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In Totania, flames are both naturally occuring and a product of Magic. More specifically, only a Fire Mage or an Ace can create flames. They are hot, and burn nearly anything they touch. However, they can have various different properties, depending on what flame it is.  


There are many different kinds of flames, separated aesthetically by their vibrant colors. The colors, and their differences, are as follows.    


The weakest flame, Red flames are the standard flames that those on Totania know. They have a low starting point, meaning basic fire mages can make themselves slightly warm, but they also have a high temperature cap. It is difficult to reach the ceiling of how hot they can get, but Red flames can be incredibly versatile when it comes to heat. This also makes them unpredictable and potentially more difficult to use at higher levels.
Ikkul Ravofarn by Jarhed


Yellow flames are next, and they are much more consistent than Red flames. While Red flames can vary from incredibly weak to pretty strong, Yellow is always a middle of the road choice. Using Yellow flames means they will always be stable and do the same thing. They are often the best flames to light one's way as well, as they are bright and do not flicker.  


Orange flames are stronger than Red and Yellow, but have a short time they can be active. Red and Yellow can stay for a much longer time, but Orange often only lasts a few moments at most, and only with heavy concentration. That being said, these flames are best for things that don't require long periods of use. Fire mage chefs often use Orange flames for cooking, as it is also normally the highest color that a natural fire mage can use without delving too deep into the subject of colored flames.  


A powerful flame, White is a flame that is used to charr things. The strongest Red flames, which are the least consistent, were as hot as White flames. That being said, those that are able to use White flames can pull it off much more consistently, allowing for better use of the flame. White flames are also best for projection of images, as they can show a wider spectrum than other colors.   White flames have another impressive purpose, as those that use White flames find propulsion much easier. For most fire mages, it is difficult to fly with their magic because it is either inconsistent or not powerful enough. That being said, White flames are both consistent and powerful, and are best for flight.  
Ogonn by Jarhed


The strongest flame type that can occur on Totania, Blue flames are best for transferring heat. Not only does the flame linger even after being put out. After one is burned by a Blue flame, they will feel as if it is still dying out even after it is gone. How this often manifests is half of the pain caused by the flame is dealt after it is put out.   Another way Blue flame can be used is to light multiple flames at once. Ceremonies often use Blue flames, if an available mage can use them which is rare, because they can light torches and such for ritual purposes in a quick manner. Due to this, Blue flames have a sacred meaning to some cultures and religions in Totania, and many fire mages in these groups often skip over the other colors to try (and often fail) to achieve Blue flames.  


The first color of flames not to originate on Totania, Pink flames are the first type that comes only from the Fire Plane. In the Fire Plane, where Genies and Beasts of Flames reside, all of the colors of flames make up the various terrains and biomes of the Fire Plane. The basic Totanian fire colors are common sightings in the Fire Plane, and any visitors are shocked to see this.   What they are more shocked by, though, are the three other colors of flames, considered nearly unreachable by Totanian fire mages, these three colors are only attainable by those that have seen the Fire Plane and experienced them, or those taught by such people.   First among these flames are the Pink flames, best used for melting metals. While other flames can melt things over a prolonged time, even the slightest exposure to the weakest Pink flame will begin to melt metals near it. There is a ten foot radius of this effect in its most basic form, though powerful mages can often enlarge that radius.  


The second of the Fire Plane exclusive flames, Purple flames are best used for boiling. With the same radius as Pink flames, Purple flames boil any liquids that are exposed to them. It is rare for mages to even get this far, with fewer than fifty known mages in history ever even reaching this far in mastery of flames. However, there is a rarer flame color.
Cozall Redfury by Jarhed


Also known as the Erasing flame, Green flames require immense precision and skill to utilize. Unlike other flames, there is no heat that emits from a Green flame. There is no radius of effect around a Green flame. To feel the effect of a Green flame, it must directly touch its target.   However, there is immense power in a Green flame. Such power that anything it touches is immediately atomized. This gives it the name of the Erasing flame.   Only about ten mages in history have ever truly mastered the Green flame, though others have in some shape or form attained it. Many that do manage to get it do not survive, as it burns their skin. Red Draconian and Fire Jinn have tried to use their natural resistance to flames to stop this, but it ignored their resistance. It is simply that powerful.  


There are many users of fire magic, as it is the most common magic type in the world. Listing out all users would be impossible, so below will only be major figures of the current era who can use flames. First, the list of those that can use colored flames.
Deltesh by Jarhed
  • Adai the Honored- A Fire Genie hellbent on conquering Totania. Can create up to Green unhindered.
  • Kindle- The Fire Jinn child of Adai who failed his tests. Can create up to Purple when mixed with weaker flames for support.
  • Sinner- A Korvian fire mage who studied under Kindle. Can create up to Purple when mixed with weaker flames for support.
  • Ogonn Ha- A weave stained Fire Jinn child of Adai the Honored, as well as adopted child of Dwarven General Harbek. Ogonn is a war machine that is currently training with Adai the Honored.
  • Cozall Redfury- A Human artist, chef, and author with Art Magic. Cozall cannot produce colored flames, but can paint flames of any color without harming himself or learning it himself.
  • Brankyl- A Dwarven musician with a famous brother, and classmate of Ogonn.
Here is a list of some more prominent fire mages that cannot use colored flames.
  • Ikkul Ravofarn- The Red Draconian Village Chief of Bortan, who could consistently create Red flames at their highest power.
  • Deltesh- A Lizardman with unbreakable skin and a mixture of fire and earth magic.
  • Profit- The top ranking Devil Stock Trader on Ba'al Street.
  • Mastema- Son of Profit, Hell entrepreneur, and classmate of Sinner and Cozall.
  • Solution- A Devil detective who solves mysteries on Totania, also a classmate of Ogonn.
  • Aurrin- A Nephilim healer who only wants to heal women.

Cover image: by Pexels


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