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Dire Uromanx

Desert Creature by Natkiel

The Kufa Mountains are no place for camels and other beasts of burden. While they can withstand the hot environment, it's the mountainous terrain they need to traverse and large predators that will not be deterred by spit. The Anpur have found and domesticated a reptile that fits their needs as a beast of burden in the Southwestern part of the Khemitian Kingdom.

Dire Uromanx

The Dire Uromanx and lesser Uromanx are used for carrying food and trade goods around the Kufa mountains and occasional trips to near by Khemitian settlements. They can carry as much as 200 Kg load on their backs. Because the Anpur have several cliff dwelling settlements, there are special ladders made for them to climb. The Dire Uromanx are naturally larger than the lesser Uromanx and are taken often on the longer trips as their size and horns will keep smaller predators away.

Lesser Uromanx

With the more wealthy Anpur, the lesser Uromanx is a more of a shopping buddy than a beast of burden. It's front paws and opposable thumb, allows them to carry a lighter load while upright or push a cart. Since they have smaller horns, many are decorated with a crown, complete with feathers, silks, or whatever the owner thinks is fashionable.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Features Uromanx have scales ranging in color from umber brown to dark green with mottled patterns on the male of the species. Dire Uromanx have between a 2- and 3-foot-long twisted horns (Lesser only are a foot long), they are used in dominance in mating rituals and can be used to gore would be predators.   Movement The Uromanx has a bipedal gait when walking, balancing weight on its back with a swing of it's tail. In a faster pace, it moves to a more pentapedal tail walk, putting it's fore knuckles into the ground and swing it's feet forward, using it's tail as leverage. in this faster pace, it's a precarious ride as it dips closer to the ground with each hop. The Uromanx's forelimbs have opposable thumbs and thick callous pads allowing them to climb mountains and skirt cliff faces without harm. Plus between their tail and height, they can quickly get up into inaccessible place to avoid predators.   Diet Uromanx are omnivores. The Anpur feed them both fruits and meat scraps, and occasionaly allow them to look for food themselves. The Dire Uromanx are more opportunistic hunters, hunting in packs to eat camels, goats, even the lone predator. The Anpur have special muzzles for them so they don't eat the merchant's camels when trading. the Lesser Uromanx are more devious scavengers, able to climb into or open storage bins, or grab a loose fruit or two from a farmer's market. The Anpur again have special muzzles so the shopping trip is not as expensive.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Mountainous regions of Libynos.
Average Lifespan is 15 years
Average Height
2.5 meters tall at the shoulder and 3.5 meters if standing upright
Average Weight
300-450 Kgs
Average Length
6 meters in length including tail

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