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Battle for Southern Elone

The Battle for Southern Elone is a conflict between the forces of the Southern Elone Treaty Organization and the Draconians Village of Evity.  


Before the two leaders of the opposing armies, Nalrik Tilrak and Coldrid Saxan, were in charge of Bortan and Evity respectively, there were different Chiefs in power. Ones that hated each other.  
Ikkul Ravofarn by Jarhed
In Evity, there was Onkesh Tazwunak, a skilled necromancer but a known asshole. In Bortan, however, there was Ikkul Ravofarn. And Ikkul had three adopted children: Nalrik Tilrak, Coldrid Saxan, and Yilkin Nagil. Nalrik was the favorite, raised to succeed Ikkul, while Yilkin and Coldrid were beaten and trained to be disposable soldiers in the Bortan Orphanage.   Ikkul also had them connect with other children of Chiefs: Higar Vixik, Kaltoth Vracrath, and Vardid Liloryas. He intended for them to form an alliance under Bortan's flag one day to conquer Draconian territory. To protect everyone as a united Bortanian Empire.   Yilkin was adopted by the Court Wizard Timar Forestarm, the second most powerful man in the Kingdom of Man, while Coldrid ran away. Nalrik never knew the reason why he lived much of his life without his siblings. He just knew they were not with him anymore.   Coldrid was raised for some time by Onkesh Tazwunak, who hated Ikkul and used this as an opportunity to spite him.  

SETO Begins

The Chiefs all eventually fought in the Chief Crisis, a battle where they tried to kill each other to become the next Grand Wizard, but this ended with all of their deaths. Thus, their successors took over. Nalrik for Bortan, Coldrid for Evity. Vardid and Higar also took over their villages, Ealla and Tamd respectively.   Nalrik also took over the Bortan orphanage, which now had the children of all of the former Chiefs in it: Narjeth Yelrath, Cracul Daxur, Vammic Nimphonker, Laltel Bavul, and Donxosir Padorim. He intended to take good care of them.  
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed
Nalrik called the Chiefs together to form an alliance to stop the Chief Crisis from happening again. Higar and Vardid joined with their forces, and eventually so did the village of Yirthum and some people from the Draconian capital of Zephys. They formed the Southern Elone Treaty Organization, aka SETO. However, Bortan was attacked by an army of skeletons from Evity. Nalrik found that the orphans he was taking care of had been taken. All but Narjeth Yelrath. Taken... by Coldrid. Coldrid, like the Chief of Dembar Otikul Nurdesh, was declining to join SETO.   SETO trained for months, but as they got ready to get the kids back by waiting in Ealla, the battle began.  

The Battle

Coldrid Saxan resurrected the dead Chiefs with his Necromancy. He had more bodies than the ones he used, however, he had a goal that didn't require most of them. Only three.
Coldrid Saxan by Jarhed
  The first was Ilxar Nimphonker, former Chief of Tamd and adoptive father of Higar Vixik. He sent Ilxar to fight Higar while Tarthekar Padorim, former Chief of Ealla and adoptive father of Vardid Liloryas. Finally, he sent Ikkul Ravofarn to Nalrik.   These Chiefs fought at a capacity far below what they were once able to do, as Coldrid did not intend to kill his former brother and friends. Instead, he wanted to drive them away. He hoped that seeing their parents would make them run off. But instead, it only made them more bold, as the three new Chiefs defeated their predecessors, all learning valuable life lessons that their parents were unable to teach them before they died in the Chief Crisis.  
Ilxar Nimphonker by Jarhed
Higar learned that he didn't have to try to fill Ilxar's shoes, while Vardid learned to do what she wanted, not what anyone else wanted of her. Finally, Nalrik was able to come to terms with Ikkul's actions and move past them as his own Chief.  

In Evity

What the three Chiefs were unaware of was that the rest of SETO had already invaded Evity. Narjeth Yelrath had run off, trying to find his brothers and save them. No one knew where he went, so they believed that he was kidnapped like the rest of them and ran into Evity to save him.  

Hell's Glory

The forces were split up almost instantly. Three of them, Magic History Professor Grolcurth Hellglory, Wolfman Pack Leader Guyug, and Alchemist Fulros Fradarim, were up against the basic skeletal forces of Evity. However, they had resurrected an old friend of Grolcurth's, causing him to not want to fight anymore.   Grolcurth had, after all, accidentally killed this friend. Now, it seemed that friend was trying to kill him. Grolcurth took this as poetic justice and allowed it to happen, which was only made worse when Guyug betrayed them and tried to kill both Grolcurth and Fulros because his true allegiance was to the World Court.  
Shatlita Gunn by Jarhed

Monster of Urd Grabad

Shatlita Gunn was once a fearsome Orc warrior called the Monster of Urd Grabad. After moving to Elone, she had left that behind to raise her son, Shatt Gunn. However, seeing children get kidnapped made her think of what would happen if this was her son.   So Shatlita rampaged throughout Evity, once more as the Monster of Urd Grabad. She killed many innocents before nearly being stopped by Evity forces led by Bupo Sickfoot. However, Bupo led his fellow mages Celtra Gwam and Krumgrum into a losing battle, as Celtra lost her arms and Krumgrum was mortally wounded in the fight. Shatlita seemingly was unstoppable.  

Dead Men

Rebun Colad and Kamil Gilrel, two fourth year students at the Magic College and members of SETO, searched through Evity for the kids. However, instead they found themselves trapped in a mansion with Drorthod Lormorn, an incredibly powerful necromancer.   Drorthod brought out Dead Men, the most powerful necromantic summon, to fight them. Rebun had seen Dead Men before, as they had killed his entire platoon many years ago, so
Orlayas Ojeux by Jarhed
he went into a PTSD-induced state of shock as Kamil tried to fight them off. However, Kamil was not doing well, and did not seem like he would be able to make it out alive. Just like Rebun's platoon, he was on his last legs.  


Orlayas Ojeux was also in a mansion, one belonging to the greatest user of Puppetry alive, Aaren Ildial. Aaren knew Orlayas, as Orlayas was a rather famous man. He was the intern of the Grand Wizard and was slated to be his successor. Aaren hated the title of Grand Wizard, as his ancestor Kilprax Ildial was the one who founded it. Ever since, Aaren was compared to him.   Aaren hated all kinds of titles and spectacle. He tried to get Orlayas to agree that spectacle was useless, getting him to give up becoming the next Grand Wizard. Orlayas had no motivation to become Grand Wizard anyway, but he refused to give up spectacle. He remembered his mentor's words about the importance of such little things very well. To show more than just a spell, but to show that it can be fun as well.


There were two sides to this great battle, the forces of the Southern Elone Treaty Organization and the forces of Evity. The major players in the battle will be listed according to their affiliation.  

Southern Elone Treaty Organization

SETO is a group of Draconian Villages working together to promote peace. They recruited many villages to their side, but were attacked by Evity upon asking them to join SETO. They will be listed according to their factions within SETO.  


The Warrior Village of the Draconians, Bortan is the symbollic figurehead of SETO, though it does not actually lead it. That being said, their forces did play a major part in the Battle for Southern Elone.
  • Nalrik Tilrak- The Chief of Bortan, Nalrik was the adopted brother of Chief of Evity Coldrid Saxan. Their conflict goes back to when they were children, making this battle between them and their forces more than it appeared to be.
  • Bortanian Orphans- Cracul Daxur, Laltel Bavul, Vammic Nimphonker, and Donxosir Padorim, who are orphans in the Bortan Orphanage, were kidnapped by Evity, which led to SETO going to get them back. The battle began when the final orphan, Narjeth Yelrath disappeared.


The Alchemist Village of Draconians, Tamd was the place where SETO had been staging their attack for months, and some of their forces participated in the battle.
  • Higar Vixik- The Chief of Tamd, known also as the famed alchemist the Professor.
  • Fulros Fradarim- A student in the Magic College Class of 551 and an aspiring alchemist.
  • Vaphak Uphal- The most influential alchemist in Tamd, arrived late to the battle.


The Bardic Village Ealla
  • Vardid Liloryas- Chief of Ealla, also called the Ice Queen for her once cold heart, now she is a kind and loving person.
  • Luciandrid Zrarakas- The leader of the Bard group known as the Chamber.
  • Dranketh Wulfras- The Conductor, a Draconian who leads the Bard group known as the Orchestra.
  • Sirlini Glirdog- Former Chief of Ealla, known as the Comedian for her twisted sense of humor.
  • Shatlita Gunn- Not technically a resident of Ealla, the Orcish Monster of Urd Grabad resides outside of Ealla.


The Weak Village, Yirthum is known for its Enchantment and connection to the Elves. It barely participated in the battle.
  • Dripnoral Thampoc- The best enchanter in Yirthum, Dripnoral arrived late to help out, but was ultimately defeated.


Representatives of the Magic College and the Draconian capital city of Zephys, these are moreso just unaffiliated members of SETO.
  • Orlayas Ojeux- The Great Wizard, who is meant to be the next Grand Wizard.
  • Kamil Gilrel- An Elven noble who wants to look after his family.
  • Rebun Colad- A former soldier who doesn't want to fight anymore.
  • Grolcurth Hellglory- A Magic Theory Professor at the Magic College who has poison magic but fears killing people.
  • Guyug- A Wolfman Pack Leader who betrayed SETO during the battle.


The Natural Village Dembar joined just at the very end, contributing to the battle at the last second.
  • Otikul Nurdesh- Chief of Dembar and Magic History Professor with Capture Magic.
  • Itask- A Lizardman with amputated limbs, he gets by with metal magic and prosthetics.
  • Yipustil Midrith- A Draconian archaeologist who believes Dembar is superior to the other villages.


On the other side of the battle was Evity, with its vast forces using Necromancy, Puppetry, and other forms of forbidden magic. They have no subdivisions, as they were all under one village banner.
  • Coldrid Saxan- The Chief of Evity, Coldrid has a hatred of Bortan after being raised there and traumatized by its practices. This partially extends to his adopted brother Nalrik who now leads Bortan, but there are also feelings of brotherly love that complicate that relationship.
  • Deltesh- A Lizardman with unbreakable skin.
  • Aurrin- A Nephilim healer who only heals women.
  • Drorthod Lormorn- Former Chief of Evity, an incredibly powerful necromancer.
  • Aaren Ildial- The Puppetmaster, the most skilled user of puppetry alive.
  • Laughter- A Devil with an absolutely terrifying Area Devil Ability that allows him to absorb magic to get stronger.
  • Cleaver- The unluckiest person alive, Korvian or otherwise.
  • Bupo Sickfoot- A Goblin soldier with a strict moral code.
  • Celtra Gwam- A trickster Gnome who plays pranks even in the heat of battle.
  • Krumgrum- A lazy Dwarven Dark Mage who died due to inaction in the battle.
“The world, people, magic. It doesn’t need to be scary. They can be the things that bring you the most joy.”
— Salasar Feaphed
Orlayas tried to fight back with spectacle, but he was still unable to defeat Aaren. Ultimately, Aaren Ildial defeated Orlayas, cutting his stomach wide open and leaving him for dead.  

The Orphans

Narjeth managed to find his brothers in a tower, where he easily freed them. However, he saw they were a bit unmotivated to return to the orphanage in Bortan. They became a bit more motivated to leave when Sirlini Glirdog, the Comedian, came claiming to be there to rescue them.
Sirlini Glirdog by Jarhed
  Because they wanted to get as far away from her as possible. She kept cracking jokes toward them and laughing in their faces. It became even more terrifying when Laughter, a Devil who Sirlini had cursed to laugh eternally, arrived.   Laughter was incredibly powerful thanks to his Area Devil Ability that allowed him to absorb magic to get stronger. He had every intention of killing Sirlini, and the orphans were in his way, so he decided he would kill them too.   They tried to fight Laughter, but he was far too strong for any of them to take out. He began charging up an attack that would destroy all of Evity and kill them all, just so he could take out Sirlini for what she did to him.  

The Tides Turn

But he was stopped by three Chiefs. Nalrik Tilrak, Vardid Liloryas, and... Otikul Nurdesh, the Chief of Dembar who had refused to join SETO earlier. He was watching and was inspired to help.   The orphans changed their minds after seeing Nalrik arrive, deciding they did want to go back with him. As they did so, Otikul sent Nalrik and Vardid off so that he could deal with Laughter.   Otikul was the Capture Mage, making the battle quite easy. With a single swipe of his hand, Laughter was taken into a pocket dimension where Otikul could store him forever, if he so pleased. Otikul, after taking Laughter, decided to walk through Evity and see what was going on.   The Orphans, meanwhile, were taken by a Korvian named Cleaver. However, they were able to defeat Cleaver with relative ease.
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed
With what they had learned from their parents, Nalrik, and Coldrid, they worked together to counteract Cleaver's Korvian Ability of horrible luck, and defeated him. However, they found that this was not the end of the fight for them, as they were then knocked out again.  


Alongside Otikul, reinforcements arrived to help. Vaphak Uphal, a skilled alchemist from Tamd, and Yipustil Midrith, a Dembar archaeologist, sent Guyug running and saved Grolcurth and Fulros from the Wolfman's betrayal.   Luciandrid Zrarakas and Dranketh Wulfras, two powerful bards from Ealla, led their forces into Evity to put Shatlita and all the other forces near her to sleep. They did not want any further rampages, and did not have time to differentiate who was not intending any harm. So they put everyone to sleep so they didn't have to worry about it.   Itask, an amputee Lizardman, stunned Drorthod and escorted Kamil and Rebun out of Evity before they could get hurt any further. They were his classmates at the Magic College, after all, so he could not let them die. Too many people in that class were already dead.  

Against the Puppetmaster

Dripnoral Thampoc, an Enchanter from Yirthum, led the forces of Bortan to Orlayas Ojeux's aid. Dripnoral used his magic to heal Orlayas, as he knew that without Orlayas they would not stand a chance against Aaren Ildial.   Even when Orlayas's help, they were unsuccessful. Many Bortanian soldiers died in the fight with Aaren, with Orlayas and Dripnoral barely escaping with fifteen living men. It was not much, but they had their lives. That and several names to carve into a monument and thank for sacrificing themselves so that the survivors could live.
Vardid Liloryas Vracrath by Jarhed

Taken off the Field

Vardid Liloryas was swept up by the Nephilim healer Aurrin. Aurrin believed that Vardid, being a woman, was unfit for fighting on the battlefield. He intended no harm, as he also believed that he himself was not fit to fight. He was a healer, and he viewed Vardid as support at most.   He claimed to have a chivalric view of men and women. Vardid, however, didn't give a shit. She was a Chief, just like Nalrik, Higar, and Coldrid. She could fight. So while they were in the air, Vardid used her breath weapon to freeze Aurrin's nether regions, causing him to drop her.   Again, he tried chasing after her. He said she shouldn't go fight, but Vardid disagreed. She said she would do what she wanted, not what anyone else told her. After all, that was what her father had told her when he was resurrected. That was what he said before she was forced to kill him again. She would take that advice over a misogynistic healer any day of the week.   So she froze his wings and returned to Evity.  


Higar Vixik, however, had never gotten to leave the lake where he had fought Ilxar Nimphonker. As he was there, the Lizardman with unbreakable skin, Deltesh, had arrived to kill him.   Deltesh knew Higar's secret identity as the Professor. He had witnessed Higar as the Professor, distributing Burnout to poor people on the street. He had seen how Burnout ruined people's lives. Deltesh was experimented on at a young age so that he would have his unbreakable skin, so he hated scientists. Especially ones that hurt others. So he intended to stop Higar, there and then.   Higar had moved on from the Professor. It was a title that he had made up so that he could live up to Ilxar Nimphonker. He was always compared to Ilxar, but before he was the Professor, he thought he would never be able to live up to him if he was compared. So he made the mantle of the Professor so he could start fresh.   However, Ilxar had told Higar only moments before that he never had to fill anyone's shoes. Higar could be his own person, could live for himself. Higar didn't see himself worthy enough to live for. So he was ready to let Deltesh kill him.
Higar Vixik by Jarhed
  However, Higar heard Deltesh say something that made his ears perk up. That Deltesh was living not for those that made him or for himself, but for Coldrid. For his friend, his ally. Higar realized he, too, had allies that needed him. He had SETO, of which he was one of the leading members. He had his class at the Magic College, where he was fairly well liked. And he had his family, his sister Talthil Mardaar, her wife Oraakil Mardaar, and their son Hardel Mardaar.   So he used his rot magic to rot away Deltesh's scales on his heel, then using witchcraft to turn Deltesh to stone from the inside. He could turn him back anytime he needed him, but for now... he needed to get Deltesh out of the way so he could help SETO.  

The Fight of Brothers

Finally, Nalrik confronted Coldrid. He tried to tell Coldrid that they should ally, that they were not opposed. Coldrid, however, explained something to Nalrik. The things in Bortan Nalrik never got to see.   Coldrid explained how Ikkul Ravofarn would stab him and Yilkin with his spear when they failed his tests and called it "training." He explained that Ikkul went to war with Evity, just like Nalrik, just so he could steal Coldrid to use him as a weapon. Coldrid compared Nalrik to Ikkul for that.   Coldrid explained, too, that he never intended to fight Nalrik. He wanted Nalrik to stay out of this. He tried to discourage Nalrik, Vardid, and Higar from fighting because he didn't want to get them hurt. He still loved them. So he would take the burden and fight on his own.
"Even if it meant I had to fight. I was raised to do that, after all. I had the scars to prove it.”
— Coldrid Saxan
With that, Nalrik turned it back on him, saying that Coldrid was acting like Ikkul. Ikkul had tried to become Grand Wizard so he could protect the world on his own. Coldrid was angry about this, but Nalrik still refused to fight. Coldrid, however, was beyond hearing his refusal. Nalrik said they should work together, but Coldrid wanted to show to Nalrik that he, as well as Vardid and Higar, were not as strong as Coldrid. Thus, they should stay out of the fight.   Coldrid fought Nalrik for some time before Higar and Vardid came in to help. Together, they put up a good fight. Coldrid still did not want to recognize their strength, but it was beginning to get difficult as they were putting up a good fight.  

Fire Plane Invasion

From outside, they heard a noise. Screams and explosions. The four Chiefs exited the building to find that Fire Jinn, serving Adai the Honored, were attacking from the Fire Plane. They were led by the Fire Genie Makha the Joyful, who smiled as he told them to submit and die.   Coldrid reluctantly fought alongside Nalrik, Vardid, and Higar to stop Makha the Joyful. Throughout the fight, not only did Coldrid see that he was wrong, that his friends and brother could in fact handle themselves, but he also connected with them once again. While he had tried to distance himself, he had only gotten closer to them afterwards.   They did not kill Makha. Instead, Otikul used his Capture Magic to take Makha as Coldrid explained that Yilkin, who was now going by Yethtith, was in trouble alongside their other old friend, Kaltoth Vracrath. So Nalrik, Coldrid, Higar, and Vardid went to save them.
Deltesh by Jarhed


The result of this battle was the unification of all of Draconian territory under the Southern Elone Treaty Organization. Dembar and Evity, under Otikul Nurdesh and Coldrid Saxan, finally agreed to work together with the other Chiefs for peace.   There is no known impact of the war, as it has only just completed. What impact it had on the world is still to be seen. Some fear what its results will be, while others look forward to the peaceful future of Draconian territory.  


There were some casualties in the Battle for Southern Elone. They were:
  • Various Innocent Evity Citizens
  • Forty-five Bortanian Soldiers
  • Sixty Fire Jinn Soldiers
  • Krumgrum
Deltesh was not killed, as he is still alive, but he was turned to stone. Due to this, he is included in the casualties. Due to Laughter and Makha's locations being unknown, they are also considered casualties.

Cover image: Battle for Southern Elone by Jarhed


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