one were to be lost around the falls during winter, a mysterious stranger will help you on the final leg of your journey to Iganjojo. No one knows who this is, or if the legend is even true.
Iganjojo Soldier by Jarhed

Jot Barracks

The Jot Barracks are the home of the Iganjojo soldiers. Here, they are trained and taught how to fight while still respecting nature. Those that fail to do even this are not just discharged from the military, but are often forced to be used as fodder to train the more respectful soldiers.   The Barracks themselves are not even carved out of trees. The soldiers are made to live entirely out in the open, with no shelter at all. They live amidst the rain, train in the hot sun, and sleep with the distant moon watching over them.  


The leading government force in Iganjojo is the Chancellor of the Shafaians, who leads the Shafaians in all things political and spiritual. They consult with the Head Priest of Mayowa, as well as the Ahunṣọ and the ancestors who speak through them.   The ancestors that are channeled by the Ahunṣọ always have a say in what goes on, nearly as much as the Chancellor themselves. Due to how many ancestors there are, though, this often gets dilluted.  


Iganjojo is largely populated by Shafaians, an ethnicity of Humans who live off in the continent of Shafai. However, there is a small but sizeable population of Fairies, who normally live elsewhere in the forest like around Yggdrasil.

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