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Magic History Professor

The Magic History Professor is one of the two teacher positions at the Magic College, alongside the Magic Theory Professor. Their role is to teach students at the Magic College about history, specifically in relation to Magic and how Magic and Mages shaped the history of Totania.  


The role of a Magic History Professor differs from that of a Magic Theory Professor in a few major ways. While Magic Theory is teaching students about magic itself and coaching them on how to use it, Magic History is all of that (being assistants to this training for the Theory Professors) as well as teaching their own subject.   This subject being, of course, history. Magic History Professors must be studious individuals, as they need to be able to teach the entirety of the history of Totania in a simple four year period. Luckily, Magic College students only take two classes a day. Unluckily, most schedules prioritize Magic Theory, forcing Magic History Professors to cram information in a short period of time.   Due to the nature of not wanting bias towards the history of any specific nation, and that the Magic College is in Zephys, the capital of Draconian Territory, all Magic History Teachers must be Draconians. Draconian society, for the most part, is about dedicating oneself to magic and the study of magic, so Draconians are more trusted to teach its history without bias.  


One Magic History Professor holds the title of Historian. This is a simple job atop their already busy job, where they must write down historical events as they happen for a record so that these events can be compiled and studied in the future. When nothing of note happens, it is their job to compile said history into a digestable format.
"The job of the Historian at the Magic College is the most vital in the world, for without history, we all fade to nothingness."
Workris Galkan
"A good Grand Wizard makes so large of an impact that no man or woman could possibly get all of it written down in one place. A good Chronicler can make that daunting history into the greatest story ever told."
— Salasar Feaphed


There is always one Magic History Professor who has the position of Chronicler. This is someone who follows the Grand Wizard around and chronicles the events of their life and reign over Draconian Territory for posterity and, hopefully, future study.   This, of course, depends on whether the Grand Wizard does something historically notable, which is not as common due to the Grand Wizard Struggle that recently ended, though current Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed has changed this standard of mediocrity.


Of course, this was not always a job that existed. When Kilprax Ildial, the first Grand Wizard, founded the Magic College, he cared little for history. The curriculum was solely about studying and training magic.   This would only change after Kilprax Ildial died.
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed

Current Magic History Professors

As there are four classes at the Magic College, there must always be four Magic History Professors. These are the current four or, rather, three.
  • Otikul Nurdesh- The Chief of Dembar, Otikul Nurdesh is the oldest of the Professors and, by virtue of this, the wisest. He is the current Historian for Magic History, a role that he has held for a long time.
  • Vardid Liloryas- The Chief of Ealla, Vardid is a boisterous bard and cares little for small details, skipping over them for major details about history. She doesn't want to be a bore.
  • Urokris Erthar- A survivor of a massacre, Urokris has lived through some of the most well known historical events of recent memory. He has also travelled the world, making him quite knowledgable in topics that others do not know. He is the current chronicler of Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed's history.
  • Vacant Seat- The previous Professor, Marmash Icor, was killed in a serial murder by Odrukh of the Jaded Executioners. His seat has yet to be filled, leaving his class with no Magic History Professor, though a search has begun to fill the vacancy.
Tobor Tuldad by Jarhed

Tuldad's Changes

Tobor Tuldad, the second Grand Wizard, was a lackluster student who had sided with the Elves against Kilprax. He stood by as the Elves killed Kilprax, then taking Salasar's position for himself.   It was Tuldad who created the job of Chronicler, so that a story could be written about himself. When the story's draft was given to him, he threw it out, saying it was slander. This was, however, kept in secret by the writer. Tobor called for another person to instead write the history of the time, knowing if it was less focused on him, it would say better things (or at least less things) than the Chronicler's tale.   However, this story was much more focused on Kilprax. Tobor was enraged, but before he could act, he was killed by the man who would succeed him, Iorkul Kricel.  

The Kricellian Age

Kricel saw the merit to both of these positions when he was the third Grand Wizard, making them official positions. Still, they did not teach history, only writing it. He still focused much more on the study of magic, rather than its history.   Still, during Kricel's reign, history became a oft studied topic. Many scholars appeared, studying the history of Draconian Territory and wanting to know more about the rest of the world. Kricel, however, was unable to help with that, as he was killed.  
Wiscys Nicandir by Jarhed

The Witch and the Historian

Wiscys Nicandir became the fourth Grand Wizard after Kricel. As she was from Tamd, a place of great intellect and study, she recognized that history should not just be written. It should be studied.   Due to the influx of historians and scholars, Wiscys realized she could take advantage of this. She created the position of Magic History Professor so that the Magic College could draw these scholars in and get even more students.   This scheme worked, and the Magic College became the foremost place to learn about history, rivalled only by Ironforge University in Dwarven territory.  

The Position Since

The job has existed ever since Wiscys. No Grand Wizard has tried to challenge it, and all have seen its great use, both as a teacher and writer of history. Without it, the Magic College and the world would be all the more ignorant of the things going on around them.

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