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Quarry Donkey

A quarry donkey is a special kind of donkey, trained to carry heavy stones either by having a sled mounted to them or by having baskets on both sides of the donkey. Though it is seemingly similar to a normal donkey, they have slight differences, that makes them perfect to carry heavy stones.

A quarry worker takes good care of their quarry donkey, since they are precious. It is important to form a bond with the donkey early, so trust can be built between the worker and the donkey, otherwise the donkey deems carrying stones is too dangerous, and will become very stuborn or might defend it self from anyone trying to near it.

Most time it is jack donkeys that are carrying stones, since the jenny donkeys are too precious, since they are with foal as much as possible, until the foal is old enough to be without its mother, and therefore can start forming a bond to a quarry worker.

Basic Information


Normal donkey varries in sizes depending on breeding, but most are 79 to 160 cm and weighs 80 to 480 kg, but though a quarry donkey is seemingly similar to a normal donkey, it size is a bit larger, and it weighs also more than a normal donkey. Their skeletal structure is a bit more robust than the normal donkey, which would explain the hight and weight differences. Whilst some have discussed it is more similar to a mule, it is still considered to be a donkey due to breeding.
The quarry donkey has high rate of infertility amongst them, some believe there once were a mule among them, and therefore added the fertility problem, this would also explain the little differences of this donkey and others. They are in general much stronger than a horse and other donkey races, and their skin is harder and thicker than a normal donkey, so the stones they carry on their side, though in special baskets, would not hurt them as much as normal donkeys.
The quarry donkey also have a higher endurance, so they can carry the stones or the sled for a long distance witout a break.

Genetics and Reproduction

A quarry donkey can mate with normal donkeys, horses, and other quarry donkeys, though they might not produce any offsprings, since the fertility rate of a quarry donkey is very low, and often non-existent. And even if the pregnancy happens, miscarriages can happen.
If a female quarry donkey is pregnant, the pregnancy will last for about 12 months, and mostly gives birth to one foal. It is very rare that a female quarry donkey carries twins. And some have argued that it might not be possible at all, due to the low fertility rate.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their hearing is as good as a normal donkey, which is a lot better than a horse, due to its long ears. Their bray can be heard at long distances, and is used by humans to give attention to the end stop to make ready for the arrival of stones.
Geographic Distribution


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