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The Feline Hunting Companions of the Veterzemlyan Rangers {WASC 2021}

The Rangers of Veterzemlya have a unique tradition among all of the Rangers across Sagadorm. It is training the enormous mountain cats of the Veterzemlya in the countryside to be companions.   For generations, the mountain cats (cougars, lynx, etc.) have been domesticated and then trained as stealth companions to the Rangers. They are all born and raised in captivity with training programs specifically to maintain a hunter's mindset.   These companions are helpful with simple tasks such as tracking and catching prey. They have been trained to wear a harness of various sizes to carry different loads of equipment. The burden could be a bedroll and food supplies to something as small as an emergency medical kit. For large kills, the harness holds hewn branches to make a pole sled.   Rangers spend years training their kits to full adults. To lose one, under any circumstance, could be devastating. Fairies developed methods to extend the life of these cats to match an adult human's remaining life span. Only certain breeds have successfully had their life expectations doubled or tripled. Rangers typically only have one hunting companion during their career. The extended life of a hunting companion to roughly the length of service in Ranger in the field. When called home, a ranger's companion joins them in their offices or retirement. They are often used as breeding stock for future generations of hunting companions.   The Cursed as Hunting Companions   The use of cursed animals as hunting companions has been banned due to the incidents surrounding the assassination of the Veterzemlian Ambassador to Rickenvantten. The cursed in question, Yakov Solokov, recruited a young Veterzemlian immigrant living in Rickenvatten and trained him to be a ranger. Under this guise, the two ingratiated themselves to the Royal family and the Veterzemlin Ambassador. During the Zhatva harvest festivals, Solokov, as the cursed lynx, infiltrated the embassy and poisoned the former ambassador. This assassination occurred in the tenth year of the Fairy Council. It is memorable as one of the first international incidents mediated by the new Fairy Council.   Additional Ideas for extending the article: notable trainers notable Rangers notable feats of trained animals. The cursed Lynx scandal in Rickenvatten


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