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Area Devil Abilities

Area Devil Abilities are a special power that come from the Realm of Hell. They contain outrageous abilities, which have a special naming convention which seems incomprehensible to non-Area Devils.  

What Is it?

An Area Devil Ability is a power granted to Devils, or really anyone who happens to land in Hell, who fulfills one of two criterea. To learn these criteria, check the section below labeled "Gaining the Ability."   These powers are unique, not just in what they do, but in who wields them. They are specific to the original one who gains it, being based off of their core essence.   For an example, Profit, the Number 1 Stock Trader on Ba'al Street, is a businessman with no care for who gets hurt by his actions, as long as he gains from it. He has no qualms with lying or killing, and therefore his ability Art of the Deal is entirely based around that.   There are no specific perameters of what an Area Devil Ability can or cannot do. No limit has been set, meaning the abilities could be ridiculously powerful, or they could be incredibly weak. Some say it depends on the character of the wielder, but others say it is simply luck of the draw.   The only (currently) known limit is that of the user. The Area Devil Ability must be something in some way controlled by or related to the user. It can't be an ability that causes random things to happen anywhere with no control of the user, or at least making the random things happen to the user. Therefore, an Area Devil Ability cannot manifest within an item or be placed into an item.  

Gaining the Ability

To get an Area Devil Ability, one must do one of two things. To do the second would require someone else has done the first, so let us begin with the first way. The creation of an Area Devil Ability.   To do this, one must find an area in Hell that has, thus far, been unclaimed by another Devil. There is a size limit to how much land they can claim, but it varies from layer to layer in Hell. To claim it, they must stay there for a certain amount of time and keep any hostile people or creatures out of it. Then, they must go to the Hell Courts and file for ownership of the area. Doing this, both the legwork and the legal nightmare, will grant someone a unique Area Devil Ability.   However, there is another way to get an Area Devil Ability. To kill an Area Devil in Hell. After killing them in Hell, they will drop Brimstone. If one were to eat this Brimstone, they will gain the ability or abilities of that Area Devil that they just killed.  


Brimstone is the shriveled up heart of a dead Devil. It contains within it the Area Devil Ability of that person, as the heart is the core of who a person is, and the Area Devil Ability stems from that core being.
Silentium by Jarhed
  It is unknown if eating a heart before it turns into Brimstone will grant someone the Area Devil Ability, as even Devils have standards, but it is believed that to gain it would require eating the entire heart before the person was able to die. Thus, it is considered impossible.  

Devil Magic

One of the Item Magic Items, Devil Magic is unique for one reason. Devil Magic is the collective Area Devil Ability, all compiled into a single magic.   With Devil Magic, the wielder is able to use every single Area Devil Ability that has ever been created. There is, seemingly, no limit to the power that can be used with this magic type, which is why it was locked away by the God of the Devils, Satanael. Satanael hoped that no one would be able to use it if he locked it away, as using it would be potentially catastrophic.   Some Devils have, though, taken it for test runs sanctioned by Satanael. He was curious what it could do. After long, Satanael kills them and takes back the Magic.
Profit by Jarhed

Examples of Abilities

  • Art of the Deal- The Area Devil Ability of Profit, which allows him to shake the hand of anyone, making a deal with them. They gain power, and he gains something in return from them, which he often does not tell them about before making the deal.
  • Invisible Man- The Area Devil Ability of Mastema, allowing himself and anyone touching him, to turn invisible.
  • You Only Live Twice- The Area Devil Ability of Bliss, anyone killed near him (including himself) can be raised from the dead if the wielder wants it.
  • Dorian Gray- The Area Devil Ability of Satisfaction, this creates an area of decay around the user, which they can protect themselves with by making a mirror in a dome around themselves which is immune to the decay.
  • Storm of Swords- The Area Devil Ability of Veladiel, allowing her to shoot one hundred swords out at anyone she pleases.
  • Nice Guys Finish Last- The Area Devil Ability of Chivalry, creating doors that lead to anywhere. However, the user must let someone else go through the door first, otherwise they cannot go through the door.
  • The Lightning Thief- The Area Devil Ability of Laughter, allowing him to absorb any magical power he is hit with, making him even stronger.
  • Stranger in a Strange Land- The Area Devil Ability of Stranger, letting him teleport anywhere with up to three people, but only if he does a strange hand gesture.
  • Holes- The Area Devil Ability of Silentium, creating black holes that can draw people in towards them.


Satanael by Jarhed
There are some basic rules about the use of Area Devil Abilities, as outlined in the documents that one must sign before gaining one, known as the Permit of Area Devil Usage of Ability, or PADUA for short. These rules are as follows:
  1. An Area Devil Ability can only be used in Hell.
  2. An Area Devil Ability cannot be used in direct opposition to Satanael.
  3. An Area Devil Ability cannot be used to undermine the wellbeing of Hell, or else you will be forced to participate in mandatory community service.
  4. An Area Devil Ability may not be claimed if the claimant is already in possession of an Area Devil Ability at the time of the filing.
  5. An Area Devil Ability may not be claimed by one who is not of a fit mental state to acquire one. This will be determined on a case by case basis.
  6. An Area Devil Ability may only be claimed by one with proof of claim on an Area of Hell that is not already owned. All records will be checked before issuing an Area Devil Ability.


There are some exceptions to these rules, as there are with any laws. Some loopholes that the contract does not account for, such as biological differences between Devils, outsiders gaining Area Devil Abilities, or the existence/eating of Brimstone. These exceptions will be listed below as well:  
Mastema by Jarhed
  1. An Area Devil Ability may be used outside of Hell under certain circumstances. Those with a specific genetic mutation are somehow able to use their abilities outside of Hell, as well as those who are not biologically Devils and therefore originated on Totania or another plane of existence.
  2. There are many claims in the rules that are vague at best or simply undefined at worst. Such as direct opposition to Satanael, the wellbeing of Hell, and of fit mental state. Therefore, these can be judged differently, and the lawyers in Hell can often prevent legal action for breaking them.
  3. While an Area Devil may not file to gain a second Ability, they may gain another ability by eating the Brimstone of a dead Area Devil, thus gaining a second Area Devil Ability.
  4. Often records of claimed land are inaccurate or out of date, meaning that an Area may have lost its claim if the Brimstone was destroyed, such as if the Devil died outside of Hell.
Other loopholes exist, though Devil Lawyers have been quick to wipe mention of them for the record out of fear that potentially, they may be used to hurt their business. Therefore, Devil Lawyers and other prominent Devils like the top Stock Traders of Ba'al Street are the only ones to contain the full list of exceptions to the Area Devil rules of PADUA.

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