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Abral Islands

The Abral Islands are an archipelago in the far east of Totania, home to the Abral Empire of Kamejin and Tainuki. Bordering on the east is the continent of Elone, on the west is the continent of Udai, and to the north is the frozen landmass of Moroza.  
Eastern Elone


There are 13 major islands (and many minor, smaller islands) that make up the Abral Archipelago, though only 8 and a half are part of the Abral Empire. The list will begin with the 9 Kamejin Islands, ending with the 4 non-Kamejin controlled.  

Land of the Abral Empire

The Abral Empire controls a majority of the Abral Archipelago, thus the name. The Kamejin dynasty that rules it claims ownership on these islands, while the Tainuki claim first rights to the land.  
Hatanaka Ryōta by Jarhed

Taiyou no Shima

The Island of the Sun, Taiyou no Shima is the most well known island of the Abrals. It is home to the Temple of Pelor, the God of the Sun, a towering structure at the northern tip of the island that points always to the sun in the sky. There is also the mountain known as Yume no Yama, the Mountain of Dreams, that towers over the island at its very center.   Many populous cities are on Taiyou no Shima, such as the capital of the Abral Empire, Kochi. The military base on the island is Nagayoko, and Kashiwa to the South of the island is the second largest city on the islands, a bustling mercantile port. Other smaller villages are around the island as well, such as Minihadaka or Komegami.   Taiyou no Shima was settled by the first Abral Emperor, Emperor Hatanaka Ryōta, who made peace with the Tainuki who lived there already, founding Kochi and establishing what would become the greatest empire on the seas.  
Yamasaki Teruo by Jarhed

Ha no Shima

The Island of Blades, Ha no Shima is an island filled with canals and beautiful gardens.   Its most famous settlement is Ichisaki, the city of blacksmiths, where one travels mostly by boat through the canals. The best weapons and armor are made here.   To the west of the island is Teruo's Garden, a magnificent palace teeming with every plant that could grow in the soil of the island.   The garden was once home to legendary botanist Yamasaki Teruo, but has since become a tourist destination.  


Omijima is named after its most well known feature: the tourist trap city of Omi. Omi is an amusement park filled with attractions like the enchanted ferris wheel, the merry go round, roller coasters powered by wind magic, and walkthrough areas that tell stories of all over the world. Omi is where those in the Abrals go to learn of the outside.   Due to this, Omi also has another famous attraction: mascots. The mascots of Omi dress and act like historical figures not just from the Abral Islands, but from all over the world, telling the stories so that they may pass down to future generations. Often they are done humorously, though some (particularly villainous figures) are portrayed seriously.


There are many people that inhabit the Abral Island, but there are six major groups that live on them.  


The native inhabitants of the Abral Islands, the Tainuki are racoondog-like people. After they were made by Pelor, they spread to some of the islands, greeting the Kamejin as they arrived.   The Tainuki have representation in the Kamejin government, but generally the populace has no greater desire to control the land. They merely wish to live on it.  


Rulers of the Abral Empire that controls most of the archipelago, the Kamejin are the most populous race on the islands.   The Kamejin landed on the Abrals and made peace with the Tainuki people, then starting their civilization. They keep fairly isolated from world affairs, but have the largest navy in the world and control the second largest naval thoroughfare in the world after the Strait of Ildial.  


The Lizardfolk initially lived west of the Abral Islands, with the Ophidians, on Elone. However, they fled, chased by the Kamejin navy, settling instead on Udai.   Later, they expanded their territory to some of the eastern islands of the Abrals. They faced off against the Dragon Lord Reoma the Wretched and the Anurans, constantly being under threat from them as well as the Orcs and Kamejin.  


Two Dragon Lords live on the Abral Islands. One is Reoma the Wretched, the Black Dragon Lord. The other is Yrdot the Youngling, a younger Dragon who became a Dragon Lord through Vampirism.   Yrdot lives alone on his island, terrorizing everyone, while Reoma lives with the Wretched Anuran Cult and only attacks Lizardfolk unless others try to settle on his land.  


The Anurans are frogfolk that live in the swamps of Udai.   They do not, generally, live in the Abral Islands, but some live on Mythscar Island with Reoma the Wretched. These are cultists who worship the Dragon as a God, called Wretched Anurans.  


It is likely that many Changelings live in hiding around Totania, and in the Abrals things are no different. They have shapeshifting powers and can look like any kind of person.   However, they also inhabit Primeron Island in their only permanent settlement, an island that lies at the South of the Abral Islands that is near uninhabitable.   Their unique physical makeup allows them to live in a place no others could.
On the eastern coast is a beach of palm trees which attracts just as many tourists as the city of Omi. Many flock to see the tall palm trees that tower over the beaches while relaxing on the sand.  

Kukku no Shima

Also known as "Ryōri Hito no Rakuen" or Chef's Paradise, Kukku no Shima is also known as Cook's Island. Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple reasons for its name.
Ishii Daisuke by Jarhed
  The most clear reasoning is its most famous location: Fukuzumi. Fukuzumi is a city on the southwestern coast of the island, home to the Gourmet Academy as well as the temple to the God of Famine and the Gourmet, Erra.   The Gourmet Academy has taught every famous chef in the world, including heroes like Ishii Daisuke and Forvan Redfury.   The Temple of Erra gives the academy its teachings so that it may distribute them further to the people who attend the school.   It is also called Cook's Island because of the hot springs of Iwayako, where one is said to be cooked to inner and outer peace. Aside from that, there are two other major settlements, one being Shinkami, the village protected by an evil spirit.   The other settlement on Cook's Island is Okugata, a cozy, quiet village tucked away in a coastal valley. Few travel to it because they let in very few outsiders.  

Kishi-dō no Shima

The Island of Chivalry, Kishi-dō no Shima is an island that puts on the idea that they are filled with the most honorable people in the Abral Empire. However, this is a front for the island, particularly its major city of Yokorano that sits on its northern coast, which is the headquarters of the organized crime group in the Abral Empire known as the Yakuza.   All Yakuza operations are centered on Kishi-dō no Shima in and around Yokorano.   This includes taking people to the natural wonder if the island, the Sakura Forests that cover everywhere around Yokorano on the island. These forests of Cherry Blossom trees are the most famous image of the Abral Islands and of Kamejin culture in general, and a sign of the chivalry that does still exist on the island.  

Eikō no Shima

Glory Island is the island directly north of Taiyou no Shima. It oversees the three major shipping lanes of the Abral Islands, first between Elone and the Abral Islands. This is the lane between Yugatari on the island's western coast, and the mainland settlement of Horomoto. Most ships from Elone must pass through this lane, and thus incur a fee from the people of Yugatari.   Then, they have twin cities on two separate islands. The northern settlement on Taiyou no Shima, Myanai, is twin cities with the southern citi on Eikō no Shima, Funashiri. Travel to the Temple of Pelor requires paying a fee to one of these two cities.   Then there is the route to the north where Toukumo is. This is where ships trying to avoid those fees, or coming from Kyokai Shima or other nearby islands, passes through. Toukumo is most famous for the sand dunes beside it, which are constantly growing for unknown reasons.  
Beshrok by Jarhed

Satori no Shima

The northwestern island of the Abral archipelago, and the closest to western civilization, the Island of Enlightenment. It is said to be the rising sun that most travelers from Elone see when they sail to the Abrals, and much of its economy is focused on welcoming travelers as a first point into the Abrals, as well as fishing.   Its largest settlement is the City of Monks on its east coast, Narayama, which trains monks, shrine priests, and shrine maidens to keep Pelor's shrines.  

Lizardfolk Islands

The Lizardfolk have little claim on the Abrals, but they do own one and a half island. The first listed is one that is shared (not willingly) between the Lizardfolk and the Kamejin, while the other is one they own completely.  

Kyokai Shima

Also called Boundary Isle, Kyokai Shima is the north-eastern corner of the Abral Islands and is said to be the very boundary of the world, where east meets west. Everything east of the Kyokai Shima, such as the west of Udai as well as the islands of Ravenhaven, Mythscar, and most of Shinjima, are considered the Far West rather than the Far East like the rest of the Abrals, as they lie beyond Boundary Isle.   Kyokai Shima is home to Kamejin and Lizardfolk. The northern and western parts of the island are under Kamejin control with the settlements of Uratori and Tsuji, while the southern and eastern section of the island is often Lizardfolk with their settlements of Torworth and Asgate. Torworth, however, lies on the border of Kamejin territory, and right beside the military center of Kamejin society: Shi no Yosai.   The Shi no Yosai is where all of the Kamejin military, both land and sea forces, have their headquarters. It is at the center of the Kyokai Shima, between the Kamejin settlement of Tsuji and the Lizardfolk settlement of Torworth. It is where most Kamejin invasions against the Lizardfolk are launched from.  


To the south of Kyokai Shima is Ravenhaven, an island populated largely by conspiracies of ravens. The Lizardfolk live here, with bunkers beneath their settlement. When the ravens fly away, they hide in the bunkers out of fear of threats like Reoma the Wretched.  

Home of the Dragon Lords

There are two islands that are under the direct power of the Dragon Lords Reoma the Wretched and Yrdot the Youngling. These islands are the most dangerous places to go in the Abrals, even setting foot on them could spell instant death via some of the strongest Dragons in the world.  
g'Neen by Jarhed

Mythscar Island

Mythscar Island is the home of the Black Dragon Lord Reoma the Wretched, a terrifying, seemingly unkillable force of nature. Some say he is the strongest of the Dragon Lords, and while Zome Lord of Red begs to differ, it is certain that Reoma is the most resilient of them all.   Mythscar is made up of swamps, where Reoma bathes. One can find Reoma's treasures lining the island as well, though to touch them is to beg for death.   It is the home of some Anurans, though those that live here are often outcasts from society after g'Neen disowned those who follow Reoma.   The Anurans on Mythscar Island are called Wretched Anurans, for they are a cult that worships Reoma.  


Shinjima, also known as Shinjima Island, as a place where few have ever survived treks. No concrete knowledge exists other than the likely existence of Yrdot the Youngling, a Green Dragon who seeks to become a Dragon Lord through Vampirism. No knowledge exists outside of the island of the Great Vampire Lord, Wolfram Von Errst, living on Shinjima.  


There is one island that is not controlled by any of the above parties. Neither Dragons, Lizards, Kamejin, or Tainuki own this island.  

Primeron Island

Primeron Island is a stand-out in the archipelago. It is moreso part of the archipelago due to proximity rather than its actual geography. The defining feature of the island is its greenish-blue grass, as opposed to the green grass of other islands.   It is a very offputting and barren island that is not easily survivable, and many say it cannot sustain life. The Abral Empire never laid claim to it due to that. Changelings have a natural healing property and do not need food, only water, so they settled it instead as a safe haven.

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