Ratting Ferrets

Ferrets are predatory creatures, a natural born killer of rats and other small creatures including birds, mice and rabbits. They also a wonderfully cute and bendable ball of fuzz. Over the last few thousand years within the city states they been used as away of control the rats which always show up within a built-up settlement with the easy of access of food, shelter and anything else they many want. The domesticated of ferrets happened both as household pets but also to deal with any rats or other small rodent, protecting food stores. They are cute, playful, good-natured and inquisitive and love company of humans. They are curious critters so often will tried to find any holes, that they can fit in and can easily escape if not watched while they building up the trust and training to come back on call be that voice, whistle or something else. They are intelligent and as trainable as dogs.   Ferrets are carnivores, they derive their entire energy source from the meats they eat. This usually is any small rodents that they can hunt down. The diet includes all the meat, bones, skin, feathers and fur. Ferrets have short digestive systems and a quick metabolism so need to eat frequently.   The Guild of Ratters The ratters guild are found across the city, hiring out their services to both public buildings, private businesses and either private homes if they don’t have their own ferret as a pet. The guild isn’t important or big but is found everywhere, keeping the population of rats down and keep food stores safe.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Used for controlling rat and mouse population.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have pretty poor eyesight, and don't see colour. While their hearing is excellent, but they gain a build up of wax which needs to be clean out, but it's their nose that is their best sense, they follow their nose when exploring the world around them. They can work out where they are by the smells around them, its how they find their homes and prey.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The appearance of a ferret they come in man y shades. Buff, black and white are all common and multiple combinations make up colourings of these creatures.


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