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Southern Elone Treaty Organization

SETO for short, the Southern Elone Treaty Organization is a group dedicated to halting the progress of the World Court in their quest to, seemingly, take over the world.  

The Great Draconian Alliance

The Southern Elone Treaty Organization was founded as a result of the Chief Crisis, where the Draconian Villages were led into a war with each other and the Grand Wizard in hopes of the Chiefs of the winning village becoming Grand Wizard themselves.
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed
  All but one Chief, Otikul Nurdesh of Dembar, died in the conflict and were replaced by their successors, their adoptive children or apprentices.  


The new Chief of Bortan and adoptive son of the war's catalyst Ikkul Ravofarn, Nalrik Tilrak called all of the new Chiefs (and the one remaining Chief together to meet up in his home village of Bortan.   Four influential figures gathered in Bortan to meet Nalrik. Higar Vixik and Vardid Liloryas, Chiefs of Tamd and Ealla respectively, were glad to meet with Nalrik. Otikul Nurdesh was less enthused, and the Elven representative of Yirthum, Commander Farcorin, had an outburst and left the meeting almost immediately.   Nalrik Tilrak proposed an alliance between the villages, to prevent another Chief Crisis and protect Draconian territory against the growing threat of the World Court. Otikul Nurdesh, believing Dembar's power to be enough to handle things alone and disapproving of the young leader's approach, declined the offer.   It did not help that the meeting was interrupted by Nalrik's adoptive brothers, who were living in the Bortan orphanage. Cracul Daxur, Narjeth Yelrath, Vammic Nimphonker, Laltel Bavul, and Donxosir Padorim. They wished to lighten the mood of this tense meeting, but only made Otikul and Farcorin more disdainful towards Bortan.  

An Unprecedented Alliance

This left Nalrik with the Chiefs of Tamd and Ealla, Higar Vixik and Vardid Liloryas. These were childhood friends of his, all people who had grown up following in the footsteps of their adoptive parents, their predecessor Chiefs. They shared the trauma of bearing the sins of their parents, who had caused and propagated a great war to gain potential power.
Higar Vixik by Jarhed
  In a most unprecedented way, for the first time in history, the forces of Ealla and Tamd united. These were two villages with a history of horrible animosity, with wars being waged throughout Draconian history between the two. In recency it had boiled down to a more petty rivalry, yet still a joint force of the two for more than a short period of time was historic. Some say this was thanks to the diplomacy of Nalrik Tilrak, calling him a great leader for it. Others attribute it to the friendship the three shared, or their shared pasts. The other possibility is that it was an alliance borne purely from necessity.   Whatever the reason, the event in and of itself, of Alchemists and Bards uniting under one banner, would go down in the history books. A quote from Vardid Liloryas speaks to her thoughts on the matter, as both her father and Higar's father had teamed up to try and kill the Grand Wizard on the final day of the Chief Crisis, which resulted in their deaths and the end of the war.
The villages could not, however, unify under either Tamd or Ealla. Putting one above the other would cause far too much unrest. Despite this, Nalrik Tilrak still did not want to lead. He wanted all of the members of SETO to be equal.   So he would not exactly lead, but would instead be a figurehead. A symbolic leader, if not a literal one. Someone to unite the forces of Southern Elone under a banner of peace, when before Bortan had torn it apart with war.
“They teamed up in their last moments to kill a guy. If they’d punish us for teaming to save people… then they can torture me in the greatest damn pits of Hell for allying with Tamd.”
— Vardid Liloryas
And so the villages united. Bortan, Tamd, and Ealla. A historical alliance, but hardly enough to make any actual change or headway. Symbollic, like its leader, but little else.  

Call to Action

The Southern Elone Treaty Organization would face its first threat on the same day it was founded. This threat came in the form of Coldrid Saxan, the Chief of Evity, who had not shown up to the meeting in Bortan that he was invited to.   Coldrid was also an adoptive child of Ikkul Ravofarn, but he had experienced much worse conditions than Nalrik. Due to this, he wished to shoulder the burden of protecting Southern Elone himself. Evity Skeletons flooded the streets of Bortan, chanting out in Coldrid's voice:
“The Villages cannot ally. Evity shall carry the burden.”
— Coldrid Saxan
  It was then that Nalrik and his compatriots realized that the children, Cracul Daxur and his brothers, were missing. Taken by none other than Coldrid. Vardid, seeing this, called the Chiefs into action. She said that even if their alliance wasn't that big, they still had the three of them. And they would show Coldrid what it meant to be a Chief.
Vardid Liloryas Vracrath by Jarhed
  They beat back the skeletons, but there was no sign of Coldrid or all of the children. Well, all but one. As Narjeth Yelrath, the runt of the litter, had used his Earth Magic to hide under the ground. He was taken in by the members of SETO to protect, where they found someone waiting for them.  


Phund Monet was a prolific drug trader who also worked with the Army of the Revolution, which was led by Nalrik's real father, Fepar Tilrak. Fepar had sent Phund to meet with Nalrik now to help him out in creating this new organization.   Phund came to them with a simple goal. Get the basics of SETO set in stone and get them set up with more members. His first order of business was to give them a name. Vardid, wanting to come up with it, came up with "The Chief Dudes." This was shot down, as not only were she and some other members not dudes, but most of their hopeful members were not Chiefs either.   Higar then suggested the Arux Alliance, as they would be uniting the territory of Arux Draconians, an ethnicity that was only found in their villages. Phund hated this name as, again, they were not all Arux Draconians. Finally, Nalrik came up with the name they decided on. The Southern Elone Treaty Organization.  


Phund gave them a list of potential members to recruit, and Higar suggested Phund go to Tamd to wait for them with Narjeth in tow. Coldrid would be unable to reach them there.   As Phund was leaving, he and the Chiefs found Grolcurth Hellglory, one of the Professors at the Magic College. Specifically, he was Nalrik and Higar's Professor. He did not wish to fight, as he had trauma that made him believe he would kill anyone he touched. He only agreed to help them if he would only fight the creations of Evity's necromancy. If it wasn't alive, he would fight it.   And so Grolcurth, Phund, and Narjeth went to Tamd as Nalrik, Higar, and Vardid went off to recruit new members to SETO. They would get the children back, and they would convince the other villages to join their alliance. For the good of the people.


SETO consists of members of all backgrounds and allegiances. Below are the major forces who held a place in SETO during its height, the Dwarven and Elven Civil Wars, prior to the Coup of Zephys, as well as the notable figures involved in the organization.
  • Bortan- The Draconians village known for producing strong warriors, Bortan is at the forefront of SETO, being the village that assembled everyone in the first place.
    1. Nalrik Tilrak- Chief of Bortan and figurehead of SETO.
    2. Cracul Daxur- Son of former Chief of Bortan, Ikkul Ravofarn.
    3. Narjeth Yelrath- Adopted brother of Cracul Daxur.
    4. Vammic Nimphonker- Son of former Chief of Tamd, Ilxar Nimphonker.
    5. Laltel Bavul- Son of former Chief of Yirthum, Kicad Bavul.
    6. Donxosir Padorim- Son of former Chief of Ealla, Tarthekar Padorim.
    7. Dareak Therkira- Colonel of Bortan, a stoic warrior.
    8. Coxinjarn Dodaar- A top General for Bortan, silly and not very bright.
  • Tamd- The Alchemist Village of Draconians, Tamd has been the site of SETO's headquarters as it is isolated from the rest of the world.
    1. Higar Vixik- Chief of Tamd, also identified by the Draconian Nickname the Professor.
    2. Vaphak Uphal- The most influential alchemist in Tamd.
    3. Fulros Fradarim- A student at the Magic College who aspires to be a top alchemist.
  • Ealla- The Bardic Village of Draconians, Ealla was in disrepair after the Chief Crisis and relies on SETO for aid.
    1. Vardid Liloryas- The Chief of Ealla, also known as the Ice Queen.
    2. Luciandrid Zrarakas- The leader of the Bard Group known as the Chamber.
    3. Dranketh Wulfras- The leader of the Bard Group known as the Orchestra, he is also called the Conductor.
    4. Sirlini Glirdog- Former Chief of Ealla, Sirlini is believed dead. She goes by the title the Comedian.
  • Yirthum- The Draconian Village of Enchanters, Yirthum's Chief has been unable to meet with the others to say yay or nay to SETO, but they swear their allegiance to the Elves, who have joined in the Chief's place.
    1. Jargar Eltan- The Chief of Yirthum and Champion of Nobility.
    2. Farcorin- Acting Commander of Yirthum, representative of the Elven Army.
    3. Dripnoral Thampoc- The greatest known living Enchanter.
    4. Fleat Pteethtack- The Pretender King of the Elves.
  • Zephys- The Capital City of Draconians, Zephys is mostly represented by students and faculty of the Magic College.
    1. Orlayas Ojeux- The current candidate to succeed the Grand Wizard.
    2. Grolcurth Hellglory- A pacifist professor at the Magic College who wields Poison magic.
    3. Kamil Gilrel- An Elven noble with a kind heart.
    4. Rebun Colad- A former child soldier with trauma that keeps him off of the battlefield.
  • Dembar- The Village of Druids and Beastmasters, Dembar was reluctant to join SETO, but came in to save the day during their battle against Evity.
    1. Otikul Nurdesh- Chief of Dembar and user of Capture magic.
    2. Itask- A Lizardfolk soldier with a hidden power.
    3. Bartharn- Temporary General of the Golden Automatons.
  • Evity- The Village of Forbidden Magics like Necromancy and Puppetry, Evity resisted joining SETO until they met in battle and were convinced of SETO's strength.
    1. Coldrid Saxan- Chief of Evity.
    2. Deltesh- A Lizardfolk with unbreakable skin.
    3. Cleaver- A Korvian with the worst luck in the world.
    4. Laughter- A Devil who can absorb any magic energy.
    5. Bupo Sickfoot- A Goblin with an Area Devil Ability.
    6. Celtra Gwam- A trickster Gnome who loves playing pranks.
    7. Aurrin- A Nephilim healer who only heals women.
  • Army of the Revolution- A group of revolutionaries who oppose the World Court, the Army of the Revolution is not officially part of SETO, but they support it from the shadows.
    1. Phund Monet- A Goblin Drug Lord with hordes of money and connections.
    2. Shatlita Gunn- A legendary Oricsh warrior who had settled down to become a mother.
    3. Shatt Gunn- The Head of the Army of the Revolution and adopted son of Fepar Tilrak.
    4. Fepar Tilrak- Former Chief of Bortan and founder of the Army of the Revolution.
Leader Title
Chief Executive Organizer
Founding Date
6th of the Month of Sorrow, 547


The three Chiefs made their way first to Zephys, the capital city of the Draconians. Here, they found the Elven noble Kamil and the former soldier Rebun Colad, who were at the top of the list. The two wished to see if it was worth joining, and fought against them. Rebun, however, found himself unable to continue the fight, and therefore he gave in, with Kamil following behind.  
Orlayas Ojeux by Jarhed
Then, they recruited two first year students, the alchemist Fulros, who agreed the instant he heard Higar and Tamd were in SETO. The second was the Wolfman Pack Leader Guyug, who was happy to join into the battle if it meant he could hunt.   Then, they went to Orlayas Ojeux. Ojeux was in the temporary position as Grand Wizard, as the current Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed was away. Ojeux, Feaphed's intern, had been told by Otikul to not take Nalrik's invitation. Ojeux, however, allowed Nalrik to explain his plan. By the end of the hour, Orlayas Ojeux was won over by Nalrik Tilrak and joined SETO.  


Nalrik then went to Yirthum on his own, where he was met with Dripnoral Thampoc, who alerted the village of his arrival. Kruxis, an Elven protector, fought against Nalrik. He had fought one of Nalrik's mentors during the Chief Crisis, and now was looking to settle the score with Nalrik.   Nalrik defeated Kruxis in a battle, and then convinced Farcorin that he should follow behind SETO. Seeing Nalrik's show of strength, Farcorin was convinced, and sent Dripnoral and some books on enchantment with Nalrik. Farcorin and Kruxis had an allegiance to protect Yirthum and a young boy named Lorenas Nerifir, the bastard son of the Elven King. Lorenas shook hands with Nalrik, saying before Nalrik departed:
“I'm a Half-Elf… and when I take the throne, I’ll bring rights for all Elves of all sorts. Not just High Elves. I hope, when the time comes, your alliance will not deem me a threat.”
— Lorenas Nerifir
  On the way out of Yirthum, Nalrik was met with his friend's mother, Shatlita Gunn. Shatlita had been recruited into the Army of the Revolution and told to join up with SETO, so she did. As they reached Tamd, Nalrik was split off from them, where he was met with the Head Priest of Helle, Vornush Wrakris, who wished him well in the battles to come. This was not true well wishes, moreso a challenge, as Nalrik's enemy of Evity was under Wrakris's religion while Bortan was under the rival religion of Phrixus. After this, Nalrik converged with the rest of SETO in Tamd.  


Higar Vixik was having a less than stellar time in Tamd while Nalrik was in Yirthum. The people of Tamd were not very happy with allying with other villages, as Tamd was normally either isolationist or antagonistic in Draconian politics. To ally with them now to create peace went against the Tamd way.
Ilxar Nimphonker by Jarhed
  His biggest obstacle was Vaphak Uphal, a noblewoman in Tamd who held the most influence now that Higar's adoptive father Ilxar Nimphonker was gone. Higar held very little sway with the people, and so Vaphak had formed a populist movement against his decision to ally.   It was only with the intervention of Phund Monet that they were able to at least keep the alliance in Tamd, even if it meant Tamd would not help in any battles to come. Higar found himself continuing to feel inferior to Ilxar, as he was unable to rally people like Ilxar was.  

Time to Train

In Tamd, SETO gathered and came up with their plan. They would launch the invasion of Evity from Ealla, which was right next to the target village. There, they would search for the kids, find them, and get them out. They wanted as few casualties as possible.   They also determined that they would be unable to carry this out at their current strength level. So they resolved to train for the battle ahead.   Orlayas Ojeux revealed he had stolen scrolls with hidden knowledge about magic from the first Grand Wizard, Kilprax Ildial. He passed them around to Nalrik, Higar, and Vardid so they could study hidden arts to grow stronger. Then they could save the kids.   Nalrik learned Draconic, as well as some Enchantment from Dripnoral. Vardid learned the secrets of Bardic Practice, being able to master it, while Higar learned the forbidden alchemical art of Witchcraft. What was on the scroll Orlayas studied is still unknown, as he refused to disclose the information. Other members trained in more broad ways, getting stronger or better at controlling their magic, while the three Chiefs and Orlayas learned secret techniques.  


The soldiers then went off to Ealla to stage their attack. The three Chiefs met there while the rest of the main forces went to Shatlita's house outside of the village. Narjeth Yelrath, the young child, was meant to stay behind in Tamd for safety, but he did not wish for his brothers to be saved without him. He wanted to prove he was more than just the runt. So he tagged along as well, in secret.   Vardid had an even tougher time with her people than Higar did in Tamd. Luciandrid Zrarakas, leader of the Bardic Group known as the Chamber, hated Tilraks. He had known Nalrik's mother Ildid, who was from Ealla, and thought she was a traitor for defecting to Bortan.   Dranketh Wulfras, the Conductor of the Bardic Group known as the Orchestra, just didn't like the idea of joining hands with other villages. He thought that Bards were best working with Bards. That was what the Orchestra was, after all. So they refused to help in housing the soldiers.   People still had no faith in her as a leader. After all, her predecessor Tarthekar Padorim was hated in Ealla. He had made a mess that would take decades to fix during the Chief Crisis, and Vardid was paying the price for that.  
Ikkul Ravofarn by Jarhed
Yet help would come from an unlikely source. A home at the edge of the city, where an old Human woman lived. With a big grin on her face, telling jokes, lived the former Chief Sirlini Glirdog. She was considered dead, but had faked her death as a joke and now lived in hiding in Ealla because she found it funny. She agreed to help, again, as a joke, but berated Nalrik for his mother's sake. Then, she pointed him to the edge of the village. The attack had already begun.  

The Battle for Southern Elone

Coldrid Saxan had revived Ikkul Ravofarn, Ilxar Nimphonker, and Tarthekar Padorim. The predecessors and adoptive fathers of Nalrik Tilrak, Higar Vixik, and Vardid Liloryas. And now he was using these bodies to attack their children.   They still had their minds intact, and had no intention to kill on their part or Coldrid's. Instead, they helped talk the new Chiefs out of their current mindsets. Ikkul helped Nalrik come to terms with the responsibilities that had been placed on him, and the duty that was ahead. Ilxar showed Higar that he didn't have to live up to Ilxar. There never were shoes he had to fill, because Ilxar made sure to die in a way that would put no presssure on Higar. Higar could lead as his own man. And when it came to Tarthekar and Vardid, Tarthekar told Vardid that she shouldn't worry about his messes. Someone else would clean them up. She should do what she wants.   Then, the children had to once more watch their fathers die, this time by their own hands. Ilxar blew up, while Tarthekar was frozen. With Ikkul, Coldrid simply stopped controlling him and allowed him to die after Nalrik prevented him from destroying Ealla and Evity.  


All the while, the rest of SETO was engaged in a battle with Evity. Narjeth had run off after making his presence known, and everyone went searching for him.   Grolcurth Hellglory, Guyug, and Fulros Fradarim found themselves swarmed by skeletons. Grolcurth found that they had raised his former classmate, whom he had killed accidentally while he was at the Magic College, to fight him with the skeletons. And as he realized this, Guyug betrayed them and tried to kill both Fulros and Grolcurth for the World Court.  
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed
Shatlita Gunn went on a rampage, killing the Dwarf known as Krumgrum and nearly doing the same to other Evity fighters Bupo Sickfoot and Celtra Gwam. These three had stepped in to protect citizens from Shatlita's destruction.   Kamil Gilrel and Rebun Colad fought a powerful necromancer who was once Chief, Drorthod Lormorn, while Orlayas Ojeux fought the Puppetmaster Aaren Ildial. The three nearly died to these foes.   Meanwhile, Narjeth had found the orphans and saved them with the help of Sirlini. However, they were then confronted by the Devil Laughter, who would stop at nothing to kill Sirlini. So he attempted to blow up Evity with his magic.  

Help from Dembar

But he was stopped by Nalrik Tilrak and Vardid Liloryas. The two saved the kids, and were then sent off by a newcomer to the battle. Otikul Nurdesh, Chief of Dembar, had been inspired to join, and he came with reinforcements.   Vaphak Uphal saved Grolcurth and Guyug with her potions, causing Guyug to run off in fear. Luciandrid and Dranketh put their qualms aside to save Evity from Shatlita's rampage, as they had become all too familiar with Ealla's Orcish neighbor. Itask, a Lizardfolk alligned with Dembar, saved Kamil and Rebun while Dripnoral led the forces of Bortan in an unsuccessful battle against Aaren Ildial. Dripnoral did, however, save Orlayas Ojeux.   Otikul then defeated Laughter and took him as a prize with his Capture Magic, as the orphans Cracul Daxur, Narjeth Yelrath, Vammic Nimphonker, Laltel Bavul, and Donxosir Padorim escaped from a Korvian named Cleaver.
Coldrid Saxan by Jarhed

The Battle comes to a Close

Vardid Liloryas was nearly whisked off the battlefield by the Nephilim Aurrin, but was able to defeat him with ease and return, as Higar fought the Lizardfolk Deltesh, coming to terms with his own past as a mad scientist and his future as a Chief who would do what he could for his friends and allies. He turned Deltesh to stone and, alongside Vardid, rejoined the battle.   Nalrik Tilrak confronted Coldird Saxan. Coldrid revealed that he did this to stop the torture of children at the Bortan Orphanage. To save them from his past. He was trained by Ikkul to be a soldier, so he wanted to shoulder all of the battles himself. He didn't want his brother Nalrik, or his childhood friends Vardid and Higar, to be in danger.   Nalrik wished to prove to Coldrid they could handle it, so he, alongside Higar and Vardid, fought Coldrid. They were, however, forced to work together when soldiers from the Fire Plane invaded Totania. Here, Coldrid was able to see the truth. They were strong enough to live through these battles. He could stand alongside them and fight. He did not need to shoulder the burden alone.   And so Coldrid Saxan and Evity joined SETO, alongside Otikul Nurdesh and the people of Dembar.  

The Next Threat

Coldrid warned them of a danger that had befallen their other childhood friends, Yethtith Nysythea and Kaltoth Vracrath. The Court Wizard of Humanity had taken them in and led them into danger. SETO needed to save them. So Coldrid, Nalrik, Higar, and Vardid all went on to save their remaining friends from an even greater threat in the Human City of Nerodil. What happened next is still to be determined, as fate hangs in the balance between the now fully-formed Southern Elone Treaty Alliance and the Kingdom of Man.  

Leadership Structure

SETO is led by the Chief Executive Organizer, Nalrik Tilrak. Despite this being the official head position, it is actually equal to the role of Chief Representative. This is the role held by the other Chiefs: Higar Vixik, Vardid Liloryas, Coldrid Saxan, and Otikul Nurdesh, as well as the representatives of Zephys, Yirthum, and the Army of the Revolution: Orlayas Ojeux, Farcorin, and Phund Monet.   These are the people who make the decisions and work on the SETO Accords to create rules for the organization. All other members are under their command.  

Public Agenda

The agenda of the Southern Elone Treaty Organization is to keep peace in Draconian territory and prevent war between the villages. They claim to be unified to prevent another Chief Crisis.   Behind this public front, they have a hidden agenda, which is to stop the World Court, who was behind the Chief Crisis and other such conflicts around the world.

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