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Yggdrasil is a legendary tree, said to be the largest in the world, stretching so high that its branches pierce the Heavens themselves. It is located in Shafai, the Southernmost continent of Totania.  

The World Tree

The legends of Yggdrasil say that the Nameless God, Athena, and Leigong went to Papatūānuku for help when they were making the first humanoids on Totania: Giants.
Papatūānuku by Jarhed
  Papatūānuku, then, created a tree so large it would fit the giant men and women the Trinity wished for, and thus it is said that Giants sprung forth from Yggdrasil itself, spilling life onto Totania. For this, it is said that Yggdrasil is the root from which Totania itself grows, as life came from it.   It is said that the property that allowed it to give life has allowed it to gain a magical property where emits a field in a large radius around it. This field, then, heals anyone and anything who enters it, and it is said to be greater than any healing magic could ever be. Many will travel to Yggdrasil to bask in its radius if they are injured or sick, though few ever return given how dangerous traveling to Shafai can be, especially for those not in peak condition.  
Papatūānuku's Branch by Max A Million

Yggdrasilian Branches

It is said that all Druids, or any healer who can use Control of Plants Earth Magic can make a branch of Yggdrasil, which can then grow into a sapling. This sapling is still giant, but is nowhere near comparable to the size of Yggdrasil itself.   Still the Yggdrasil Saplings are said to still have the healing radius, though it is not as large nor necessarily as potent as that of Yggdrasil itself, and any branch planted only creates a temporary Yggdrasil sapling that will wither away with time. No sapling, after all, can be the anchor of Totania as Yggdrasil itself is.   It is said the Branch that grants Papatūānuku's Beast Magic is also from Yggdrasil. If it is ever destroyed when the user is killed, it is said the next branch to fall will carry with it Beast Magic, though some believe this to simply be a myth told by Fairies and Shafaians.  


Shafai was, for some time, considered a place people would not go. It was too dangerous to get past the Zavese and the Fairies. Therefore, no one truly knew where Yggdrasil was, or if it was real at all. Only when the Shafaians traveled to it and then later told the world it was real was the myth proven true.   Ever since then, many seek to travel to it and bask in its healing light. It has been painted many times and is considered one of the great wonders of the world, and a monument to the four Gods that made life on Totania.
Neized Shaka by Jarhed


The Shafaians are Humans who traveled from Elone to Shafai, settling down in the jungles around Yggdrasil, led by Neized Shaka.   They lived amongst the Fairies, who taught them to love and respect nature. The Shafains then learned to live amongst the trees rather than tearing them down, and have since developed a culture around preserving the natural way of the world.  


The Fairies have lived around Yggdrasil since they came into being. It is said that it connects to the Eternal Forest, where Fairies are said to originate. The healing properties of the tree are supposedly necessary for Fairies to keep their magical properties, which is why their colonies are entirely built around it.  


The Zavese Collective, a race of blue beings seeking perfection, have implied their desire to conquer Yggdrasil, as they believe that it is the perfect place to live.   This has brought conflict between them and the Fairies, though ultimately they give up, as the Hive Mind of the Zavese is well aware they can go back to it one day, while the Fairies will eventually die out.

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