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Crownseals, also known as 'Ice Breakers', are a species that lives along the bitter cold tundra of Isidoro. These creatures get their name from the small nubs of keretin on their head that look like a small crown at certain angles.


A Surprisingly Helpful Worker

Crownseals have been domesticated primarily by Frost Clan bloodkeepers. They are used similarly to how humans will use huskies to drag sleds, and can be fitted with a harness that allows them to pull heavy loads. Ideally with heavier loads male Crownseals can be used due to their larger bulk, but the females are just as capable.   Their distribution of fat and fur allow them to tolerate the icy temperatures, and their paws are excellent at gripping and clawing through thick ice. In the case of ice cracks and the chance of sinking, their powerful bodies and tails allow them to pull the loads back up through the water.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Crownseals are carnivores, and primarily consume fish and some crustaceans. They are also known to hunt penguins and smaller seals. When in captivity, they are typically fed fish and scraps of other food, and ones that are socialized to the cultured species of Isidoro are not above stealing anything they can get their mouths on.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Crownseals are known to live in the ocean to the north of Isidoro, and their common locations are along the northern coast. The icy arctic and tundra along Quecel, Laimala and Laeksiv are their homes. They are rarer along Quecel and Laeksiv due to how little ice there is.
Geographical Distribution
Upper portions of Qucel, Laimala, and Laeksiv
Conservation Status
16-23 yrs
Average Weight
240–350 kg
450–1,120 kg
Average Length
2.3–2.9 m
2.82–3.25 m
"Crownseals are resourceful little buggers." A Tundra Bloodkeeper murmured. "I know this girl right here," He pat the side of a rather plump crownseal, making it grumble briefly. "she'd steal fish out of my baskets as I was bringing them back to the village. Why fish yourself when someone else can do it? It was easy enough to train her to help me around, and now she gets fish without eating me out of house and home, don'tcha Mirabel?"

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