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Suzuishan is the village in the Jihdi Kingdom that mines Fuccium.  


Suzuishan was the second Jihdi city ever founded, after the capital itself. Due to this, it holds ancient history and a grudge with the Ophidians and Kamejin that few other places share.   Both races tried to steal the city from the Jihdi, but the Jihdi fought back to protect their resource-rich settlement. After getting tired of so much fighting, the Jihdi decided to build a wall around the city. Ever since then, the wall has served to protect from invaders wishing to take the town or the town's resources for themselves.   Ever since then, it has been relatively untouched, and little goes on there. It keeps itself off the map enough to not cause trouble, though some world figures visit to try and get Fuccium. The only known successful one was the Dwarven General Melthrum, who managed to score himself an entire suit of armor made from Fuccium with a custom paint job done in Suzuishan, rather than most people that need to get it painted themselves. Melthrum had managed to save a Suzuishan trade caravan from raiding thieves from the Cragspear Bandits, and rather than what some people do and steal the Fuccium afterwards, he escorted them back to Suzuishan.

Red Pandas

Red Pandas are creatures that are native to Suzuishan. Due to this, they have a very vital role in the culture and jobs of the townsfolk.   Due to Suzuishan being a mining town, some miners brought Red Pandas into the mines with them. After doing so, they found that Red Pandas had an extra sense, which allowed them to sense the magical energy of Fuccium. Ever since then, Red Pandas are common additions to mining teams, and became the mascot of Suzuishan.

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Mining Operations

Melthrum by Jarhed
Fuccium is only available from the Suzuishan mines, where it is found scattered amongst various other resources. The residents try to do whatever they can to get Fuccium, as it is their main source of income and the main draw of the city.   The residents of Suzuishan have also, however, attempted to make more exports. In 287, some of the residents attempted to take up blacksmithing. After two years, they were kindly asked by Kamejin and Dwarves to stop, as their crafts were mediocre at best. They were asked to stick to mining it, and were told that the Kamejin and Dwarves would stick to crafting it into weapons and armor.  


Suzuishan is a location that tourists do try and visit when they go to the Jihdi Kingdom, though it is not exactly the most accessible place. The walls are often closed, and only open once a week to let in merchants.   Tourists enter on that day of the week, and then have no choice but to stay in the city until the next week when it opens again. While there, they get the chance to see the mines, walk through the Red Panda Zoo, and buy Fakeium, a knock-off Fuccium alloy created to sell as souvenirs. It is nowhere near as strong as Fuccium, but looks enough like it to pass as Fuccium.   Some tourists do try to escape the city. For this, they are not allowed out the gates. The guards of the city expect that they are trying to steal Fuccium or Fuccium related products and thusly chase after them.   This has resulted in various people climbing to the top of the wall and jumping off. The wall is, however, twenty-six feet tall. Therefore, few survive the fall. When they do, they are often chased down by the forces of Suzuishan and are killed. Of the ones that die in either of these manners, very few have actually been found to have stolen Fuccium. Still, Suzuishan would rather be safe than sorry.  


There are some very interesting locations for tourists in Suzuishan. Chief among them is of course the mines where Fuccium is mined from. Then there is the Red Panda Zoo and the wall.   But there is another great attraction for tourists in Suzuishan. The statue of famed Kamejin manga hero, Mikami Saburo, from popular manga Quiet God. The statue is in the Submerged Sector, a region of the city that has been dug out and is much deeper than the rest of the city. This is because this is where the Mines used to begin, but after they were drained of Fuccium, the city expanded down into the mines as they could not (or rather do not want to) build out the walls.   The statue is made of stone that was not removed when the Submerged Sector was created. The one that led the dig was a fan of Quiet God, and therefore immortalized it in Suzuishan. The Kamejin creator has asked for it to be removed, but all attempts by Kamejin to do so have resulted in a major loss for the Kamejin army.  


Yan Jianguo by Jarhed
Suzuishan was founded not long after the Jihdi settled their peninsula. They found a vast source of metal there, which they believed at first was just a basic metal like iron. It was a simple mining town with nothing incredibly special. That is, until the first invasion.   The Ophidians did not know people had settled in this area, which they often visited to plunder it of its Fuccium. The residents fought back, and when they shot magic at the Ophidians, they found that the Ophidians instead blocked the spells with their Fuccium. When they saw the Fuccium change to become Ascinating, they understood why it was so sought after.   They called forth Yan Jianguo, the Ninja that had helped settle the Jihdi, to come help them. He retook the village, and helped them get ready for further attacks.   Upon Yan's death, a man named Wen Zhaohui arrived with a brilliant idea. To fend off attacks with a giant wall surrounding Suzuishan, which would at least slow down if not entirely stop incoming invasions and attacks. Its main purpose was that of a deterrent, but it also had the simple function of being a literal, giant wall.   There were still many points in history following this where Suzuishan was captured, but the Jihdi now knew the secrets of the city. The Ninja Legion even began training specifically in things like scaling walls so that taking back Suzuishan would be a simple task if it were to ever fall into enemy hands.

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