Radwuuls are a space faring species indigenous to the Dalkit 422 System. While originally thought to be innocuous pests to the original astroid miners in the system who found them wrapping their silky tendrils around smaller starships and attempting to move them out of the asteroid belts.   After studies by animal behaviorists and attempts at mystical mindlinks, it was found that the Radwuuls were trying to move the ships away from what were thought to be dangerously radioactive asteroids. While the ability to communicate is limited more to base feelings, it was discovered that they could be trained to help the miners in several ways. The ability to bring a disabled starship back to port or move large asteroids to places desired by the miners has become invaluable and offers cheap labor.¬†   Authorities have been careful to not enslave the Radwuuls and those that are domesticated and help the miners are well cared for. Radwuuls feed on radiation energy and this is provided either by an accompanying ship or radiation plants that have been built around the system.

Basic Information


A translucent skin allows transmission of the radiation energy Radwuuls feed on directly to the internal organs. They are rather bulbous in appearance with two large wings that act as solar sails. Long tendrils appear from what is considered the rear of the animal that are capable of grabbing and dragging an object such as an asteroid or small starship through the system.

Genetics and Reproduction

Reproduction has not been observed and it is currently unknown how or if they reproduce. Neither have any appear to age or die, although the time of observation is limited to the six decades of known existance.

Ecology and Habitats

Radwuuls live in space. They do not appear to require any gas for breathing and use their two long wings as solar sails to move themselves around the system.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The abundant radiation and solar energy in the Dalkit 422 System
 appears to provide everything a living Radwuul needs to survive.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Some mystics have been able to mindlink and communicate basic information such as danger, help, and follow.
Scientific Name
Spatium Cete


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