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Dragoon Wolf

The Qairrazi Riding Dog, more popularly known as the Dragoon Wolf is an ancient breed of dog native to the Runberi coast. A wiry and smooth coated dog, the dragoon wolf nevertheless has relatively broad shoulders. Large and strong, this dog is as tall as its usual halfling masters and bigger overall. Claimed to originate in Qairraz in some distant past, these dogs have accompanied the Runberi since as far as anyone can remember. Though associated with the city of Qairraz, the dogs can be found throughout the emirates even if Qairraz remains the most important center of breeding for these creatures.   While the Runberi prefer larger animals like horses, camels, and oxen for agricultural uses and long-distance transportation, the Qairrazi dog has been specifically bred to carry halfling riders to battle. Though historically a more multipurpose breed, in recent times these dogs have mostly been employed as guard dogs or battle mounts. In some cases they are used for overland transport as well, but the dragoon wolf does not quite have the endurance of a camel. Though renowned for their bravery, dragoon wolves have a reputation for aggression as well, a trait that serves them well as beasts of war.

Basic Information


The Qairrazi riding dog is a slim but strong breed of dog, with wide shoulders that seem oddly incongruous with its reedy-looking legs. With a smooth and short coat of pale to orange-brown fur, the dog looks perhaps less intimidating than its reputation might suggest, despite outweighing the local wolves. The dragoon wolf has a long face with upturned ears, and sharp teeth. This dog fares well in the hot weathers typical to the Runberi coast. They are fast and agile, capable of rapid turns and powerful sprints, making them somewhat more maneuverable than regular cavalry over short distances.

Additional Information


The Runberi have domesticated dogs for centuries, and the dragoon wolves likely originated as hunting dogs that were bred for riding and aggression. Notably, the dragoon wolf shares many features with Beirhamin sighthounds, and retains the excellent eyesight common to these breeds.
8-11 years
Average Height
70 to 85 cm
Average Weight
45 to 65kg
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1 Jul, 2021 21:11

Halfling riding dogs!   I am intrigued, where does the name "Dragoon Wolf" come from?

3 Jul, 2021 21:41

The Runberi call their mounted troops "dragoons" and wolf sounds scarier than dog. Couldn't really fun a way to put that in the article though.

1 Jul, 2021 23:17

BATTLE DOGS!   I love your description of them. I definitely would be terrified if a halfling was riding at me on one of these!

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