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Ti Mayowa

Ti Mayowa, also known as Shafaian Spirituality, is what can be considered to be a religion, though many residents of Shafai see this as too broad of a term for their beliefs. However, it does revolve around their worship of Corellon, who is called Mayowa (meaning "Brings Joy") by some of the Shafaians.  


Ti Mayowa translates to "Of Corellon." Due to this, the beliefs of Ti Mayowans follow much of the same tenets as Corellon, focused around natural beauty.   One can measure faith in Corellon in some circles of belief by how much of ones body they are willing to show, as Corellon is the Goddess of Beauty, and her teachings say that the body is a temple that must be cherished. Of course, this does not mean Ti Mayowans or followers of Corellon are always naked, or even that they will strip whenever, but it is simply how much of their body they are willing to accept.
Corellon/Mayowa by Jarhed
  For many devout Ti Mayowans, they simply do not have bodily insecurities thanks to their faith, though those that question their faith sometimes are said to have some of the worst insecurities. If they no longer believe Corellon's teachings, then the image of their body is called into question as well.  

Body Markings and Art

Mayowa is also the Goddess of Art, which is why Shafaian Art is said to be so beautiful, as it is made as tribute to their Goddess.   Beyond that, Mayowa teaches that one should treat their body as a great canvas as well, and her faith includes the marking of ones body for various purposes with different symbols that hold vast meanings.
Oluwatoke by Jarhed
  Ti Mayowans, then, paint their bodies with different meanings. Ahunṣọ, like Oluwatoke, have their own markings, but other markings open up the body to different aspects of Mayowa, such as beauty markings for those who wish to be seen as more beautiful by others, art markings for artists to paint on themselves to advertise their work, and magic markings for the scholars of Shafai who wish to absorb more mana from their surroundings.  


Mayowa's last major domain is Magic, as she was the one to create it. Due to this, it is said that Ti Mayowans have an understanding of magic equal only to the great scholarly races like Dragonborn and Elves.   While the Magic College is a place where many go to study magic, few Shafaians go there simply because the teachings could be found by simply studying the local religion. While it is difficult, and few are able to master the top level techniques, there are on average more powerful mages in Shafai than in most other locations thanks to Mayowa.

The Channeling of the Ancestors

There are Shamans, called Ahunṣọ, in Shafaian Spirituality who have a great power to communicate with the ancestors by channeling their spirits into their own bodies. Through this, ancestors who have passed away are able to communicate with those who still walk Totania.   These Ahunṣọ often become more distant to the world, as they become familiar with Heaven and often do not experience life, as they spend much of their time channeling spirits. It is said that one can see nothing through their eyes, though some say their eyes only white-out when they are channeling spirits.  

Weave Portals

The way this is done is actually a technique that requires immense magical knowledge, which is gifted to the Ahunṣọ by Corellon. It is a technique where one reaches into the very source of magic, of which there is a portal in the brain, called a Weave Portal.   By channeling through this Weave Portal with a special technique, one can reach into Corellon's Heaven, known as the Weave, and call forth a spirit to manifest in ones own body.  

Use of Spirits

It is through the opinions of the ancestors that many decisions are made, and the Chancellors of Shafai will often consult the ancestors about anything they are planning to do, as the ancestors have a direct connection to Mayowa.   For outsiders, they can also access other heavens through the Weave, though this requires the help of Mayowa herself. Ahunṣọ, with Mayowa's help, can reach into other Heavens and contact other spirits who may not have worshipped Mayowa or Corellon.  


Ahunṣọ can use their navigation of Weave Portals to communicate with others telepathically through their Weave Portals. It is said to be an advanced technique that few are able to master, but if mastered, one can speak to another without saying a word.

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